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1拿步高在尼尼微大城为亚述王第十二年,那时阿法撒得也在厄克巴塔纳为玛待王。1It was in the twelfth year of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar, king of the Assyrians, who ruled in the great city of Nineveh that, at the same time, Arphaxad, king of the Medes, ruled at Ecbatana.
2阿法撒得在厄克巴塔纳周围,用凿成宽三肘,长六肘的石块,修建了一座高七十肘,宽五十肘的城垣。2Arphaxad had built around Ecbatana ramparts of stone, with each stone cut to the size of one and a half meters wide and three meters long. The ramparts were thirty-five meters high and twenty-five meters wide.
3在城门旁,还建筑了一些碉楼,高一百肘,基广六十肘;3He built at the gates city towers which were fifty meters high and rested on foundations twenty meters wide.
4又修了城门,高达七十肘,宽四十肘,以便他的大军可以出发,步队可以列队而行。4The gates themselves were thirty-five meters high and twenty meters wide, wide enough for his valiant warriors and foot soldiers to march through them in battle array.
5那时,拿步高王在辣高境内一个大平原上,与阿法撒得王作战。5In those days, King Nebuchadnezzar made war on King Arphaxad in the Great Plain, that is, the plain near the territory of the Ragae.
6凡居住在山地、幼发拉的、底格里斯、依达斯贝,以及属厄蓝王阿黎约客的平原上的人民,都支持阿法撒得;因此有许多民族前来参加赫娄得人的战争。6All the people who lived in the mountains, those who lived along the banks of the rivers Euphrates, Tigris and Hydaspes, those on the plains of Arioch, king of the Elamites, and many other peoples joined the ranks of the Chaldeans to fight against the sons of Cheleoud.
7亚述王拿步高遂向波斯所有居民,向西方所有居民:即住在基里基雅、大马士革、黎巴嫩、安提黎巴嫩,以及所有沿海一带的人,7Nebuchadnezzar, king of the Assyrians, sent his messengers to all those living in Persia and in the West, to the inhabitants of Cilicia, Damascus, Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon, to those along the seacoast,
8向加尔默耳、基肋阿得、上加里肋亚、厄斯得隆大平原的民族,8to the people of Carmel, Gilead, Upper Galilee and the Great Plain of Esdraelon,
9向撒玛黎雅及所属城镇,向约但河西岸直到耶路撒冷、巴塔乃、赫娄斯、卡德士的居民,向埃及河、塔弗乃、辣默色斯及哥笙全境,9to those in Samaria and its towns, and beyond the Jordan as far as Jerusalem, Bethany, Chelous, Kadesh, the River of Egypt, Tahpanhes, Raamses, and all the country of Goshen
10直到塔尼斯上部与孟非斯的居民,向住在埃及至厄提约丕雅边疆上的居民,派遣使节;10as far as the region beyond Tanis and Memphis, and to all the inhabitants of Egypt as far as the country of Ethiopia.
11但上述各地的居民,都轻视亚述王拿步高的号召,不肯与他联盟参战,也不怕他,看他不过如一常人,叫他的使者空手蒙羞而回。11But the inhabitants of all these regions took no notice of the order of Nebuchadnezzar, king of the Assyrians, and did not join him in waging war. They no longer feared him because they considered him just like any other man. They sent back his messengers empty-handed and shamefaced.
12拿步高对这些国家大怒,即指著自己的御座和帝国发誓,必雪此恨,要用刀兵消灭基里基雅、大马士革和叙利亚全境,以及摩阿布境内一切居民,阿孟子民,犹太全国与埃及,直到两海边境间的一切居民。12Nebuchadnezzar was greatly enraged against all these regions and swore by his throne and by his kingdom to punish all the districts of Cilicia, Damascus and Syria, and to put to the sword all who were in the lands of Moab, Ammon, the whole of Judea, and all those in Egypt as far as the coasts between the two seas.
13第十七年,他果然率领大军,进攻阿法撒得王,一战告捷,使阿法撒得的全军,马队战车,全部溃败,13In the seventeenth year, Nebuchadnezzar went to battle with his army against King Arphaxad, and conquered him in the campaign. He drove back the army of Arphaxad with all his cavalry and chariots.
14遂占领他的城池,来到厄克巴塔纳,夺取城楼,沿街掠夺,使京华变为耻辱。14Nebuchadnezzar occupied all the cities. Finally, he reached Ecbatana where he demolished its towers, pillaged the streets of the city and reduced its splendor to ruins.
15后又在辣高山上,擒获了阿法撒得,命自己的枪手当天刺杀了他。15He pursued Arphaxad into the mountains of the Ragae, pierced him through with arrows and utterly destroyed him.
16然后率领大军,并所有庞大的混合军队回了国。在国内与自己的军队,庆祝宴乐,凡一百二十日。16Then he returned to Nineveh with a great crowd of followers and a considerable multitude of soldiers. He and his entire army stayed there amusing themselves and feasting for one hundred and twenty days.
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