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耶肋米亚 Jeremiah
1在法郎尚未进攻迦萨以前,关于培肋舍特,上主有话传给耶肋米亚先知说:1This is Yahweh's word that came to the prophet Jeremiah concerning the Philistines before Pharaoh attacked Gaza.
2上主这样说:「看,有水从北方涌来,形成一条氾滥的河流,淹没大地和地上的一切,首都和其中的居民;人们必要喊叫,大地所有的居民必要哀号。2Thus says Yahweh: "Look, waters rise from the north; soon they will become a raging flood overflowing the land and all it contains, the towns and their inhabitants. All dwellers in the land will wail
3一听到他骏马的铁蹄声,辚辚的战车声,和隆隆的飞轮声,为父亲的已束手无策,不能再顾及自己的儿子,3at the sound of the hooves of stamping steeds, the rattle of chariots, the rumbling of wheels. Fathers forget their children, as their hands fall limp.
4因为消灭一切培肋舍特人,和摧毁提洛及漆冬一切残余助手的日子来到了,上主要消灭培肋舍特人,加非托尔岛的遗民。4The day of ruin has come upon the Philistines; Tyre and Sidon, the last of their allies, are cut off from them. Yahweh is set to destroy the Philistines, the remnant from the coasts of Caphtor.
5迦萨已一片荒凉,阿市刻隆已遭受灭亡;阿纳克人的遗民,你们要割伤己身到何时呢?5Gaza is shaved bald, Ashkelon has perished. O remnant in the valley, how long will you gash yourselves?
6唉!上主的刀剑!到何时你才休息?请你入鞘休息安歇罢!6O sword of Yahweh, how long before you rest? Return to your scabbard; stop and keep still!
7但上主既对它出了命,它怎能休息?阿市刻隆和海滨,是他给它指向的地方。7But how can it rest, when it is Yahweh who commanded it to attack Ashkelon and the seacoast?"
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