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米该亚 Micah
1犹大王约堂、阿哈次和希则克雅年间,上主的话传给摩勒舍特人米该亚;以下是他关于撒玛黎雅和耶路撒冷所见的神视:1This is the word of Yahweh which came to Micah of Moresheth during the reigns of Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of Judah. These are his visions concerning Samaria and Jerusalem.
2众民族,你们请听!大地和充乎其间的万物,你们侧耳倾听!吾主上主要作証反对你们,吾主已离开了他的圣殿。2Hear all you peoples, let the earth listen and all who are in it. For Yahweh is witnessing against you from his holy temple.
3看,上主已离开自己的居所下降,踏着大地高处前行。3Yahweh has come forth from his place, he comes down and treads upon the heights of the earth.
4在他脚下,诸山销镕,诸谷分裂,有如蜡在火前,有如冰泻斜坡。4Beneath him mountains collapse and valleys melt like wax before the fire, as torrents pouring down the hillside.
5这一切都是因为雅各伯的邪恶,犹大家的罪过。雅各伯的邪恶是什么?不就是撒玛黎雅?犹大的罪过是什么?不就是耶路撒冷?5All this for the crime of Jacob, for the sin of the nation of Judah. What is the crime of Jacob? Is it not Samaria? What is the sin of the nation of Judah? Is it not Jerusalem?
6我必要使撒玛黎雅变为田野中的废墟,化为栽植葡萄的园地;我要把她的石头投入山谷,暴露她的基础。6Therefore I will make Samaria a heap of ruins in the open country, a place for planting vineyards. I will scatter her stones down into the valley and lay her foundations bare.
7她的一切雕像必被打碎,她的一切淫资必被火烧尽;她的一切偶像,我必使之变为废物,因为偶像是集合娼妓淫资做成的,将再转为娼妓的淫资。7All her carved images will be dashed to pieces and her filthy idols burnt by fire. I will make a waste heap of all her idols for they were made with harlot's wages, and to harlot's wages they will return.
8为此,我要哀号悲鸣,我要赤足裸体而行:哀号若豺狼,悲鸣如驼鸟;8For this reason I lament and wail, go barefoot and naked. I shall howl like a jackal and wail like an ostrich.
9因为撒玛黎雅的创伤无法医治,且已延及犹大,逼近我百姓的门口,直达耶路撒冷。9For her wound cannot be healed; rather it has come to Judah. It has reached the capital of my people, Jerusalem.
10你们在加特不要欢乐,在阿苛要恸哭,在贝特敖斐辣,要辗转于灰尘之中。10Exult not in Gath; break down and weep in Acco. In Beth-leaphra roll in the dust.
11沙非尔的居民!人已向你吹起了号角;匝南的居民,不要走出自己的城!在贝特厄责耳有了哭诉,因为人从你们手中夺去了立足之地。11Sound the bugle, O people of Shaphir and do not let the dwellers in Zaanan come forth. Mourn greatly, Beth Ezel: your treasures are taken away.
12灾祸已由上主降于耶路撒冷的门前,玛洛特的居民还怎能希望幸福?12Surely they trembled, the people in Maroth, when calamity came down from Yahweh to the gates of Jerusalem.
13拉基士的居民,你们要以快马驾车!你们是熙雍女子犯罪的开端,因为在你们中间找出以色列罪恶的根源。13Hitch the horses to the chariot, citizens of Lachish. In you the rebellions of Israel were found and because of you Zion began to sin.
14摩勒舍特加特!人要给你送来临别赠品;阿革齐布家为以色列君王,是一条变幻无常的溪流。14Therefore you must give a redress to Moresheth-Gath. The houses of Achzib have become deceitful to the kings of Israel.
15玛勒沙的居民,征服者还要来你这里;的确,以色列的光荣阿杜蓝将要消逝!15Again I will bring the conqueror to you, people of Maresha, and the elite of Israel will leave forever.
16熙雍女子!你应为了你所爱的子女剃头削发,并要彻底使你的头光秃,有如一只兀鹰,因为他们已由你面前被掳去充军。16Shave your hair for your delightful children. Make yourself bald as an eagle for they have been deported far from you.
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