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哀歌 Lamentations
1怎么!这个人烟稠密的京都,却孤坐独处!从前是万民的主母,现在好像成了寡妇;往日是诸郡的王后,如今竟然成了奴仆!1How forlorn the city lies, once teeming with people! How like a widow is she, once mistress of the nations! A princess among the cities, she has now become a slave.
2她夜间痛哭饮泣,眼泪流满双颊;她所有的爱人,却没有一个前来安慰她;她的亲友都背弃了她,成了她的冤家!2She spends her nights weeping, drenching her cheeks with tears. Who is there to comfort her among all her lovers? All her friends have betrayed her and have become her enemies.
3犹大已经流亡远去,备受压迫奴役;散居在异民中间,再不得安息;她处于绝境之中,所有迫害她的人,尽来相逼!3Humiliated, exhausted, Judah has gone into exile but she finds no rest among the nations where she sojourns; her pursuers have overtaken her where there is no way of escape.
4熙雍的街道悲惨凄凉,因无人前来过节!她的城门零落萧条,司祭哀叹,处女惆怅;她已忧苦备尝!4All roads to Zion are in mourning; no one comes to her feasts. Her gates are deserted, her priests groan, her virgins grieve. What bitter anguish she suffers!
5她的敌人得了优势,仇人获得胜利,都因她犯罪多端,而遭受了上主的惩罚;她的幼儿被掳去,在敌人面前作囚徒。5She is at the mercy of her foes who enjoy prosperity and power. Yahweh himself has made her suffer for all her iniquity. Her children, driven into captivity, take the lonely road to exile.
6一切华丽,已经都由熙雍女郎身上消失;她的首长好像找不到牧埸的公羊,受追逐者驱使,无力前行。6Gone from the daughter of Zion is all her majestic splendor. Her rulers, like harts that find no pasture, have fled helplessly before the oppressors.
7耶路撒冷在困苦和患难的时日,回忆昔日享有的一切荣华;现在呢?当她的人民陷入敌人手中时,竟然没有人来施救!仇人看见了她,都嘲笑她的灭亡。7Jerusalem recalls her days of wandering and affliction, her people fell into the hands of her foes and there was no help. Haters gloated over her downfall and laughed at her destruction.
8耶路撒冷犯罪作恶,因而成了可憎恶的;昔日尊重她的人,今日一见到她的裸体,都予以轻视;而她自己只有饮泣,转身退去。8Greatly has Jerusalem sinned; she has become as a thing unclean. Honored before, but now despised by those who have seen her naked, she herself groans in dismay and turns her face away.
9她的污秽沾满了她的衣裙,她从未想到会有如此的结局,以致一落千丈,却没有人安慰。「上主,求你怜视我的痛苦,因为敌人正在意气高扬。9Her filth clings to her skirt. She gave no thought to her doom, and so her fall came suddenly, with no one to offer comfort. "Look, O Yahweh, upon my misery, for my enemy has overcome me."
10暴徒伸手劫掠了她所有的珍宝:你虽然严禁异民进入你的集会,她却眼看着他们闯进圣所。10She has seen how the enemy has laid hands on her treasures. She has seen how the nations have defiled her sanctuary - those peoples you have not allowed to come into your assembly.
11她所有的人民都在叹息,搜求食粮;而应交出珍宝,换取食物,以维持生活。上主,求你垂视眷顾,我怎样受人轻慢!」11All her people groan as they search for bread; just to keep themselves alive, they give their jewels for food. Look, Yahweh, and mark how I have been despised.
12一切过路的人啊!请你们细细观察,看看有没有痛苦能像我所受的痛苦?因为上主在他盛怒之日,折磨了我!12All you who pass by, look and see. Is there any calamity like this, inflicted on me by Yahweh on the day of his burning anger.
13他从上降下火来,深入我的骨骸;他在我脚下设下罗网,使我陷落;他使我终日孤寂,惆怅不已。13From above he sent a fire down into my very bones, he ensnared my feet and threw me down, and left me in pain the whole day long.
14上主亲手把我罪过的轭,紧缚在我的颈上,使我筋疲力竭;他将我交于我不能抵抗的人手中。14He bound my sins into a yoke and fastened them together, then set them upon my neck and caused my strength to fail. Yahweh gave me into the hands of those I cannot withstand.
15上主抛弃了我中间的勇士,召集盛会,与我为敌,粉碎我的精锐;上主好像践踏酒醡一样,践踏原是处女的犹大女郎。15Yahweh has spurned the bravest of my fighters; he has summoned an army to crush my young warriors. Yahweh has trodden in his winepress Judah's virgin daughter.
16我之所以痛苦,满眼流泪,是因为鼓舞我心灵的安慰者,已经离我远去;我的子女已经孤独无援,而敌人却正在得势。16This is what I weep about, what makes my tears well up. No one is near to restore my spirit, no one at hand to console me. My children are desolate, for the enemy has triumphed.
17熙雍虽然伸开双手,却无人予以安慰;上主召唤四周的人与雅各伯为敌:耶路撒冷在人眼中,成了可憎的污秽之物。17Zion stretches out her hands, but there is no one to give comfort. Yahweh has decreed for Jacob that his neighbors become his foes. As an unclean thing among them has Jerusalem become.
18唯有上主是公义的,因为我违背了他的训示。一切民族!请你们听一听,看一看我的痛苦:我的处女和壮丁,都已充军去了。18Yahweh acts justly, for I have defied his order. Listen, all you peoples, and see how I suffer. My young men and maidens have all gone into exile.
19我向爱人求救,但他们都舍弃了我,我的司祭和长老,虽然寻觅食粮以求活命,但他们却在城中气绝丧命。19I cried for help to my lovers, but they betrayed me. My priests and my elders perished in the city they sought anything to eat, but finally they had to die.
20上主,求你怜视,因为我实在痛苦:五内恐惧,心如倒悬,因为我常背命顽抗。外边有刀剑使我丧子,在家里有人死亡。20Look, Yahweh, upon my distress: all within me is in anguish. My heart recoils within me: I know that I have been rebellious. See, outside the sword that kills, and within, death that stalks.
21人们都听到我叹息,却没有人安慰我;仇人听到我遭难,无不庆幸你的所为;但是到了你所规定的日子,他们必然与我相同。21People have heard my moaning but no one comes to comfort me. My foes have known of my suffering, they rejoice at what you have done. Hasten the day you have proclaimed, that they may be even as I am.
22愿他们的罪恶摆在你眼前!你怎样为了我的各种罪恶,对待了我,也愿怎样对待他们!因为我屡次叹息,我的心已萎靡不振。22Let their evil come before you, and deal with them as you have dealt with me on account of my sins. Great indeed is my groaning. How sick at heart I am!
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