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圣咏集 Psalms
1当着以色列出离埃及,雅各伯家离开蛮夷时,1Alleluia! When Israel came out of Egypt, the family of Jacob from a people of foreign language,
2犹大成了上主的圣所,以色列成了他的王国;2Judah became his sanctuary, Israel his possession.
3海洋见了,顿时逃溜,约但立即回转倒流。3At his sight the sea fled and the Jordan retreated;
4山岳跳跃像公羊,丘陵舞蹈似羔羊。4the mountains skipped like rams, the hills frolicked like lambs.
5海洋,什么使你逃溜?约但,什么叫你倒流?5Why is it, sea, that you flee? Jordan, that you turn back?
6山岳,你们为什么跳跃像公羊?邱陵,你们为什么舞蹈似羔羊?6Mountains, that you skip like rams? Hills, that you frolic like lambs?
7大地,你应该在上主的面前,在雅各伯的天主面前摇撼,7Tremble, O earth, at your Master's presence, at the presence of the God of Jacob,
8他使磐石变为水潭,他使礁石变成水泉。8who turned the rock into a stream, and the flint into a spring.
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