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若苏厄书 Joshua
1当耶路撒冷王阿多尼责德克听说若苏厄攻占了哈依,完全予以毁灭,对待哈依和哈依王如对待耶里哥和耶里哥王一样;又听说基贝红居民已与以色列媾和,可住在他们中间,1Adonizedek king of Jerusalem came to know how Joshua had conquered and leveled Ai, doing to it and its king what he had done to Jericho and its king. He also knew how the Gibeonites had made peace with the Israelites and were living in their midst.
2大为震惊,因为基贝红是座大城,像座京城,比哈依还大,城中的人又都勇敢。2He feared greatly, for Gibeon was a very important city, a royal city greater than Ai and its men were very brave.
3耶路撒冷王阿多尼责德克遂打发使者去见赫贝龙王曷罕、雅尔慕特王丕兰、拉基士王雅非亚和厄革隆王德彼尔说:3In view of this, Adonizedek sent for Hoham king of Hebron, for Aram king of Jarmuth, for Japhia king of Lachish and for Debir king of Eglon saying:
4「请你们前来援助我,攻打基贝红,因为这城已与若苏厄和以色列人媾和。」4"Come and help me conquer Gibeon for it has made a pact with Joshua and the Israelites."
5那五个阿摩黎王,即耶路撒冷王、赫贝龙王、雅尔慕特王、拉基士王和厄革隆王联合起来,率领他们所有的军队上去包围了基贝红,合力进攻。5So the five kings of the Amorites - the kings of Jerusalem, Hebron, Jarmuth, Lachish and Eglon - joined forces and set out, each one with troops. They encamped opposite Gibeon and surrounded it.
6基贝红人即派人到基耳加耳营中见若苏厄说:「你不要袖手不顾你的仆人,请快上来援救,扶助我们,因为住在山地的众阿摩黎王都联合起来攻击我们。」6The Gibeonites sent word to Joshua at the camp in Gilgal: "Do not leave us alone, but come and help us, for all the Amorite kings who live on the mountains have united against us."
7若苏厄遂亲率他的一切军民,和所有的精兵,从基耳加耳上去了。7So Joshua left Gilgal that day with all his valiant warriors.
8上主对若苏厄说:「你不要怕他们,因为我已将他们交在你手中,没有一人能抵抗你。」8Then Yahweh said to Joshua: "Do not be afraid because I have placed them in your hands and no one among them will be able to stand up against you."
9若苏厄由基耳加耳出发,整夜行军,出其不意,突然向他们进攻。9Joshua marched from Gilgal, journeying throughout the night and came upon the Amorites by surprise.
10上主使他们在以色列人前大为混乱,以色列人在基贝红将他们完全击败,随后在往贝特曷龙的上坡路上追赶他们,击杀他们直到阿则卡,直到玛刻达。10Yahweh defeated them. The Israelites gained a great victory in Gibeon and pursued the Amorites by the slope of Beth-horon up to Azekah and Makkedah.
11当他们逃避以色列人,来到贝特曷龙下坡时,上主从天上降下冰雹,落在他们身上,直落到阿则卡,死伤无数;为冰雹砸死的人,比以色列用刀杀死的还多。11As they were fleeing, Yahweh rained huge hailstones on them and pursued them up to Azekah, and they were killed. There were more who died because of the hailstones than by the sword of the Israelites.
12上主将阿摩黎人交于以色列子民的那一天,若苏厄当着以色列人的面对上主说:「太阳!停在基贝红!月亮!停在阿雅隆谷!」12On that day when Yahweh gave the Amorites over to them, Joshua addressed Yahweh and said in the sight of all Israel: "Sun, stand still at Gibeon, and you, moon, in the valley of Aijalon."
13太阳果然停住,月亮站住不动,直到百姓报复了自己的仇敌。这事岂不是记载在「义士书」上了吗?太阳停在空中,未急速下落,约有一整天。13And the sun stood still and the moon stopped until the people had taken revenge on their enemies: so it is written in the Book of the Just, "The sun stood still in mid-heaven and did not hasten to set for almost a whole day.
14以前或以后,从来没有一天像这天一样。上主这样俯听了人的呼声,因为是上主在为以色列人作战。14There has not been a day like this before or after in which Yahweh obeyed the order of a man. It was Yahweh who fought for Israel."
15此后,若苏厄和所有跟随他的以色列人,回了基耳加耳营。15Then Joshua and all Israel returned to the camp at Gilgal.
16至于那五个逃脱的王子,藏在玛刻达山洞里,16But the five kings fled and hid themselves in a cave at Makkedah.
17有人来通知若苏厄说:「那五个王子已被发现,藏在玛刻达山洞里。」17And so it was told to Joshua: "We have found the five kings. They are hiding in a cave at Makkedah."
18若苏厄吩咐说:「你们把几块大石滚到洞口,派人看守。18So Joshua ordered: "Roll great stones against the entrance of the cave and set men to guard it.
19你们不可停下来,要去追赶敌人,切断他们的后路,不容他们逃入城中,因为上主你们的天主,已将他们交在你们手中。」19But do not stay there. Pursue your enemies and fall upon their rear. Do not let them return to their cities for Yahweh, our God, has placed them in our hands."
20若苏厄和以色列子民杀得他们惨败,几乎将他们全部消灭,只剩下一些逃脱的人进入了坚城。20Joshua and the Israelites destroyed and finished them off. Only a few survivors were left who took refuge in the fortified cities
21军民都平安无恙地回到玛刻达营见若苏厄。以后没有人再敢侮辱以色列子民。21while all Israel returned unscathed to the camp with Joshua. Henceforth, no one dared challenge them.
