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约伯传 Job
1约伯回答说:1Job answered then:
2无能为力的人,你怎样援助了他?无力的手臂,你怎样支持了他?2What help have you given to the powerless, what strength to the enfeebled arm?
3你给无知的人出过什么主意,表现了你丰富的智慧?3What advice have you offered to the foolish, and what great insight have you shown?
4你说这些话是指教谁?从你心里发出的是什么精神?4Who has inspired in you these words? Whose spirit spoke from your mouth?
5幽魂在地下打颤,海底与居于海底的,惊恐不已。5The shades of the deep are terrified, the waters and their inhabitants tremble.
6阴府在他前面显露,死域也没有遮掩。6Sheol is naked before God; destruction lies uncovered.
7他将北极伸张到太虚,将大地悬于虚无之上。7Over the void he spreads out the northern skies; over emptiness he suspends the earth.
8他将水包里在浓云中,托水的云彩却不破裂。8He wraps up the waters in his clouds, yet the clouds do not burst their seams.
9他遮蔽了满月的面貌,使云彩散布其上。9He covers the face of the moon and spreads his clouds over it.
10在水面上划了一圆圈,当作光明与黑暗的分界。10On the face of the waters he draws the horizon as a boundary between light and darkness.
11支天的柱子震动,因他的呵叱而战栗。11The pillars of the heavens quake, stunned at his thunderous rebuke.
12他以威力使海洋动荡,以明智击伤了海怪。12By his power he stilled the sea; by his wisdom he smote Rahab.
13他一嘘气,天气清朗;他亲手戳穿了飞龙。13By his wind the skies were cleared; his hand pierced the fleeing serpent.
14看啊!这只是他行动的一端,我们所听到的语句,何其细微!他轰轰烈烈的作为,有谁能明了?14These are but hints of his power; a whisper is all that we hear of him. But who can understand the thunder of his might?
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