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圣咏集 Psalms
1科辣黑后裔歌,用高音,交与乐官。1Hear this, all you peoples! Listen, all you inhabitants of the world,
2关于这事,请万民都要静听,普世居民,请你们侧耳细听,2high and low together, rich and poor alike!
3不论贫富无分缙绅百姓,请你们都一一侧耳聆听。3My mouth will speak wisdom, my deep thoughts will bring discernment.
4我的口要宣讲智慧,我的心要思念哲理。4To a proverb I will incline my ear, and solve my riddle to the rhythm of my lyre.
5我要侧耳恭听谚语,我要鼓琴解释隐语。5Why should I fear when evil days come, when wicked deceivers ring me round -
6当陷害我者的毒谋围困我时,在我困厄的日期,我有何所惧?6those who trust in their wealth and boast of their great riches?
7因为他们只知依恃财产的富足,他们只会夸耀自己金钱的丰裕;7For no ransom avails for one's life, there is no price one can give to God for it.
8但是金钱不能使任何人得救,决不能把人的赎价还给天主,8For redeeming one's life demands too high a price, and all is lost forever.
9因为人命的赎价非常昂贵,任何金钱也决不足以赎回,9Who can remain forever alive and never see the grave?
10不能使人生存久长,不能使人不见死亡。10For we see that the wise die, and pass away like the fool and the stupid leaving to others their fortune and wealth.
11你看,智者死去,愚昧者也同样沉沦,他们都将自己的财产遗留给别人。11Their graves are their eternal homes, from generation to generation, no matter how big the tracts of land they own.
12他们虽然曾以自己的名号,给一些地方命名,但是他们永久的住宅,万代的居所却是坟茔。12People of wealth have no thought, they will be silenced like the beasts.
13人在富贵中绝不能久长,将与牲畜无异,同样死亡。13This is the fate of people trusting themselves, the future of those who rely on their strength.
14这就是自满昏愚者的终途,这就是自夸幸运者的末路。(休止)14Like sheep led to the grave, they have death as their shepherd and ruler; quickly their form will be consumed in the world of the dead, which is their home.
15他们就如羊群一般被人赶入深坑,死亡要牧放他们,义人要主宰他们。他们的容貌即刻色衰,阴间将是他们的住宅。15But God will rescue my soul from the grave by receiving me unto himself.
16但是天主必救我灵脱离阴府,因为他要把我接走。(休止)16Fear not when someone grows rich, when his power becomes oppressively great,
17不要嫉妒他人变成富翁,不要忌恨他人家产倍增;17for nothing will he take when he dies; his wealth and pomp he will leave behind.
18因为他死时什么也不能带走,他的财产也不能随着他同去。18Though he praised himself in his lifetime, "All will say that I have enjoyed life,"
19他在生时虽自我陶醉说:「只要你幸福,人必夸赞你。」19he will join the generation of his forebears, who will never again see the light.
20他终要回去和他的祖先相逢,永永远远他再不能看到光明。20People of wealth have no thought, they will be silenced like the beasts.
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