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圣咏集 Psalms
1亚肋路亚!凡敬畏上主的人,真是有福,喜欢他诫命的人,真是有福!1Alleluia! Blessed is the one who fears the Lord, who greatly delights in his commands.
2他的子孙在世上必要强盛,义人的后代必要受到赞颂。2His children will be powerful on earth; the upright's offspring will be blessed.
3他家中必有权势财产,他的仁义必存留永远。3Wealth and riches are for his family, there his integrity will remain.
4他富有仁爱,慈悲而又公道,像光明在暗处向义人照耀。4He is for the righteous a light in darkness, he is kind, merciful and upright.
5乐善好施的人必蒙受祝福,他以正义处理自己的事务。5It will be well with him who lends freely, who leads a life of justice and honesty.
6因为他永远不会失足抖颤,义人必要受到永远的纪念。6For the righteous will never be moved; he will be remembered and loved forever.
7噩耗的凶信,不会使他惊慌,因为他仰赖上主心志坚强。7He has no fear of evil news, for his heart is firm, trusting in the Lord.
8直到看见他的仇敌蒙羞,他的心志坚强无惧无忧。8His heart is confident, he needs not fear, he shall prevail over his foes at the end.
9他散财而周济贫苦的人。他的仁义必会万世留存,他的头角高举必受光荣。9He gives generously to the poor, his merits will last forever and his head will be raised in honor.
10罪人见到必要愤恨满腔,咬自己的牙齿,焦灼难当,恶人们的希望终必丧亡。10The wicked will see this and be furious: they will gnash their teeth in seething envy. The desire of the wicked will fail.
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