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圣咏集 Psalms
1亚肋路亚!请你们向上主讴唱新歌,在圣者集会中向他祝贺!1Alleluia! Sing to the Lord a new song, sing his praise in the assembly of his saints.
2愿以色列因自己的创造者而踊跃,愿熙雍子民因自己的君王而欢乐!2Let Israel rejoice in his Maker, let the people of Zion glory in their King!
3愿他们以舞蹈赞美上主的名,愿他们敲鼓弹琴向上主歌咏!3Let them dance in praise of his name and make music for him with harp and timbrel.
4因为上主喜爱自己的百姓,赏赐谦虚的人凯旋而得胜。4For the Lord delights in his people; he crowns the lowly with victory.
5愿圣徒因所受的光荣而喜庆,在自己的床榻上欢呼而歌颂。5The saints will exult in triumph; even at night on their couches.
6愿赞美天主的歌辞在他们的口中,愿双刃的宝剑掌握在他们的手中,6Let the praise of God be on their lips, and in their hands two-edged swords,
7为向异邦报仇雪耻,为向列国进攻袭击,7to wreak vengeance on the nations and punishment on the peoples,
8要用锁链捆住他们的国君,要用铐镣锁住他们的缙绅,8to bind their kings in chains and their nobles in iron fetters,
9为向他们施行经上的审讯。这也就是一切圣徒的光荣。9to execute on them the written sentence: this is the glory of all his saints. Alleluia!
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