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耶肋米亚 Jeremiah
1上主这样说:「看,我必要兴起毁灭的飓风,袭击巴比伦和加色丁的居民,1This is what Yahweh says: I will stir up a devastating wind against Babylon and the Chaldeans.
2给巴比伦派簸手来簸扬她,扫空她的国土,因为在祸患之日,人必四面向她进攻。」2I will send foreigners to Babylon to winnow her and lay waste her land. On the day of her affliction they will besiege her from all sides.
3弓手不要放下自己的弓箭,战士不要卸下自己的铠甲,不要怜恤她的青年,却要歼灭她所有的部队,3Let not her archers bend their bows, let them not stand up in their armor. Spare not her young men; destroy the host of her warriors.
4使他们倒毙在加色丁境内,沿途被人刺杀,4They will fall fatally wounded in the streets of Babylon.
5因为他们的国土,充满了反抗以色列圣者的罪恶;可是以色列和犹大并未成为寡妇,也未丧失自己的天主,万军的上主。5For Israel and Judah have not been forgotten by their God, Yahweh Sabaoth, though their land is guilt-ridden before the Holy One of Israel.
6你们逃离巴比伦,各救自己的性命,不要因了她的罪过而自遭丧亡,因为现在是上主复仇的时候,上主要对她报复。6Save your lives, flee from Babylon! Partake not of her punishment; this is a time of Yahweh's vengeance, a time of his recompense to her.
7巴比伦在上主手中,曾是个灌醉大地的金爵,万民饮了她的酒,万民才如此狂乱。7Babylon was a golden cup in Yahweh's hand, a cup which made the whole earth drunk. The nations drank her wine, and they have become mad.
8霎时间,巴比伦倾覆瓦解,你们为她举哀,拿香料来医治她的创伤,也许她会痊愈。8Babylon's fall is sudden. Wail for her, wail! Bring balm for her wounds, if she could yet be healed.
9我们本愿治愈巴比伦,但是她却不痊愈;我们放下她,各自回归故乡,因为她罪恶滔天,直达云霄。9'We have tried to heal Babylon, but she is beyond healing. Let us go back, each to his own land, and leave her to her judgment which rises up to heaven.'
10上主表彰了我们的正义,来,我们在熙雍称扬上主我们的天主的伟业。10Yahweh has defended our rights, come, let us declare in Zion what our God Yahweh has done.
11磨尖箭矢,装满箭囊!上主已激起玛待王的锐气,因为他对巴比伦的计划,是要将她消灭;是上主报复,为自己的殿宇复仇。11Sharpen the arrows, take up the shields! Yahweh has aroused Media's kings in his resolve to destroy Babylon. This is Yahweh's vengeance, vengeance for his temple.
12你们向巴比伦城墙树立旗帜,加紧防卫,派驻防哨,预设埋伏,因为上主怎样计划了,就怎样实践他对巴比伦居民所下的断语。12Raise a flag on the walls of Babylon, and make the watch strong. Post guards, prepare an ambush! Yahweh will carry out his purpose, his words against the people of Babylon.
13啊,你住在多水之旁,富有宝藏;现在到了你的结局,到了切断你尺度的时刻。13You who dwell by mighty waters, you who are rich in treasures, this is your end; the time for you to be cut off has come.
14万军的上主指著自己起誓说:「我必用像蝗虫那么多的人群填塞你,对你高唱凯歌。」14Yahweh Sabaoth has sworn: Surely I will fill you with men, thick as a swarm of locusts; they will exult over you and raise the vintage shout.
15上主以自己的能力创造了大地,以自己的智慧奠定了寰宇,以自己的才智展布了诸天。15He made the earth by his power, founded the world by his wisdom, spread out the sky by his discernment.
16他一声号令使天上的水怒号,使云彩从地极上腾,使雷声霹雳,造成豪雨,使暴风从他的仓库出发。16When he thunders, the heaven roars; from the earth he makes clouds rise; he sends lightning with the rain, and from his vaults brings out the wind.
17人都要自觉愚昧无知;每个银匠必因自己的刻像感到羞惭,因为所铸的像,只是「虚无」,没有气息;17Men stand stupefied at this; artisans blush, for the idols they made have no life and are a fraud.
18是「虚幻,」是愚弄人的作品;惩罚时期一到,必要尽归灭亡。18They are worthless, ridiculous; when judgment comes they will perish.
19那位作雅各伯产业的,与它们却完全不同,因为他是万物的造主,以色列是作他产业的支派;他的名字叫「万军的上主。」19The Portion of Jacob is not like them, for he is the creator of all; Yahweh Sabaoth is his name, and his heritage is Israel.
20巴比伦!你曾是我的锤子,作战的武器;我曾用你粉碎万民,用你毁灭邦国,20You were my hammer, my weapon of war. With you I wrecked nations, with you I demolished kingdoms.
21用你粉碎战马和骑士,用你粉碎战车和御夫,21With you I wrecked horse and rider, chariot and charioteer.
22用你粉碎男子和妇女,用你粉碎老翁和幼童,用你粉碎少男少女,22With you I wrecked man and woman, youth and aged, young man and maiden.
