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约伯传 Job
1任你呼求,看有谁答应你?诸圣者中,看你转向那一位?1Call then, but who will answer you? Who of the Saints will you turn to?
2的确,忧愤杀死愚人,怒火使痴者丧生。2Resentment kills the fool, and anger slays the simple.
3我知道:愚人一根深蒂固,他的居所即被诅咒;3I have seen a fool taking root when suddenly his household collapsed.
4他的子女,无人支援,在城门前被践踏,无人救护。4His sons went about without security, crushed in court without a defender.
5他们收获的,饥饿者来吃;且将剩余的,抢去储存;他们的财富,为口渴者喝尽。5The hungry consumed his harvest and carried it to a hiding place; his surplus was taken away, the thirsty hankered after his wealth.
6因为灾祸不是由土中而来,忧患不是生自地中;6For affliction comes not from the earth, nor does sorrow sprout from the ground;
7而是人自寻苦恼,如雏鹰自会飞翔。7but it is man who carries about trouble, as an eagle in the heights brings down lightning flash.
8如果是我,我必投奔天主,向天主陈诉我的案情。8If I were you, I would appeal to God and lay before him my case,
9他所作的大事,高深莫测;他所行的奇事,不可胜数:9for wonders are past all reckoning, his miracles beyond all counting.
10他使雨落在地上,引水滋润郊田;10He pours rain down on the earth and sends water upon the fields.
11使卑微的人高升,使受苦的人获得救助;11He sets the lowly on high, turns grief into joy.
12粉碎狡猾人的计谋,使他们的作为一无所成;12He wrecks the plans of the crafty, so that their hands achieve no success.
13以智者的计谋捕捉智者,使奸猾人的策画即时成空;13He traps the clever in their devices and puts an end to the schemes of the wily.
14他们白日遇到黑暗,正午摸索如在夜间;14Darkness comes upon them in the daytime; they grope at noon as in the night.
15他搭救被剥削者脱离人口,挽救穷人摆脱强暴的手。15He rescues the despoiled from the despoiler, the weak from the hands of the violent.
16如此,贫苦的人获得希望,邪恶将闭口无言。16Thus hope comes to the lowly, and injustice shuts its mouth.
17的确,天主所惩戒的人是有福的:全能者的训戒,你不可忽视。17Blessed is the man whom God corrects; reject not, therefore, the lessons of the Almighty,
18因为他打伤了,而又包扎伤口;他击碎了,而又亲手治疗。18He cures the wounds he has inflicted; he strikes but he also heals.
19你六次遭难,他次次拯救;到第七次,灾难不会临于你。19From six troubles he will rescue you; at the seventh no harm will touch you.
20饥馑中,他必救你不死;战争中,必使你得免刀剑。20In famine he saves you from death; in war, from the threat of the sword.
21唇枪舌剑,你必能躲藏;大难来临,你不必张惶;21You will be protected from the lash of the tongue, and have no dread of marauding bands.
22对大难和饥荒,你可置之一笑;对地上的野兽,也不用惊惶。22You will laugh at destruction and want; and have no fear of the wild animals.
23你将与田野的顽石立约,旷野的猛兽必与你和好。23No more stones in your fields, the soil will serve you, and wild animals be at peace with you.
24你将见到你的帐幕平安无恙,察看羊栏时,一无所失。24You will find your tent secure, your household untouched when you come home.
25你将确知子孙繁昌,你的苗裔犹如田野青草。25You will have children in plenty and descendants like the grass of the hills.
26你必高年才葬于墓,好像麦梱准时收藏。26You will come to the grave in a ripe age, like a sheaf of grain gathered in season.
27看这,是我们所观察的真理,你若细听,自会获益良多。27This we have examined and found true. This we have heard, and you should know.
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