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约伯传 Job
1此后约伯开口诅咒自己的生日。1At length it was Job who spoke, cursing the day of his birth. This is what he said:
2约伯开始说:2Cursed be the day I was born, and the night which whispered: A boy has been conceived.
3愿我诞生的那日消逝,愿报告「怀了男胎」的那夜灭亡。3May that day be dark, may God on high ignore it. May no light shine upon it.
4愿那日成为黑暗,愿天主从上面不再寻觅它,再没有光烛照它。4May the shadow of death claim it as its own. May a cloud settle over it; may blackness obstruct its light.
5愿黑暗和阴影玷污它,浓云遮盖它,白昼失光的晦暗惊吓它。5Let darkness swallow that night let it not add to the rest of the year let it not be included in the month.
6愿那夜常为黑暗所制,不让它列入年岁中,不让它算在月分里。6That night - oh, let it be barren, untouched by shouts of joy.
7愿那夜孤寂茕独,毫无欢呼之声。7Let it be cursed by those who hate the light, sorcerers who call on the Devil.
8愿那诅咒白日者,有术召唤海怪者,前来诅咒那夜。8Let its morning stars no longer shine; let it wait for light in vain and never see the first rays of dawn,
9愿晨星昏暗,期待光明而光明不至,也不见晨光熹微,9since it did not close the womb to keep my eyes from seeing doom.
10因为它没有关闭我母胎之门,遮住我眼前的愁苦。10Why didn't I die at birth, or come from the womb without breath?
11我为何一出母胎没有立即死去?为何我一离母腹没有断气?11Why the knees that received me, why the breasts that suckled me?
12为何两膝接住我?为何两乳哺养我?12For then I should have lain down asleep and been at rest
13不然,现今我早已卧下安睡了,早已永眠获得安息了,13with kings and rulers of the earth who built for themselves lonely tombs;
14与那些为自己建陵墓的国王和百官,14or with princes who had gold to spare and houses stuffed with silver.
15与那些金银满堂的王侯同眠;15Why was I not stillborn, like others who did not see the light of morn?
16或者像隐没的流产儿,像未见光明的婴孩;16There the trouble of the wicked ceases, there the weary find repose.
17在那里恶人停止作乱,在那里劳悴者得享安宁;17There the prisoners are at ease; they no longer hear the taskmaster's voice.
18囚徒相安无事,再不闻督工的呼叱声;18Great and small fare equally there, where the slave is free from his master.
19在那里大小平等,奴隶脱离主人。19Why is light given to the miserable, and life to the embittered?
20为何赐不幸者以光明,赐心中忧苦者以生命?20To those who long for death more than for hidden treasure?
21这些人渴望死,而死不至;寻求死亡胜于宝藏,21They rejoice at the sight of their end, they are happy upon reaching the grave.
22见到坟墓,感觉欢乐,且喜乐达于极点!22Why give light to a man whose path has vanished, whose ways God blocks at every side?
23人的道路,既如此渺茫,天主为何赐给他生命,又把他包围?23Instead of bread I feed on sighs. My groans are like water poured out.
24叹息成了我的食物,不停哀叹有如流水。24For what I fear has come upon me, what I dread has befallen me.
25我所畏惧的,偏偏临于我身;我所害怕的,却迎面而来。25I find no rest, I find no ease; only turmoil, nothing of peace!
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