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箴言 Proverbs
1玛萨的君王肋慕耳的格言,是他母亲教给他的:1The sayings of Lemuel, king of Massa, taught him by his mother.
2我儿!我的亲生儿!我的长子肋慕耳!我的长子肋慕耳!我许愿所得的孩子!我可给你说些什么?2No, my son! Son of my womb, no! No, my most beloved son!
3你不要将你的精力,为女人而消耗;也不要为君王的宫女,白费你的血气。3Do not waste your strength on women, or your life on those who destroy kings.
4肋慕耳!清酒不宜于君王,醇酒不宜于公侯。4It is not for kings, O Lemuel, not for kings to drink wine or for rulers to love strong drink.
5免得在酒兴之余,轻易将法律忘掉,颠倒穷人的是非。5Lest in drinking they forget what they have decreed and override the cause of the helpless.
6应将醇酒给与哀恸欲绝的人,应将清酒给与心灵痛楚的人,6Give strong drink to the one about to die and wine to the heart full of bitterness:
7好叫他们喝了,完全忘掉自己的贫乏,不再记忆自己的忧苦。7so that he may drink and forget his misfortune and remember his pain no more.
8你应为哑巴开口,为被弃的人辩护;8Speak on behalf of the dumb and defend the cause of all who are destitute.
9你应开口秉公行审,应为贫苦弱小辩护。9Open your mouth, pronounce just sentences, defend the needy and the poor.
10贤淑的妇女,有谁能找到?她本身价值,远胜过珠宝。10The woman of character, where is she to be found? She is more precious than any jewel.
11她的丈夫对她心信赖,一切所需要从来不会缺少。11Her husband has complete confidence in her; she will be of great benefit to him.
12她一生岁月,只叫他幸福,不给他烦恼。12She brings him only good and not evil, all the days of her life.
13她弄来羊毛细麻,愉快地亲手劳作。13She has obtained wool and flax, and works them with skillful hands.
14她宛如一只商船,由远处运来食粮。14She is like the merchant ships which bring provisions from afar.
15天还未明,她已起身,为给家人分配食物,给婢女们分派家务。15She gets up while it is still dark, feeds her household and allots tasks to the servants.
16她看中一块田地,就将它买了来,以双手所得的收入,裁植了葡萄园。16If she sets her heart on a field, she buys it and plants a vineyard with her own hands.
17她以勇力束腰,增强自己臂力。17She is full of energy and her arms show her strength.
18她发觉自己经营生利,她的灯盏夜间仍不熄灭。18She knows her work is successful and, at night, her light remains unextinguished.
19她手执纺锤,手指旋转纱锭。19She puts her hand to the distaff and her fingers hold the spindle.
20对贫苦的人,她随手赒济;对无靠的人,她伸手扶助。20She reaches out her hand to the helpless and gives to the poor.
21为自己的家人,她不害怕风雪,因为全家上下,都穿双料衣裳。21When snow comes, she has no fears for her household since they are all doubly clothed.
22她为自己做华丽的舖盖,身穿的是细麻和紫锦的衣裳。22She makes her own quilts and her clothes are purple and fine linen.
23她的丈夫与当地长老同席,在城门口深为众人所认识。23Her husband is well-respected; he sits in council with the elders of the people.
24她纺织纱布予以出售,又制造腰带卖与商贾。24She weaves linen cloth and sells it; she supplies the merchants with sashes.
25刚毅和尊严是她的服饰,一念及将来便笑容满面。25She is strong and dignified and looks with confidence to the future.
26她一开口即倾吐智慧,舌上常有仁慈的训诲。26She speaks wisely and her words are kind.
27她不断督察家务,从不白吃闲饭。27She keeps an eye on the conduct of her household and is never idle.
28她的子女起来向她祝福,她的丈夫对她赞不绝口:28Her sons rise up and call her blessed, her husband sings her praises:
29「贤淑的女子很多,唯有你的超群出众。」29"Many women have done wonders but you surpass them all."
30姿色是虚幻,美丽是泡影;敬畏上主的女人,才堪当受人赞美。30Charm is deceptive and beauty useless; the woman who is wise is the one to praise.
31愿她享受她双手操劳的成果!愿她的事业在城门口使她受赞扬!31May she enjoy the fruits of her labor and may all praise her for her works.
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