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约伯传 Job
1你岂知道巖穴中野羊的产期,洞悉牝鹿何时生产?1Do you know how mountain goats breed? Have you observed the hinds in labor,
2你岂能计算牠们怀孕的月分,预知牠们生产的日期?2numbered the months they must fulfill, and fixed the time they must give birth?
3牠们伏下产子之后,产痛立即过去。3Have you watched them end their labor as they crouch and drop their young,
4幼雏健壮,在原野中长大;牠们一去,即不再返回。4how they wait for them to grow, until they leave never to return?
5谁使野驴任意游荡,谁解去悍驴的彊绳?5Who has given the wild ass his freedom, and loosed the bonds of the wild donkey?
6原来是我叫牠以原野为家,以盐地为居所。6I have given him the desert for a home, the salt plains for a shelter.
7牠耻笑城市的吵闹,听不到赶牲者的呵叱。7For he scorns the city's tumult, and is free of the driver's shout and insult;
8牠以群山峻岭作自己的牧场,寻觅各种青草为食。8he prefers the hills for his pasture, ranging for food in the rich verdure.
9野牛岂肯为你服役,岂肯在你槽边过宿?9Is the wild ox willing to serve you, to pass the night by your manger?
10你岂能以绳索系住牠的颈项,叫牠随你耕田?10Can you make him work with a plow or harrow if you provide him with the proper gear?
11你岂能依靠牠的大力,任凭牠去作你的工作?11Can you rely on his great strength and leave him to do your heavy work?
12你岂能靠牠将麦捆运回,聚集在你的禾场上?12Can you depend on him to come home alone, carrying your grain to your threshing floor?
13驼鸟的翅翼鼓舞,牠的翼翎和羽毛岂表示慈爱?13Can the wing of the ostrich be compared with the plumage of the stork or falcon?
14牠将卵留在地上,让沙土去温暖;14She lays her eggs on the ground and lets them warm in the sand,
15牠不想人脚能踏碎,野兽能践坏。15not knowing that a foot may step on them or some wild beast may crush them.
16牠苛待雏鸟,若非己出,虽徒受苦痛,也毫不关心。16Cruel to her chicks as if they were not hers, she cares not that her labor be in vain,
17因为天主没有赐牠这本能,也没有把良知赐给牠。17for God has given her no wisdom nor a share of good sense.
18但当牠振翼飞翔,却要讪笑骏马和骑师。18Yet in the swiftness of foot, she makes sport of horse and rider.
19马的力量,是你所赐?牠颈上的长騣,是你所披?19Is it you who give the horse strength and clothe his neck with splendor,
20你岂能使牠跳跃如蚱蜢?牠雄壮的长嘶,实在使人胆寒。20who make him leap like a grasshopper and his proud snorting strike terror?
21牠在谷中欢跃奔驰,勇往直前,冲锋迎敌。21Rejoicing in his strength, he fiercely paws and charges into the fray,
22牠嗤笑胆怯,一无所惧;交锋之时,决不退缩。22afraid of nothing, laughing at fear, not shying away from the sword.
23牠背上的箭袋震震作响,还有闪烁发光的矛与枪。23Against his side rattles the quiver, along with the lance and flashing spear.
24牠一闻号角,即不肯停蹄,急躁狂怒,不断啃地。24In frenzied excitement he eats up the ground; there is no holding him when the trumpets sound.
25每次号角一鸣,牠必发出嘶声,由远处已闻到战争的气息,将领的号令和士卒的喊声。25He cries "Hurrah!" at each trumpet blast. He catches the scent of battle from afar, the shout of commanders and the battle cry.
26鹰展翅振翼南飞,岂是由于你的智慧?26Is it by your wisdom that the hawk takes flight and spreads his wings toward the south?
27兀鹰腾空,营巢峭壁,岂是出于你的命令?27Is it at your command that eagles fly and build their nests on high?
28牠在山崖居住过宿,在峭峰上有牠的保障;28They dwell on cliffs and spend the night; their stronghold is the rocky crag.
29由那里窥伺猎物,牠的眼力可达远处。29From there they look out for food, which they detect even from afar.
30牠的幼雏也都吮血。那里有尸体,牠也在那里。30They and their young feast on blood, and where the slain lie, there they are.
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