23用你粉碎牧人和牲畜,用你粉碎农夫和耕牛,用你粉碎州牧和监督。23With you I wrecked shepherd and flock, farmer and draft animal, rulers and officials.
24但是,如今我要在你们眼前,报复巴比伦和所有的加色丁居民,对熙雍作的一切恶事──上主的断语──24But now I will repay Babylon and those who dwell in Chaldea for the wrong they did to Zion.
25好事毁灭的山岭!看,我要攻击你──上主的断语──是你毁灭了整个大地,我要向你伸出我的手,使你从崖石上滚下,使你成为烈火焚毁的山岭。25I am against you, ravaging mountain, ravager of the whole earth! It is Yahweh who speaks. I will lay my hands on you, roll you down over the crags, and make you a parched, eroded mountain.
26人们不再从你那里凿取角石或基石,因为你将永远为荒丘──上主的断语。26No cornerstone will be taken from you, or foundation stone; forever shall you be a ruins, Yahweh says.
27你们在地上树立旗帜,在万民间吹起号角,祝圣万民向她进攻,召集阿辣辣特和明尼及阿市革纳次王国向她进攻,派遣一员大将向他进攻;冲锋的马队,好像剌毛直竖的蚱蜢。27Raise a signal on the earth, among the nations blow the trumpet. Prepare the nations for war, summon the kingdoms to battle Ararat, Minni and Ashkenaz. Marshal a great force against her; bring up the cavalry, swarming and bristling.
28祝圣万民:玛待的君王和他的州牧,他所有的监督以及他整个版图的民众,向她进攻。28Prepare the nations to battle her, the Medes with their kings, their governors and officials, all the countries they rule.
29大地战栗惶悚,因为上主正在进行攻巴比伦的计划,使巴比伦地成为无人居住的荒野。29The earth trembles and writhes as Yahweh carries out his process of turning the land of Babylon into a desert where no one lives.
30巴比伦的兵士放弃作战,留在堡垒中,失去了勇气,有如妇人;她的房屋已为火焚毁,她的门闩已被折断。30Her warriors have ceased to fight; they cower in their strongholds. Their strength is dried up, their homes are burned and their gates broken.
31跑差的,传信的,都相继跑去通报巴比伦王,京城四周已被占领,31One after another couriers run to the king, bringing news that his entire city is fallen:
32渡口已被攻陷,要塞已遭火焚;战士都十分恐惶。32The fords have been seized, the fortresses set afire, and all the warriors terrified.
33因为万军的上主,以色列的天主这样说:「巴比伦女郎有如到了该践踏的禾场,还有片刻就到收割她的时期。」33Yahweh Sabaoth, God of Israel, says: Babylon is like a threshing floor at the time it is trodden. A little while, and the time of the harvest grain will come for her."
34巴比伦王拿步高把我吞食毁灭,使我变成了空器皿;他仿佛一条龙,并吞了我,以我的美味满足了自己的肚腹,然后将我驱逐。34The people of Zion said: 'Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, has consumed and routed me. He has left me as an empty vessel. Like a dragon he has swallowed me, and filled his belly; he cast me out of my Eden.
35熙雍的居民说:「要对巴比伦报复我身受的凌辱!」耶路撒冷说:「要对加色丁居民报复我的血债!」35May the violence done to my flesh be upon Babylon,' says the city of Zion. 'May my blood be upon the Chaldeans,' says Jerusalem.
36为此,上主这样说:「看,我必为你辩护,报复你的冤仇,干涸她的河川,枯竭她的泉源。36Yahweh says to his people: "See now, I defend your cause and avenge you. I will dry up her sea and drain her springs.
37巴比伦必成为一堆瓦砾,豺狼的巢穴;令人恐怖嘲笑,无人居住。37Babylon shall become a heap of ruins, a haunt of jackals, an object of horror and derision, a place where no one lives.
38巴比伦人像壮狮一样,一起怒号,像母狮的幼雏一样,一起咆哮。38Her people will roar like lions; they will growl like lion cubs.
39在他们激昂时,我必给他们摆设盛宴,使他们酣醉昏迷,长眠不醒──上主的断语──39But while they are feverish, I will prepare a drink for them and make them drunk till they grow drowsy and fall into eternal sleep, never to wake up again.
40我必使他们下到屠场,无异羔羊绵羊和山羊。40I will bring them down like lambs to the slaughter, like goats and rams.
41怎么,舍沙客竟陷落了,全地的光荣竟遭受了劫掠?怎么,连巴比伦在万民中也变得如此悽凉?41How has Babylon been seized, the glory of the world taken captive! How has Babylon become a horror among nations!
42海洋冲击巴比伦,使她全被惊涛怒浪所淹没;42The sea has risen over Babylon and covered her with its roaring waves.
43她的城市尽化为荒野,干旱凄凉之地,再没有人居住,再没有过客。43Her cities have become desolate, a land of drought and a desert, a land where no one dwells, a land through which no man travels.
44我必惩罚巴比伦的贝耳,由他口里夺出他所吞灭的,万民必不再向他涌来,因为巴比伦的城墙已倒塌。44I will punish Bel in Babylon and make him belch out what he devoured. No longer will nations stream to him. The wall of Babylon has fallen.
