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1看,人的希望落了空,并且一见牠就吓坏了。1Any hope of subduing him is vain, for the mere sight of him is overpowering.
2没有一个勇敢的人敢触犯牠,有谁还敢站立在牠前面呢?2He grows so ferocious when aroused that no one dares face him.
3谁攻击牠,而能安全无恙?普天之下没有一人!3Who has attacked him and come off unharmed? No one under the sky.
4论牠的四体百肢,我不能缄默;论牠的力量,我要说:没有可与牠相比的。4I need hardly mention his limbs, nor describe his matchless strength.
5谁能揭开牠的外衣,谁能穿透牠双层的鳞甲?5Who can strip off his outer garment and penetrate his double breastplate?
6谁敢启开牠的口?牠四周的牙齿,令人战栗。6Who can dare open the gates of his mouth to confront the terrors of his rows of teeth?
7牠的脊背有如盾甲,好像为石印所密封。7Rows of scales are on his back - rows of shields that are tightly sealed.
8鳞甲片片相连,气也透不进去;8So closely fitted are they that no space intervenes;
9互相联结,黏在一起不可分离。9so closely joined that they hold fast and cannot be parted.
10牠的喷嚏发出白光,眼睛像旭日闪动。10Light flashes forth when he sneezes; like the light of dawn are his eyes.
11火把从牠口中喷出,火花四射。11Flaming torches and sparks of fire flash from his mouth
12烟从牠鼻孔冒出,宛如燃烧沸腾的锅鑪。12Smoke comes from his nostrils, like hot steam from a boiling pot.
13牠的气息可点燃煤炭,火燄由牠口中射出。13His mere breath sets coals afire, with the flame pouring from his mouth.
14牠的力量集中在牠的颈上,在牠面前,没有不恐怖的。14Strength is in his neck, and terror dances before him.
15牠的肌肉互相连结,紧贴牠身,坚不可动。15Tightly set are the folds of his flesh, firmly cast and immovable.
16牠的心坚如石块,坚硬有如磨磐。16His heart is hard as stone, as hard as the lower millstone.
17牠一起立,壮士战栗,惊慌失措。17When he rises up, the mighty are terrified, the waves of the sea fall back.
18人若想捕捉牠,刀、枪、箭、戟都是徒然。18Should the sword reach him, it will not pierce him, nor will the spear, the dart, or the javelin.
19牠视铁如草芥,视铜若朽木。19Iron is to him no more than straw; and bronze, no more than rotten wood.
20弓矢不能使牠遁逃;机石打在牠身上好似碎阶。20Arrows will not put him to flight; slingstones will be as wisps of hay.
21牠视棍棒像麦阶,对射来的箭矢冷笑。21Clubs are as splinters to him; he laughs at the whirring javelin.
22牠腹下似尖瓦,牠行过之地,有如打禾机碾过。22His belly is as sharp as pottery sherds; he moves across the mire like a harrow.
23牠使深渊沸腾有如沸鼎,使海洋沸腾有如油锅。23He churns the depths into a seething caldron; he makes the sea fume like a burner.
24牠游过之路发出银光,令人以为海洋飘扬白发。24Behind him he leaves a white gleaming wake, making the deep appear a hoary head of age.
25世上没有可与牠相比的,牠一无所惧。25He has no equal on earth: such a horrible creature he was made!
26牠卑视所有的巨兽,牠在猛兽中称王。26He makes all, however lofty, afraid; he is king over all the sons of pride.
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