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圣咏集 Psalms
1达味的诗歌,交与乐官。上主,你鉴察了我,也认清了我:1O Lord, you know me: you have scrutinized me.
2我或坐或立,你全然认清了我,你由远处已明彻我的思考。2You know when I sit and when I rise; beforehand you discern my thoughts.
3我或行走或躺卧,你已先知,我的一切行动,你完全熟悉。3You observe my activities and times of rest; you are familiar with all my ways.
4的确,我的舌头尚未发言,上主,看,你已经知悉周全。4Before a word is formed in my mouth, you know what it is all about, O Lord.
5你将我的前后包围,用你的手将我荫庇。5From front to back you hedge me round, shielding me with your protecting hand.
6这是超越我理智的奇事,也是我不能明白的妙理。6Your knowledge leaves me astounded, it is too high for me to reach.
7我往何处,才能脱离你的神能?我去那里,才能逃避你的面容?7Where else could I go from your Spirit? Where could I flee from your presence?
8我若上升于高天,你已在那里,我若下降于阴府,你也在那里。8You are there if I ascend the heavens; you are there if I descend to the depths.
9我若飞往日出的东方,我若住在海洋的西方,9If I ride on the wings of the dawn and settle on the far side of the sea,
10你的双手仍在那里引导着我,你的右手还在那里扶持着我。10even there your hand shall guide me and your right hand shall hold me safely.
11我若说:愿黑暗把我笼罩,光明变成黑暗将我围包;11Shall I say, "Let darkness hide me, I prefer the night as my light?"
12但黑暗对你并不蒙眬,黑夜与白昼一样光明,黑暗对于你无异光明。12But darkness for you is not dark and night for you shines as the day.
13你造成了我的五脏六腑,你在我母胎中缔结了我。13It was you who formed my inmost part and knit me together in my mother's womb.
14我赞美你,因我被造,惊奇神奥,你的工作,千奇万妙!我的生命,你全知晓。14I thank you for these wonders you have done, and my heart praises you for your marvelous deeds.
15我何时在暗中构形,我何时在母胎造成,我的骨骸你全知情,15Even my bones were known to you when I was being formed in secret, fashioned in the depths of the earth.
16我尚在母胎,你已亲眼看见,世人的岁月尚未来到以前,都已全部记录在册表,都已全由你预先定好。16Your eyes saw the course of my days; they were all recorded in your book before any of them came to be.
17天主,你的策略,对我何其深奥!你策略的总数又是何其繁浩!17How difficult it is to grasp your thoughts, O God! Their number cannot be counted.
18我若去计数,而它们多于沙粒;设若数到底,我仍同你在一起。18If I tried to do so, they would outnumber the sands; I am never finished with you.
19天主,恨不得你能杀掉恶人,叫流人血的凶手远离我身!19If only you would slay the wicked, O God, and drive away from me the violent!
20他们无法无天地亵渎你,他们不忠不义地攻击你。20They rebel falseheartedly, your foes blaspheme your name.
21上主,憎恨你的人,我怎能不痛恶?上主,背叛你的人,我怎能不厌恶?21I hate those who hate you, O Lord, and loathe those who defy you.
22我对他们深恶痛弃,视他们为我的仇敌。22I hate them deeply, they have become my foes.
23天主,求你检察我,洞知我的心曲;天主,求你考验我,明悉我的思虑。23Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me and know my thoughts.
24求你察看我,我是否走入岐途,求你引导我迈上永生的道路。24See if my steps are going astray, and lead me in your eternal way.
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