45我的人民!你们从她那里出来,各救自己的性命脱免上主忿怒的烈火。45My people, come out of her! Run for your lives! Run from Yahweh's fierce anger.
46你们不要胆怯,不要害怕地方上流传的谣言;因为今年传来这谣言;明年又另有谣言;地方上常有暴乱,暴君互相倾轧。46Do not lose heart or be afraid when rumors are heard, when rumors come year after year, rumors of violence and disaster, intrigues of ruler against ruler.
47看,时日将到,我必惩罚巴比伦的偶像;使她全国饱受耻辱,国内死伤遍地。47The time will surely come when I will punish the idols of Babylon; her land will be put to shame when all around her lie slain.
48上天下地和其中所有的一切,必对巴比伦呐喊欢呼,因为从北方必有破坏者来向她进袭──上主的断语──48Then heaven and earth and all therein will rejoice over Babylon, for out of the north the destroyers will come to attack her - it is Yahweh who speaks.
49为了以色列被剌杀的人,巴比伦也该倾覆,就如全地被剌杀的人,曾为了巴比伦而倒毙。49Babylon must fall for the slain of Israel, just as the slain of all the earth have fallen because of Babylon.
50你们逃脱了刀剑的人!快走,不要停留;从远方怀念上主,思恋耶路撒冷。50You who have escaped the sword, leave and do not linger. Remember Yahweh from this far country and think of Jerusalem:
51我们听到了侮辱,感到耻辱,满面羞惭,因为外方人闯进了上主殿宇的圣所。51'We have been put to shame, dishonor has covered our faces; because aliens have entered the holy places of Yahweh's house.'
52为此,看,时日将到──上主的断语──我必惩罚她的偶像,使她国内的人都负伤呻吟;52But days will come - Yahweh declares - when I will punish her idols, the wounded will groan all over her land.
53即使巴比伦爬上诸天,即使她盘据高处不可侵犯,我仍要派破坏者来向她进袭──上主的断语。53Though Babylon mount skyward, though she fortify her heights, the mere threat of the destroyers I send is enough to make her terrified.
54听,从巴比伦发出的喧嚷,从加色丁地发生的绝大破坏!54Listen! Loud cries from Babylon, the sound of terrible destruction from the land of the Chaldeans!
55是上主在毁灭巴比伦,消弭其中嘈杂的声音;敌人汹涌而来,有如汪洋怒涛,扬声呐喊。55That is Yahweh laying waste the city, silencing her monstrous din. Well may her waves roar and their clamor be heard afar!
56果然,破坏者已来到巴比伦,她的勇士都已被擒,她的弓弩尽被折断,因为上主是报复的天主,他必严厉加以报复。56Upon Babylon the destroyer has come; her warriors are captured, their bows are broken. For Yahweh is a God who rewards, who repays her enemies in full.
57我必使她的诸侯和谋士,州牧和监督以及勇士饮醉,长眠不醒──名为万军上主君王的断语。57I will make her rulers and sages drunk, her governors, her officers and warriors; they will sleep the sleep of death and never awake, says the King whose name is Yahweh Sabaoth.
58万军的上主这样说:「巴比伦广阔的城墙要被夷为平地,她高大的城门要被火焚尽:这样百姓只有白白徒劳,万民的辛苦,也只有付之一炬。」58Yahweh Sabaoth says this: The wide ramparts of Babylon will be razed to the ground, her high gates burned down. The people's labor will go to naught; the nation's toil will end in fire."
59以下是玛赫色雅的孙子,乃黎雅的儿子色辣雅同犹大王漆德克雅,在他为王第四年,同往巴比伦去时,耶肋米亚先知对他吩咐的话,那时色辣雅身为行营总督。59This is the message Jeremiah gave to Seraiah, son of Neriah who is Mahseiah's son, when he went to Babylon at the command of Zedekiah, who was then in the fourth year of his reign as king of Judah.
60耶肋米亚在一本书上记录了要降在巴比伦的一切灾祸,所记录的全是关于巴比伦的事。60Jeremiah had written on a scroll the entire disaster that was to befall Babylon - all these words recorded here.
61耶肋米亚对色辣雅说:「你一到了巴比伦,就应设法宣读这一切话,61Jeremiah then said to Seraiah, "When you get to Babylon, see that you read all these words aloud.
62然后说:上主,关于这地你亲自说过,要将它消灭,使这地无人居住,成为人和走兽绝迹的荒野。62Then say: 'Yahweh, you yourself have proclaimed that this place will be destroyed, that neither man nor beast will ever live here again, for it will remain desolate forever.'
63你朗诵完了这本书以后,在书上系上一块石头,把书抛在幼发拉的河中,63When you finish reading this scroll, tie a stone to it and throw it into the Euphrates.
64然后说:巴比伦也要如此沉没,再也不能由我给她招来的灾祸中复兴。」耶肋米亚的话至此为止。64Then say: "So will Babylon sink and rise no more because of the disaster I will bring upon her." Here end the words of Jeremiah.
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