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约伯传 Job
1约伯回答说:1Job answered:
2你们叫我的心悲伤,说话苦恼我,要到何时?2How long will you vex me, crush me with your words?
3你们侮辱我,已有十次之多,苛待我却不知羞愧。3Ten times now you have reviled me, you have attacked me shamelessly.
4我若实在错了,错自由我承当。4If indeed I am at fault, I alone am concerned with it.
5如果你们真要对我自夸,证明我的丑恶,5If you want to gloat over me and use my humiliation as argument,
6你们应当知道:是天主虐待了我,是他用自己的罗网围困了我。6know then that God has treated me unfairly and surrounded me with torment.
7我若高呼说:「残暴,」但得不到答复;我大声呼冤,却没有正义。7Though I cry injustice I am not heard; though I call for help it is in vain.
8他拦住我的去路,使我不得过去,使黑暗笼罩着我的去路。8He has blocked my way to prevent me from passing; he has shrouded my path and made it dark.
9他夺去了我的光荣,摘下了我头上的冠冕;9He has stripped me of honor, and removed the crown from my head.
10他四面打击我,使我逝去;拔除我的希望,犹如拔树。10On every side he tears me down and uproots my hope till it is gone.
11他对我怒火如焚,拿我当作他的仇敌。11He directs his anger against me and counts me as his enemy.
12他的军队一齐开来,修好道路攻击我,围着我的帐幕扎营。12Against me his troops build a siege ramp, and around my tent they encamp.
13他使我的兄弟离弃我,使我的知己疏远我。13He has distanced me from my brothers, completely estranged me from my friends.
14邻人和相识者都不见了,寄居我家的人都忘了我。14My kinsfolk and companions have gone away; my guests have forsaken me,
15我的婢女拿我当作外人,视我如一陌生人。15my maidservants count me as an alien as if they had never known me
16我呼唤仆人,他不回答;我必须亲口央求他。16I summon my servant, but he does not answer, even when I plead with him.
17我的气味使妻子憎厌,我的同胞视我作臭物。17To my wife my breath is offensive; to my own brothers I am loathsome.
18连孩子们也轻慢我,我一起来,他们就凌辱我。18Even little children ridicule me: Come! let us make fun of him!
19我的知交密友都憎恶我,我所爱的人也对我变了脸。19All my intimate friends detest me; those I love have turned against me.
20我的骨头紧贴著皮,我很徼幸还保留牙床。20I have become skin and bone and have escaped with only my gums.
21我的朋友,你们可怜可怜我罢!因为天主的手打伤了我。21Have pity my friends, have pity, for God's hand has struck me!
22你们为何如同天主一样逼迫我,吃了我的肉还不知足呢?22Why do you hound me as God does? Will you never have enough of my flesh?
23惟愿我的话都记录下来,都刻在铜板上;23Oh, that my words were written, or recorded on bronze
24用铁凿刻在铅版上,永远凿在磐石上。24with an iron tool, a chisel or engraved forever on rock!
25我确实知道为我伸冤者还活着,我的辩护人要在地上起立。25For I know that my Redeemer lives, and he, the last, will take his stand on earth
26我的皮肤虽由我身上脱落,但我仍要看见天主;26I will be there behind my skin, and in my flesh I shall see God.
27要看见他站在我这一方,我亲眼要看见他,并非外人;我的五内因热望而耗尽。27With my own eyes I shall see him - I and not another. How my heart yearns!
28如果你们说:「我们怎能难为他?怎能在他身上寻到这事的根由?」28If you say, "We will pursue him! let us find a charge against him",
29你们应当害怕刀剑,因为报复罪恶者是刀剑;如此你们知道终有一个审判者。29be afraid of the sword yourselves; when Wrath is enflamed against wrong, you will know there is judgment.
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