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欧瑟亚 Hosea
1司祭,你们听信这话!以色列家,留心细听!王室,侧耳倾听!审判是为你们行的,因为你们是米兹帕的圈套,是大博尔山上张开的罗网。1Hear this, O priests! and you, people of Israel, pay attention! Hear, officials of the king for you are to be judged. You have been a snare at Mizpah and a net on Tabor,
2他们在史廷掘深了陷阱,但是,我却要完全惩治他们。2and a deep pit at Shittim, so I am to punish you all.
3我认识厄弗辣因,以色列也瞒不住我:是的,厄弗辣因,你行了淫,以色列玷污了自己。3I know what Israel is like; he cannot hide from me. Ephraim is playing the harlot; Israel is a people which defiles itself.
4他们的行为不能使自己归向天主,因为邪淫的心神潜伏在他们内,致使他们不认识上主。4Their deeds prevent them from returning to their God; a spirit of prostitution has taken hold of them and they do not know Yahweh.
5以色列的傲气呈现在他们脸上,厄弗辣因因自己的罪孽而跌倒,连犹大也与他们一同跌倒。5The pride of Israel is witness against him; this people are failing because of their guilt.
6纵使他们牵羊带牛去寻求上主,但仍然寻不著,因为他早已远离了他们。6With their sheep and bulls they will go in search of Yahweh, but they will not find him for he has gone far from them.
7他们背叛了上主,因此他们生了私生子。看,毁灭者必要并吞他们和他们的基业。7He found they were unfaithful and their children were not his. So now the destroyer will do away with them and their lands will be devastated.
8你们要在基贝亚吹角,在辣玛吹号,在贝特阿文发出警报,本雅明便要惊惶失措。8Blow the horn at Gibeah, the trumpet at Ramah, raise the battlecry in Beth-aven! For Benjamin has been defeated,
9在惩罚之日,厄弗辣因将变成一片荒凉;对以色列各支派,我要宣告一件实有的事。9the day has come in which Ephraim is ruined. Let the tribes of Israel know that this is about to occur!
10犹大的首领行事好像是挪移地界的人,所以我要在他们身上发泄我的忿怒,有如倒水一样。10The princes of Judah are like those who remove border stones and I shall pour out my anger on them like a flood.
11厄弗辣因强硬蛮横,破坏了正义,因为他乐意随从「虚无」。11In the same way those of Ephraim are oppressors and trample justice.
12因此,我对厄弗辣因将像是一个蠹鱼,对犹大家将像是一个蛀虫。12I will be like a moth for Ephraim, like rot for Judah.
13厄弗辣因发现了自己的疾病,犹大看见了自己的创伤,厄弗辣因便去了亚述,犹大遣使往谒大王;可是他不能医治你们,也不能治愈你们身上的创伤。13Ephraim saw he was sick and Judah saw his ulcer. Then Ephraim turned to the great King of Assyria for help, but he will not cure you or heal your sores.
14因为我对厄弗辣因要像是一只狮子,对犹大家要像是一只壮狮;的确,我必撕碎,然后退去;我要把掠物带走,谁也不能挽救。14I will be like a leopard for Ephraim and like a lion for Judah. I will tear them to pieces and leave them. When I carry them off, no one will rescue them.
15我要去,要回到我的原处,直到他们受了罚,而寻求我的圣容为止。15Then I will go away and return to my place until they admit their guilt and come back to me, for in their anguish they will earnestly seek me.
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