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欧瑟亚 Hosea
1以色列原是一株茂盛结实繁多的葡萄树,但他的收获愈丰,祭坛也愈多;土地愈富饶,石柱也愈美观。1Israel was a spreading vine, rich in fruit. The more his fruit increased, the more altars he built; the more his land prospered, the more he adorned his sacred stones.
2他们心怀二意,因此必遭惩罚;上主必拆毁他们的祭坛,打倒他们的石柱。2Their heart is divided! They shall pay for it. Their altars will be thrown down and their sacred stones broken to pieces.
3那时他们要说:「哎!我们没有君王,因为我们不敬畏上主;可是君王能为我们作什么呢?3Now they say, "We have no king (because we have no fear of God) and what good would a king do us?"
4他们任意讲空话,发虚誓,立盟约……因此,正义有如田畦间的苦菜丛生。4Let them speak like this, take an oath and make covenants! Their sentence is growing like weeds in a plowed field.
5撒玛黎雅的居民必为贝特阿文的牛犊焦虑,他的人民必为牠举哀,他的僧侣也要为牠失去的荣华而哀号,因为牠被人夺去。5The people of Samaria tremble for their idols of Bethel; they mourn for their calf as do the priests who were so proud of it.
6连牠也被带到亚述去,作为大王的贡物。厄弗辣因得到的只是耻辱,以色列必要因自己的偶像而蒙羞。6The glorious idol has been taken far away, carried off to Assyria as a tribute to the great king. Ephraim will reap the shame of this; the people of Israel will be disgraced.
7撒玛黎雅灭亡了,她的君王有如一片浮在水面的干草。7As for the king of Samaria, he has been carried off like foam on water.
8贝特阿文的高丘──以色列的罪恶渊薮──将被摧毁,荆棘和蒺藜要攀上他们的祭坛;那时他们要对山说:「遮盖我们罢!」对丘陵说:「倒在我们身上罢!」8The idolatrous high places - the sin of Israel - will be destroyed. Thorn and thistle will creep over the altars. Then they will say to the mountains: "Cover us," and to the hills: "Fall on us."
9以色列!从基贝亚的日子起,你就犯罪,你就在那里抗拒;难道基贝亚的战祸不会波及那些恶人吗?9Since the days of Gibeah you have sinned and rebelled, Israel. Will not the battle against the evildoers of Gibeah overtake you again?
10我必来惩罚他们:列邦必要联合起来攻打他们,为惩罚他们的双重罪过。10I shall come and punish you, gathering the nations against you because of your double sin.
11厄弗辣因原是一头驯服的母牛,喜爱打麦,可是我要将轭加在牠肥壮的颈项上;我要给厄弗辣因上套,以色列必要耕田,雅各伯必要耙地。11Ephraim is a well-trained heifer fond of threshing; on her neck I shall place a yoke; Ephraim will be harnessed and plowed; the nation of Jacob will break the clods.
12你们应该播种正义,才可收割仁爱的果实;你们应该开垦荒地,因为现在是寻求上主的时候;应寻求他,直到他来给你们降下正义。12Plow new ground, sow for yourselves justice and reap the harvest of kindness. It is the time to go seeking Yahweh until he comes to rain salvation on you.
13为什么你们种了邪恶,收割了罪孽,吃了谎言的果实呢?因为你依赖了你的战车,和你的勇士众多;13For your part you planted wickedness, reaped evil and ate the fruit of falsehood. When you rely on your own strength and your many warriors, confusion will overcome your people.
14因此,在你的城邑中要发生骚动,你的一切堡垒将被拆毁,就如沙耳曼毁灭贝特阿尔贝耳时,在战争之日,母亲被摔死在儿子身上一样。14See, your fortresses are destroyed as when Shalman devastated Beth-arbel; all was crushed.
15因了你们的穷凶极恶,以色列家,我也要同样对待你:以色列的君王将在风暴中完全沦亡。15That is what will happen to you, people of Israel, because of your great evil. The storm will blow away the king of Israel.
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