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欧瑟亚 Hosea
1从前厄弗辣因一发言,令人害怕,他原是以色列中的首领;但后来他因巴耳而犯罪,至于灭亡。1When Ephraim spoke all trembled; he was powerful in Israel but became guilty of Baal worship and ruined himself.
2如今他们仍旧犯罪,用银子为自己铸神像,按照他们的幻想制造偶像;这一切只是匠人的作品,他们反说:应向它们献祭!各人就口亲牛犊。2They now continue to sin and make images from molten metal, fashioning idols from silver, the work of craftsmen. And they call them God! They offer sacrifices to them and humans adore calves!
3因此,他们将如黎明的云雾,如易逝的朝露,如禾场上被风卷去的糠秕,如由窗户冒出的烟气。3That is why they will be like morning mist and like dew which does not last, like the straw swept away on the threshing floor, like smoke escaping through a window.
4从在埃及地时,我就是上主,你的天主;除我以外,你不可认识其他的神;除我以外,别无拯救者。4But I am Yahweh, your God who brought you out of Egypt; you have no God other than me and no savior but me.
5我在旷野中──在干旱之地──牧放了你。5I knew you in the desert, in a land of scorching heat.
6我牧养了他们,使他们得以饱食;但饱食之后,他们便心高气傲,反而忘却了我。6When they had food they were satisfied and when they were satisfied they became proud and no longer remembered me.
7所以我对他们将像一只狮子,像一头豹子,伏在路旁,窥伺他们;7So I became for them like a leopard, like a tiger I watched out for them,
8像一头失掉幼子的母熊冲向他们,撕破他们胸内的心,好叫野狗在那里吞食他们,野兽撕裂他们。8and attacked them with the fury of a bear that has lost its cubs. I tore out their heart and like a lion I devoured them; like a savage beast I tore them apart.
9以色列!我要摧毁你,有谁能援助你?9Israel, you had in me a helper, will I be now your destroyer?
10你的君王在那里?让他来拯救你!你所有的首领在那里?叫他们来保护你!因为你曾说:「请你赐给我君王和首领!」10Where is your king that he may rescue your cities? Where are your rulers about whom you said, "Give us a king and commanders."
11我在忿怒中给了你君王,我也要在盛怒中,再将他除去。11So in my anger I gave you a king and in my fury I took him away.
12厄弗辣因的邪恶已被封存,他的罪孽已被贮藏。12The wickedness of Ephraim is deep-set; his sin is stored up.
13分娩的剧痛将临到他身上,可是胎儿是一个愚蠢的孩子,虽然时候到了,他仍不愿脱离母胎。13The pangs of woman in labor come upon him. But the child is capricious. When it is time he does not leave the womb.
14我要解救他们脱离死亡吗?死亡啊!你的灾害在那里?阴府啊!你的毁灭在那里?怜悯已由我的眼前隐蔽了。14Will I ransom them from the power of the netherworld? Will I rescue them from death? Not at all! Where, O death, are your plagues? Where, O netherworld, is your venom? Yet my eyes will not look with compassion
15他在芦苇中虽然长的茂盛,但必有东风吹来:上主的风必由旷野吹来,使他的泉源枯竭,使他的涌泉干涸。他必掠去他所贮藏的一切宝物。15on the one who excelled among his brothers. Yahweh will send the east wind from the desert to dry up his sources of water and parch his fountains, to strip him of all his treasures.
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