22那时若苏厄说:「你们去打开洞口,把那五个王子从洞里拉出,带到我这里来。」22Then Joshua ordered: "Open the entrance of the cave, take the five kings out and bring them to me."
23人就去,将那五个王子,就是耶路撒冷王、赫贝龙王、雅尔慕特王、拉基士王和厄革隆王,从洞里拉出,带到他面前。23They did this and brought the five kings before Joshua: the kings of Jerusalem, Hebron, Lachish, Jarmuth and Eglon.
24当人们把那些王子带到若苏厄面前时,24Joshua assembled all Israel and said to the captains of the troops: "Come here and step on the necks of these kings." So they came near and put their feet on the necks of the kings.
25若苏厄将所有的以色列人召来,对那些与他同去作战的军长说:「你们前来,将脚踏在这些王子的脖子上!」他们就前来,将脚踏在那些王子的脖子上。若苏厄对他们说:「你们不要害怕,不要沮丧,只要勇敢果断,因为上主必要这样对待你们所征服的一切仇人。」25Then Joshua said to them: "Do not be afraid or lose courage, be valiant and firm, for Yahweh will do so to all your enemies against whom you will fight."
26随后,若苏厄将那五个王子杀死,将他们悬在五棵树上,直悬至晚上。26Joshua immediately put them to death by hanging them on five trees until evening.
27到太阳快落的时候,若苏厄命人将他们由树上放下来,丢在他们藏过的山洞里,用大石头塞住洞口;那些大石至今尚在。27At nightfall, they took down the bodies of the kings and threw them into the same cave where they had hidden and closed it with great stones which remain there to this day.
28若苏厄当天就占领了玛刻达,并用利剑击杀了那城和城中的王子,并将城中的一切生灵完全毁灭,一个也没有留下;他对待玛刻达王如对待耶里哥王一样。28On that same day Joshua seized Makkedah. He slew its king and its inhabitants. And he consecrated it and all that was in it in anathema to Yahweh, without sparing anyone. The king suffered the same fate as did the king of Jericho.
29若苏厄和跟随他的众以色列人,由玛刻达往里贝纳推进,攻打里贝纳。29Then Joshua and all Israel went to attack Libnah.
30上主也将这城和城中的王子交在以色列人手中;他们用利剑击杀了城和城中的一切生灵,一个也没有留下;他对待这城的王子如对待耶里哥王一样。30Yahweh gave the city and its king to the Israelites, and they put to the sword all its inhabitants without sparing anyone. The king met the same fate as the king of Jericho.
31若苏厄和跟随他的众以色列人,又从里贝纳往拉基士推进,围攻拉基士,31From Libnah Joshua went to Lachish, laid siege to it and attacked it.
32上主将拉基士也交在以色列人手中。第二天若苏厄就攻取了拉基士,用利剑击杀了那城和城中的一切生灵,全如对待里贝纳一样。32Yahweh also gave them this city and its king and inhabitants suffered the same fate as Libnah.
33那时,革则尔王曷兰上来援救拉基士,若苏厄也将他和他的人民杀尽,一个也没有留下。33Then Horam king of Gezer came to help Lachish but Joshua destroyed him together with all his people without leaving anyone alive.
34此后,若苏厄和跟随他的众以色列人,由拉基士往厄革隆推进,围攻厄革隆。34From Lachish he then went to Eglon; he besieged it and conquered it on the same day.
35当天就攻下了那城,并在那天用利剑杀尽了那城和城中的一切生灵,全如对待拉基士一样。35The king and the inhabitants of Eglon were also put to death by the sword. They consecrated the city in anathema as they had done to Lachish.
36此后,若苏厄和跟随他的众以色列人,从厄革隆上到赫贝龙,攻打那城;36From Eglon they went to Hebron. Joshua conquered it together with
37占领后,用利剑击杀了那城和城中的王子,以及属于他的一切城邑和城邑中的一切生灵,一个也没有留下;将那城和城中的一切生灵完全消灭,全如对待厄革隆一样。37all the towns which were subject to it, put to the sword its king and all its inhabitants, without letting anyone survive. He consecrated it in anathema as he had dealt with Eglon.
38此后,若苏厄和跟随他的众以色列人,转身向德彼尔推进,攻打那城;38Joshua and all Israel with him turned back to Debir and attacked it. He took it as well as the towns subject to it.
39获得了那城和那城的王子,以及属德彼尔的一切城邑后,用利剑击杀了他们,将这些城内的一切生灵完全毁灭,一个也没有留下;对待德彼尔城和城中的王子,有如对待赫贝龙和赫贝龙的王子一样,又如对待里贝纳和里贝纳王子一样。39He put to the sword its king and inhabitants, consecrating them in anathema, without sparing anyone. Debir and its king received the same punishment as Hebron and Libnah.
40若苏厄征服了那一带地方,包括山地、乃革布、平原、山坡和那些地方的王子;并照上主以色列的天主的命令,消灭了所有的生灵,一个也没有留下,40In this way, Joshua struck the whole region of the Mountains, the Negeb Desert, the Plains and the mountain slopes with their kings. He did not let anyone survive but consecrated all living beings in anathema according to what Yahweh had commanded.
41由卡德士巴尔乃亚起,直到迦萨,以及哥笙全境,直到基贝红。41Joshua destroyed them all from Kadesh-barnea to Gaza and from Goshen to Gibeon.
42若苏厄这次出征,能获取所有的王子和他们的土地,是因为上主以色列的天主在为以色列人作战。42Joshua defeated all these kings and seized all these lands in one single campaign because Yahweh fought for Israel.
43以后,若苏厄和所有跟随他的以色列人,回到基耳加耳营。43Then he and all Israel returned to their camp at Gilgal.
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