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圣咏集 Psalms
1达味纪念歌。1O Lord, rebuke me not in your rage, punish me not in your fury.
2上主,求你不要在你的震怒中责罚我,求你不要在你的气愤中惩戒我。2Your arrows have struck me; your hand has come down heavily upon me.
3因为你的箭射中了我,你的手重压了我。3Your anger has spared no part of my body, my sin gives no peace to my bones.
4因了你的盛怒,我已体无完肤;因了我的罪行,我已粉身碎骨。4For my transgressions overwhelm me; they weigh me down like an unbearable load.
5因为我的罪过高出我的头顶,好似重担把我压得过分沉重。5My wounds stink and fester within me, the outcome of my sinful folly.
6我的创痍溃烂流脓,完全由于我的愚蒙。6Stooped and bowed down, I go about mourning all day.
7我悲伤得身已伛偻,终日行动满怀忧愁。7My loins burn, my flesh is diseased,
8因为我的腰肢焦灼难受,我的肉体已无完肤。8my body, worn out and utterly crushed; I groan in pain and anguish of heart.
9我已筋疲力尽,奄奄一息;我已心痛欲绝,嗟叹不已。9All my longing, O Lord, is known to you; my sighing is not hidden from you.
10我主,我的呻吟常在你的面前,我的悲叹不会向你隐瞒;10My heart pounds as my strength ebbs; even the light has deserted my eyes.
11我的心颤栗,我的精力衰退,我眼目的光明也已经消逝。11My friends avoid me because of my wounds; my neighbors stay far off.
12我遭难时,我的友朋都袖手旁观,我的亲人都站得很远。12Those who seek my life lay snares for me; those who wish to hurt me speak of my ruin and plot against me all day long.
13追寻我命的人,张设网罗,设法害我的人,散布恶谟,他们要行诡计日夜思索。13But like a deaf-mute, I neither hear nor open my mouth.
14但我好像是一个有耳听不见的聋子,我又好像是一个有口不能言的哑吧。14I am like one whose ears hear not and whose mouth has no answer.
15我竟成了一个没有听觉的人,成了一个口中没有辩词的人。15For I put my trust in you, O Lord; you will answer for me, Lord God.
16因为我唯有仰望你,上主,你必应允我,我主我天主!16I pray, "Don't let them gloat over me, nor take advantage of my helplessness when my foot slips."
17我原来说过:「不要让他们洋洋得意,不要让他们因我的失足而沾沾自喜。」17For I am about to fall, my pain is ever with me.
18我生来就易于失足,因此我常心怀痛苦。18I confess my transgression, I repent of my sin.
19我的确承认我犯了罪愆,我为了我的过恶而忧惭。19Many are my foes; many are those who hate me for no reason,
20无故加害我的人,力强凶暴,无理憎恨我的人,成群结伙;20those who pay me evil for good and harass me because I seek good.
21他们以怨报德而对待我,因我追求正义而恼恨我。21Forsake me not, O Lord, stay not far from me, O my God.
22上主,求你不要舍弃我,我主,求你不要远离我。22Come quickly to help me, O Lord, my savior!
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