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米该亚 Micah
1惟愿你们倾听上主所说的话:「起来,在诸山面前进行诉讼,使诸丘陵能听见你的声音!」1Listen to what Yahweh said to me, "Stand up, let the mountains hear your claim, and the hills listen to your plea."
2诸山!请听上主的申诉;大地的基础,侧耳聆听罢!因为上主与他的人民有所争讼,与以色列有所争辩:2Hear, O mountains, Yahweh's complaint! Foundations of the earth, pay attention! For Yahweh has a case against his people, and will argue it with Israel.
3「我的人民!我对你做了什么?我在什么事上叫你讨厌?请你答复我!3"O my people, what have I done to you? In what way have I been a burden to you? Answer me.
4难道是因为我由埃及地领了你上来,从奴隶之家赎了你回来,在你面前委派了梅瑟、亚郎和米黎盎?4I brought you out of Egypt; I rescued you from the land of bondage; I sent Moses, Aaron and Miriam to lead you.
5我的人民,请你记忆摩阿布王巴拉克图谋过什么事,贝敖尔的儿子巴郎答应了他什么;再记忆从史廷到基耳加耳发生过什么事,好使你明了上主的仁慈作为。」5O my people, remember what Balak, king of Moab, plotted, and what Balaam, son of Beor, answered him. Remember your journey from Shittim to Gilgal, how you have come to know Yahweh's righteous paths."
6「我要到上主那里,叩拜至高者天主,应进献什么?应进献全燔祭,还是应进献一岁的牛犊?6"What shall I bring when I come to Yahweh and bow down before God the most high? Shall I come with burnt offerings, with sacrifices of yearling calves?
7上主岂喜悦万千的公羊,或万道河流的油?为了我的过犯,我应否献上我的长子?为了我灵魂的罪恶,我应否献上我亲生的儿子?」7Will Yahweh be pleased with thousands of rams, with an overabundance of oil libations? Should I offer my firstborn for my sins, the fruit of my body for my wrongdoing?"
8人啊!已通知了你,什么是善,上主要求于你的是什么:无非就是履行正义,爱好慈善,虚心与你的天主来往。8"You have been told, O man, what is good and what Yahweh requires of you: to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.
9听,上主向城邑的呼声:我必拯救敬畏我名的人。支派和城市的会众,静听:9The voice of Yahweh calls to the city, in order to save those who fear his Name."
10我岂能忘掉恶人家中的不义之财,和那可诅咒的小『厄法』?10"Is there still within you unjust wealth and accursed short measure?
11我岂能把用欺骗的天秤和囊中有假法码的人视为清廉?11Shall I approve your false scales and your bags of false weights?
12城中的富人充满了强暴,其中的居民好说谎话,满口欺诈;12O city whose rich are full of violence, whose citizens speak falsehood, men of deceitful tongue!
13因此,我才开始打击你,为了你的罪恶使你荒凉。13See, I am striking you a grievous blow, making you desolate because of your sins.
14你要吃,却吃不饱,腹中常感到空虚;你纵然能把宝藏搬走,却不能保全;即使你能保全,我也必要付之于刀剑。14You shall eat but not be satisfied and your insides will go on crying. What you overtake, you will not carry off, and those who escape I will hand them over to the sword.
15你要播种,却得不到收获;你要榨橄榄油,却得不到油抹身;你要榨葡萄酒,却得不到酒喝。15You shall sow but not reap. You shall tread your olives, but not anoint yourselves with the oil. You shall tread the grapes but not drink the wine.
16因为你遵守了敖默黎的法令,保存了阿哈布家的一切作风,遵循了他们的主张;因此,我必要使你荒凉,使你的居民成为笑柄;你必要承担异民的侮辱。16You keep the rules of Omri and follow the examples of Ahab's court. So I will give you up to devastation, so that your citizens become an object of derision. You shall bear the scorn of the peoples."
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