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约伯传 Job
1妇女所生的人,寿命不长,且饱尝烦恼。1Man born of woman has a short life full of sorrow.
2他生出像花,瞬息凋谢;急驰如影,不得停留。2Like a flower he blossoms and withers; transient and fleeting as a shadow.
3这样的人,岂配你睁眼注视一下?或传他到你面前听审?3Is he the one you look on and bring before you for judgment?
4谁能使洁净出于不洁?没有一人!4Who can bring the clean from the unclean? No one!
5他的时日既已注定,他的岁数既由你掌管,他决不能越过你定下的期限:5Since his days are measured and you have decreed the number of his months, set him bounds he cannot pass,
6请你别看他,让他安息,好像佣工度过自己的日期。6then leave him alone. Turn away from him till he completes his day like a hireling.
7若是一棵树被砍伐了,仍有希望生出新芽,嫩枝丛出不穷。7There is hope for a tree: if cut down it will sprout again, its new shoots will still appear.
8它的根虽老于地下,枝干纵枯死地上,8Though its roots grow old in the ground and its stump withers in the soil,
9但一有水气,立即生芽,好似幼苗发出枝叶。9at the scent of water it will bud and put forth shoots like a young plant.
10但是人一死,立即僵卧;人一断气,他究竟在何处?10But when man is cut down, he comes undone; he breathes his last - where will he be?
11海水能干涸,江河能枯竭;11The waters of the sea may disappear, rivers drain away,
12同样,人一僵卧,即不能起立,直到天不存在,仍不能醒起,仍不能由永眠中起来。12but the one who lies down will not rise again; the heavens will vanish before he wakes, before he rises from his sleep.
13唯愿你将我藏于阴府,将我隐藏,直到挽回你的愤怒;愿你给我定一期限,好记念我。13If only you would hide me in the grave and shelter me till your wrath is past! If only you would set a time for me and then remember me!
14人若死了,岂能再生?我在整个从军之日,要坚持到底,直到换班的时期到来。14Will a man live again if he dies? All the days of my service I would wait for my release.
15你若呼唤我,我必回答你:你对你手所造的,必有一种怀念。15You would call and I would answer; you would long for the work of your hands again.
16你现今既数了我的脚步,不必再监察我的罪过。16Now you watch my every step, but then you would stop counting my sins.
17请把我的罪过封闭在囊中,涤净我的一切过犯。17My offenses would be sealed in a bag, and you would do away with my guilt.
18但是,山能崩裂离析,盘石能由原处挪移,18But as mountains erode and crumble, as rock is moved from its place,
19流水能穿过石头,骤雨能冲出泥沙:你也照样消灭了人的希望。19as waters wear away stones and floods wash away the soil, so you destroy the hope of man.
20你时常攻击他,使他消逝;改变他的容貌,遣他离去。20You crush him once for all, and he is gone; you change his appearance and send him away.
21此后,他的儿子受尊荣与否,他也不知;他们受轻贱与否,他也不觉。21If his sons are honored, he does not know it; if brought low, he does not see it.
22他只觉自己肉身的痛苦,他的心灵只为自己悲哀。22Only the pain of his own body does he feel; only for himself does he mourn.
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