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依撒依亚 Isaiah
1有关大马士革的神谕:看,大马士革不再成为城市,将变为一堆废墟。1An oracle concerning Damascus: "Damascus will cease to be a city and will become a heap of ruins.
2她的城邑将永被遗弃,成为羊群的牧场;牠们偃卧在那里,无人惊扰。2Her towns will be abandoned and left as pasture for flocks; there they will lie down afraid of no one. Damascus will no longer be a kingdom,
3厄弗辣因的堡垒将被撤除,大马士革的主权将要消失,阿兰的遗民将如以色列子民的光荣──万军上主的断语。3so Ephraim will be left undefended. From now on the remnant of Aram will have no more power than the children of Israel." This is Yahweh Sabaoth speaking.
4到那天,雅各伯的的光荣必要衰落,他肥满的身躯必要消瘦。4On that day the glory of Jacob will fade; the fat of his flesh will waste away.
5将如收割的人一手在抱麦秆,一手在割麦穗;又如人摘取葡萄,或在勒法因山谷采打橄榄树,5It will be as when a reaper gathers the standing grain and lops off the stalks, or as when they gather the gleanings in the Valley of Rephaim.
6上面总有些残粒剩下,或两三粒留在树梢,或四五个留在果树的枝梢上──上主,以色列的天主的断语。6Yet some gleanings remain, as when an olive tree is beaten - two or three olives are left on the topmost bough, four or five on the fruitful branches, says Yahweh, the God of Israel.
7到那天,人必仰望自己的造主,眼睛必要注视以色列的圣者。7On that day people will look to their Creator, their eyes turned to the Holy One of Israel.
8再不愿观看他亲手所造的祭坛;也不再顾盼他手指所制的「阿舍辣」和太阳柱。8They will no longer look to the altars, to the work of their hand, the sacred pole or the incense stand which their fingers have made.
9到那天,你的坚城,将如希威人和阿摩黎人在以色列子民前所放弃的地域,成为一片荒野,9On that day your cities will be like the cities of the Hivites and the Amorites which they abandoned to the Israelites. All will be desolation.
10因为你忘却了拯救你的天主,不怀念作你避难所的磐石。为此,你虽栽种阿多尼花木,种植异乡的枝条;10For you have forgotten the God of your salvation, you have failed to remember the Rock of your refuge. You may plant the finest plants, you may plant out imported shoots,
11你纵然在一日之间使你所栽种的生长,清晨使你所种植的开花,但是收获却消失在患难和绝望痛苦的日子中。11you may make them grow on the day you plant them, you may make them blossom on the day you sow, yet they dwindle and the harvest is gone: then you may cry!
12静听!许多民族在喧嚷,喧嚷得有如海啸;好多百姓在咆哮,咆哮得有如汪洋的怒号。12Oh, the rage of many peoples - they rage like the raging sea! Oh, the thunder of many nations - they thunder like the thundering of mighty waves!
13然而上主一叱责,他必飘逸远逃,有如为飓风卷去山上的禾稭,有如旋风前的蓟絮,13But God rebukes them, and they flee far away, swept away like chaff on the hills before the wind, whirled away like eddying dust before the thunderstorm.
14晚间尽是恐怖;天还未亮,已无踪影!这是掠夺我们者的份子,抢劫我们者的命运。14At eventide they sow terror; before morning they are no more. Such is the portion of our despoilers, such is the lot of our plunderers.
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