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约伯传 Job
1约伯回答说:1Job answered and said:
2直到今天,我还是痛苦的哀诉,他沉重的手掌,使我不得不呻吟。2Again today my complaint is rebellious; I groan under his heavy hand.
3惟愿我知道怎样能寻到天主,能到达他的宝座前,3If only I knew where to find him, if only I could go to his dwelling,
4好将我的案情向他陈诉,因为我口中满了证词!4I would bring my case before him and lay out in full my arguments.
5唯愿我知道他答复我的话,明了他向我说什么!5I would find out his answer and understand what he would say.
6他岂能靠强力同我争辩?决不,他必留神听我。6Would he need great power to debate with me? No! he needs only to listen!
7如此,他会分辨出同他争论的是个正直人,也许我可永久不再受裁判!7He would know the complainant to be an upright man and I would be free of my judge.
8可是我往东行,他不在那里;我往西行,也找不到他;8But if I go eastward, he is not there; if I go westward, I still cannot see him.
9往北找,也看不见他;往南去,也见不到他。9Seeking him in the north, I do not find him; looking for him in the south, he is not there.
10他洞悉我所有的行动。他若试验我,我必如纯金出现。10But he knows my every step, and I will come out as gold in his test.
11我的脚紧随着他的足迹,谨守他的道,总没有偏离。11I have always walked along his path; I have kept his ways and not turned aside.
12他所发的命令,我总没有违背;他口中的训言,我常保存在心中。12I have not departed from his commands, instead I have treasured his words.
13但他所决定的,谁能变更?他所乐意的,必要实行。13But who can oppose once he has decided? He does what he desires.
14他为我注定的,必要完成;类似的事,还有很多。14He will carry out his decree and other plans laid out for me.
15因此,为了他,我很惊慌,一想起来就害怕。15That is why I am terrified when I think of all this.
16天主使我的心沮丧,全能者使我恐怖。16God has made me lose courage; the Almighty has made me afraid,
17因为我虽面临黑暗,幽暗虽遮盖我的面,我仍不丧气。17but I am not silenced by darkness, by the thick gloom that covers my face.
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