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民长纪 Judges
1上主的使者从基耳加耳上到波津说:「我使你们由埃及上来,领你们进入了我向你们祖先所誓许的地方;我曾说过:我永不废弃我与你们所立的盟约,1The Angel of Yahweh went up from Gilgal to Bochim where the Israelites were gathered, and he said to them, "I made you go up from Egypt and brought you to the land I had promised your fathers. I said to them, 'Never will I break my covenant with you,
2你们也不可与这地方的居民结约,且要拆毁他们的祭坛。但你们没有听从我的声音;你们这是作的什么事?2but you shall not make any covenant with the Canaanites and shall destroy their altars.' But you have not obeyed my command. Why did you not obey me?
3为此我现在说:我必不把他们从你们面前赶走,他们为你们将是陷阱,他们的神要成为你们的罗网。」3Now, I will not drive out these nations before you. They shall be your oppressors and their gods shall be a trap for you."
4当上主的使者对全以色列子民说这话时,百姓便放声大哭,4After the Angel of Yahweh had spoken, all the Israelites began to weep and cry.
5因此给那地方起名叫波津。他们在那里给上主奉献了祭献。5For this reason, they named that place Bochim, which means "those who weep," and they offered sacrifices to Yahweh.
6若苏厄遣散了百姓,以色列子民就各到自己应得的产业去,为占领那地方。6When Joshua dismissed the Israelites, each one of them went to his inheritance to occupy the land.
7当若苏厄在世时,和他去世后,那些见过上主为以色列所行的大事的长老们还在的时日,百姓都事奉上主。7The people served Yahweh during the lifetime of Joshua and of the leaders who outlived him, and who had witnessed all the great works of Yahweh for Israel.
8上主的仆人,农的儿子若苏厄一百一十岁时去了世。8Joshua, son of Nun, the servant of Moses, died at the age of one hundred and ten years.
9人们把他埋在他地业的境内,即在厄弗辣因山地,加阿士山北面的提默纳赫勒斯。9They buried him at the boundary of his inheritance in Timnath-heres, in the mountains of Ephraim, north of the mountain of Gaash.
10当那一代人都归于他们的祖先以后,在他们之后,兴起了另一代,他们不认识上主,也不知道上主为以色列所行的事蹟。10That whole generation died and another one came, but they did not know Yahweh or what he had done for Israel.
11以色列子民行了上主视为恶的事,事奉了巴耳诸神。11The Israelites treated Yahweh badly for they served the Baals instead.
12他们离弃了上主他们祖先的天主,即领他们出离埃及地的天主,而随从了别的神,叩拜他们四周各民族的神,因此触怒了上主。12They abandoned Yahweh, the God of their fathers who had brought them out of Egypt, and served other gods, the gods of the neighboring peoples. They bowed before those gods and offended Yahweh.
13他们背离了上主,而事奉巴耳和阿市托勒特。13When Yahweh saw that they had abandoned him to serve Baal and Ashtaroth,
14于是上主对以色列大发忿怒,把他们交在强盗手中,叫强盗抢掠他们;将他们卖给四周的敌人,使他们不能抵抗他们的敌人;14he became angry with his people and gave them into the hands of plunderers who left them in misery. He himself sold them to their enemies who completely surrounded the Israelites, so that these Israelites could no longer withstand them.
15他们无论去那里,上主的手总是加害他们,犹如上主所说的,犹如上主向他们所起的誓,使他们受极大的痛苦。15Whenever they felt strong for an offensive, Yahweh would turn against them and send evil upon them, as he had warned them and sworn to do. And this caused much distress and anguish for the Israelites.
16上主虽兴起民长,拯救他们脱离强盗的手;16Yahweh raised up "judges" (or liberators) who saved the Israelites from their exploiters.
17但他们仍不肯听从他们的民长,反而与外邦的神行淫,顶礼叩拜,迅速地离开了他们祖先所走的服从上主命令的路,没有照样行事。17But neither did they obey those "judges" for they still prostituted themselves to other gods and worshiped them. They soon left the way of their fathers who obeyed the commandments of Yahweh; they did not follow the way of their fathers.
18当上主给他们兴起民长时,上主与民长同在,在民长一生的岁月中,救他们脱离仇敌的手,因为上主听见了他们受压迫欺凌发出的叹息,而怜悯了他们;18When Yahweh made a judge appear among his people, Yahweh was with him and saved them from their enemies. That lasted as long as the judge lived, for Yahweh was moved to pity by the lament of his people who were oppressed and persecuted.
19可是民长一去世,他们又转而行恶,行为比他们的祖先更坏,去追随外神,事奉叩拜他们,总不放弃他们祖先的恶行和顽抗的行为。19But when the judge died, they again became worse than their fathers - worshiping and serving other gods. They would not renounce their pagan practices and stubborn ways.
20因此上主对以色列大发忿怒说:「因为这百姓违犯了我与他们祖先缔结的盟约,没有听从我的声音;20Yahweh was angry and he said, "These people broke the Covenant I made with their fathers and they refuse to obey me.
21为此,若苏厄死后所剩下的民族,我也不再由他们面前,驱逐任何一个,21Well now, neither shall I drive out before them any of the nations left when Joshua died.
22为试验以色列是否谨守遵行上主的道路,有如他们祖先所遵行的一样。」22And I shall test the Israelites through those nations; then I shall know if they will finally follow my ways as their fathers did."
23因此,上主保留了那些民族,没有迅速驱逐他们,也没有把他们交在以色列人手中。23So Yahweh left those nations in their place and did not take the land immediately from them. This was also why he did not give them into the hands of Joshua.
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