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圣咏集 Psalms
1达味作,交与乐官。上主是我的避难所,你们怎么能对我说:「像只小鸟,飞往深山!1In the Lord I take refuge. How, then, can you say to me, "Flee to the mountains like a bird;
2看,恶人挽弓搭箭,向心诚的人暗算。2for the wicked are bending their bows and fit their arrows to the string. They get ready to shoot in the dark, they take aim at the upright of heart.
3基础既已全部崩溃,义人还能有何作为?」3When foundations fall to ruin, what can the righteous do?"
4上主住在自己的圣殿,上主的宝座设立于天:他的眼睛垂视下地,他的目光细察人子,4The Lord is in his holy place - our God whose throne is in heaven. He looks down to earth to observe the race of Adam.
5上主审察著义人与恶人;全心痛恨那爱蛮横的人,5The Lord searches both righteous and wicked. He hates those who delight in violence.
6上主使火碳硫磺降于恶人之身,干燥的热风将是他们杯中之分。6Upon the wicked, he will rain coals of fire and brimstone; a burning blast will be their lot.
7上主是正义的,他酷爱公正,心诚的人必得见他的仪容。7For the Lord is righteous; he loves justice. The upright will see his face.
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