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依撒依亚 Isaiah
1看哪!有个君王将秉义为王,王侯也将秉公执政。1A king will reign with justice and princes reign in righteousness.
2个个将如避风的处所,避雨的遮盖,如荒漠中的水流,如旱干地上巨石的荫影。2Each will be like a shield from the wind and a shelter from the rain, like streams of water in a dry, parched land, like the shade of a rock in a weary land.
3看得见的眼睛不再蒙眬,听得见的耳朵必将倾听。3The eyes that see will not be shut; the ears that hear will not be stopped.
4急躁人的心将会体味智识,口吃者的舌将会畅于言谈。4The mind of the rash will not judge hastily; the tongue that stammers will speak clearly.
5愚昧的人不再叫作贵人,奸险的人不再称为绅士,5No more will the fool be taken as noble, nor the scoundrel considered honorable.
6因为愚昧的人出言愚昧,心怀邪僻,肆意作恶,发表亵渎上主的谬论,使饥者枵腹,使渴者绝饮。6For the fool speaks folly and his mind thinks sinfully: he practices wickedness and takes pride in godlessness; he lets the hungry go without food, and the thirsty without drink.
7奸险者的手段毒辣,只筹划恶计,用诳言毁灭卑微的人,在穷人的案件上颠倒曲直。7The ways of the scoundrel are also evil, scheming wickedly against the poor, destroying the needy with lies even when their plea is just.
8但是贵人策划高贵的事,他常以高贵行事。8But the noble man's plans are noble, and so are his deeds.
9图安逸的妇女们,起来,请听我的声音!无忧的女子们,请倾听我的言语!9Rise up, women who are at ease; hear my voice, carefree daughters; give heed to my words.
10稍过年余,你们无忧的女子必受惊扰,因为葡萄没有收获,谷粒一无收成。10In a little over a year, you who feel complacent will be shaken, for harvest will not come and the vintage will fail.
11安逸的妇女们!你们必将颤抖;无忧的女子们!你们必受惊扰;你们脱光衣服,腰间缠上麻布罢!11Tremble, you women who are at ease; be troubled, you carefree ones. Strip yourselves bare, with only a sackcloth to cover your loins.
12你们必要为了肥沃的田地,为了结实的葡萄园而搥胸,12Beat your breasts for the pleasant fields, for the fruitful vine,
13为了我百姓生满荆棘和蒺藜的土地,为了所有的娱乐家园,为了欢欣的城市而悲伤,13for the soil of my people overgrown with briers and thorns, for all the houses of joy, for the city of the wanton.
14因为宫阙已荒废,喧扰的城市已荒凉,敖斐耳和巴罕永远成了废墟,成了野驴喜乐的地带,成了羊群的牧场。14For the palace will be abandoned, and the noisy city deserted; the fort and the tower will become dens forever, the delight of wild asses, a pasture for flocks.
15及至神自上倾注在我们身上,荒野将变为田园,田园将变为丛林;15When at last the spirit is poured on us from on high, then will the desert become a garden, and this garden will be free as a fallow land.
16公平将居于荒野,正义将住在田园。16Justice will dwell in the wilderness; and in the fertile land, righteousness.
17正义的功效是和平,公平的硕果是永恒的宁静和安全。17Justice will bring about peace; justice will produce calm and security forever.
18我的百姓将住安谧的寓所,安全的宅第,清静憩息之所,18My people will live in comfort and bliss in a land of secure dwellings and undisturbed resting places.
19纵然丛林全被摧毁,京城全被荡平。19While the forest will be beaten down and the fortress laid waste.
20你们播种于多水之滨;使牛驴任意走动的人,是有福的。20How blessed you will be, sowing by every stream, letting your work animals roam contented and free.
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