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依撒依亚 Isaiah
1贝耳塌下了,乃波倾倒了,他们的神像,负在走兽和牲口身上;他们的重载,重压着筋疲的畜类。1Bel bows down, Nebo collapses, the carriages are weighed down with their idols. Their sacred objects have become a burden for the weary feasts.
2他们都一齐倾倒了,塌下了,神像不但不能救助驮运他们的畜类,甚至连自己也该流徙远配。2They cringe and crouch together, powerless to save those who carry them, as they themselves are taken captive.
3雅各伯家啊!以色列家所有的遗民啊!请你们听我:自出母胎我就抱着你,自离母腹我就怀着你;3Hear me, O people of Jacob, and all who remain of Israel, whom I have cared for since you were conceived, and carried since you were born.
4直到你年老,我仍是一样;直到你白头,我依然扶持你。我既然如此做了,我必要提携你,扶持你,拯救你。4Even to your old age, I am he and I will sustain you even when your hair turns gray. It is I who have done this, and who bear the burdens, I will sustain and save you.
5你们拿我同谁比拟,与谁相等,跟谁比较,以求我们相同呢?5To whom will you compare me or consider me equal? Against whom will you match me, as though we were alike?
6有些人从钱囊中把金子倒出,放银子在天平上衡量;以后雇了一个金匠,制造了一个神像,遂向它屈膝朝拜;6Some pour out gold from their purses, and with silver weighed on the scales they hire a goldsmith to make an image before which they bow and worship.
7又将神像抬起,放在肩上扛着,以后安置在一个地方,它就立在那里,再不能离开那地方;人呼求它,它也不答应,也不能救人脱离灾殃。7They carry it upon their shoulders and set it up in its place; and there it stands, unmoving and silent. They cry out to it, but it does not answer, it delivers no one from distress and disaster.
8你们应记住这事,应站稳!叛逆的人啊!你们应记在心头!8Bear it well in mind, you rebels,
9你们应追忆以前古时所发生的事,因为我是天主,没有另一个;我是天主,没有与我相似的;9recall those things of long ago. I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me.
10我从起初就预言了末后的事,早就宣布了未来的事;我如今说:「我的计划必要成功,我的旨意都要实现;」10From the beginning I foretold the outcome, from ancient times, what was yet to come. I say, and my plan will be fulfilled; and what I wish, I will accomplish.
11我要把老鹰从东方召来,把履行我计划的人由远方叫来;我说了,必要去行;我决定了,必要去做。11From the east I call forth a bird of prey, from a distant land, a man to carry out my plan. Yes, I have spoken, it will be done; I have planned, it will be executed.
12心硬的人!远离正义的人!听我说罢!12Listen to me, you without hope, you who are deprived of any right.
13我的仁义来近了,已不远了,我的救恩不再延迟;我必在熙雍赐与救恩,把我的光荣赐给以色列。13I am bringing my justice, it is not far away; my salvation will not delay. I will make salvation appear in Zion, upon Israel I will bestow my glory.
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