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箴言 Proverbs
1清酒令人轻狂,醇酒使人发疯;凡沉溺于酒的,必不是明智人。1Wine leads to vulgarity and strong drink, to bravado; he who strays in it will never be wise.
2君王震怒,有如狮子的咆哮;触怒他的,危害自己的性命。2The angry king is like a roaring lion; whoever provokes him risks his life.
3平息争端,是人的光荣;凡是愚人,都喜爱争论。3It is good for man to avoid quarrels; it is the fool who does not master himself.
4懒惰人一寒泠,便不耕作;收获之时,他必一无所获。4Autumn is over, yet the fool does no work; come the harvest, he searches and finds nothing.
5人心的谋略,有如深水,唯有聪明人,才能汲取。5Counsel is like deep water in the heart, the discerning man has only to draw it out.
6自命为仁者,比比皆是;但有谁找到忠贞的人?6Many are called good but where can the trustworthy man be found?
7正义的人,必然为人正直;他的后代子孙,必然有福。7The upright man who works honestly will make his sons happy after him.
8君王高坐在判座上,所有邪恶一目了然。8The king who sits in judgment discovers evil at a single glance.
9有谁能说:「我保持了心灵的洁净,我是纯洁无罪的?」9Who can say, "I have purified my heart, I am cleansed from sin?"
10不同的衡量,不同的升斗:二者皆为上主同样厌恶。10The crooked measure and scales - these are the things that Yahweh detests.
11孩童的行为,洁净正直与否,由他的举动便可认出。11The child reveals himself in his deeds: whether his actions are honest and upright.
12能听的耳朵,能看的眼睛:二者皆为上主所造。12The ear that hears, the eye that sees, Yahweh has made them both.
13不要贪睡眠,免得你受穷;两眼睁开,才能得饱食。13Do not love sleep lest you become poor; keep your eyes open and you will have your fill of bread.
14顾客常说:「不好,不好!」但一离去,赞不绝口。14"No good, no good," says the buyer but off he goes congratulating himself.
15虽有大批黄金宝石,但最宝贵的,还是明智的唇舌。15Although you have gold and abundance of pearls, the most valuable adornment is lips which speak wisely.
16谁为外方人作保,拿去他的衣服;谁为异邦人作保,以他本人作质。16Get rid of his clothes because he has stood bail for a stranger; arrest him for the profit of those unknown!
17骗来的食物颇觉香甜,事后口中却满是砂砾。17Stolen bread tastes good but later on your mouth is full of sand.
18运筹帷幄,必先要商讨;进行战事,必该凭智谋。18Plans take shape, thanks to advice; do battle, then, with wise strategies.
19游荡闲谈的,必泄漏秘密;张口饶舌的,别与他交结。19The gossiper reveals secrets; have nothing to do with chatterers.
20凡是辱骂自己父母的人,他的灯必在幽暗中熄灭。20Whoever curses his father and mother will see his lamp extinguished in the midst of darkness.
21起初容易得来的财物,最后也不会得到祝福。21Advantage hastily gained in the beginning will not be blessed in the long run.
22你切不可说:「我以恶报恶;」应信赖上主,他必拯救你。22Never say, "I will take revenge." Trust in Yahweh; he will save you.
23不同的衡量,为上主所恶;不同的天秤,实属不道德。23Yahweh detests false weights; it does no good to have false scales.
24世人的脚步,由上主支配;人那能了解自己的道路?24Yahweh directs a man's steps, who can know where his way leads?
25人若冒然说:「圣」,许愿后才反省,这是自投罗网。25It is dangerous to make hasty promises to Yahweh and only then reflect on them.
26智慧的君王簸扬恶人,且用车轮来压轧他们。26A king throws evildoers to the wind and runs the thresher over them.
27人的灵魂是天主的灯,探照肺腑的一切隐密。27Man's spirit is Yahweh's lamp which searches the hidden places of the heart.
28仁爱和忠诚,是君王的保障;他的宝座,是赖慈爱而支撑。28Goodness and loyalty keep guard over the king; his throne stands due to goodness.
29少年人的光荣,在于他们的魄力;老年人的荣耀,在于他们的白发。29Energy is the adornment of youth, white hair the dignity of age.
30见伤的鞭打能清除邪恶,杖击能触及肺腑的深处。30Bleeding wounds purify evil, blows bring healing to the inner self.
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