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约纳 Jonah
1上主安排了一条大鱼,吞了约纳;约纳在鱼腹里,三天三夜。1Yahweh provided a large fish which swallowed Jonah. He remained in the belly of the fish for three days and three nights.
2约纳从鱼腹里,祈求上主,他的天主。2From the belly of the fish Jonah prayed to Yahweh, his God:
3他说:「我在患难中,呼求上主,他便应允了我;我从阴府的深处呼求,你便俯听了我的呼声。3"In my distress I cried to Yahweh, and he answered me; from the belly of the netherworld you heard my voice when I called.
4你将我抛入海心深处,大水包围了我;你的波涛和巨浪漫过了我。4You cast me into the abyss, into the very heart of the sea, and the currents swirled about me; all your breakers and your billows passed over engulfing me.
5我曾说:我虽从你面前被抛弃,但我仍要瞻仰你的圣殿。5Then I thought: I have been cast out from your presence, but I keep on looking to your holy Temple.
6大水围困我,危及我的性命;深渊包围我,海草缠住我的头。6The waters engulfed me up to my throat; all around me was the abyss; wrapped about my head were seaweeds.
7我下沉直到礁底,大地的门闩永为我关闭。上主,我的天主!你却从坑里救出了我的性命。7I went down to the roots of the mountains, the bars of the netherworld closed upon me, but you brought my life up from the pit, Yahweh, my God.
8当我奄奄一息时,我记起了上主;我的祈祷达于你前,达于你的圣殿中。8When my soul was fainting within me, I remembered Yahweh, and before you rose my prayer up to your holy Temple.
9敬奉虚无偶像的人,实在是舍弃了慈爱的根源。9Those who worship worthless idols lose your grace
10至于我,我要在颂谢的歌声中,向你献祭,偿还我许的誓愿。救恩属于上主!」10but I, with songs of praise, will offer to you sacrifices. What I have vowed, I will make good - deliverance comes from Yahweh, my God."
11当时,上主命令那鱼,那鱼便将约纳吐在陆地上。11Then Yahweh gave his command to the fish, and it belched out Jonah onto dry land.
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