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圣咏集 Psalms
1登圣殿歌。从我少年,世人就与我为难,惟愿以色列子民再说一遍:1How they have oppressed me from my youth - let Israel say,
2从我少年,世人就与我为难,然而他们却未能将我推翻。2how they have oppressed me from my youth - they have not put me down.
3他们像农夫在我背上耕田,使所犁耕的沟畦又长又远;3Upon my back plowers have plowed long and deep furrows
4但上主却公道不偏,将恶人的绳索割断。4But the Lord, who is just, has shattered the yoke of the wicked.
5愿一切仇恨熙雍的人民,个个蒙受羞辱,转身逃遁!5May all who hate Zion be thrown into confusion.
6愿他们像屋顶上的禾草,尚未吐出秀穗,就已枯槁!6May they be like grass in the garden, which withers before you uproot it.
7收割的人,手拿一把不满,捆束的人,怀抱一束不显。7No reaper sets his hands on it, no one gathers it to fill his arms,
8过路的人们永不会再说:愿上主的祝福临于你们,我们奉上主名祝福你们!8nor says of them the passersby, "The blessing of the Lord be upon you!" We bless you in the name of the Lord!
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