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希伯来书 Hebrews
1事实上,每位大司祭是由人间所选拔,奉派为人行关于天主的事,为奉献供物和牺牲,以赎罪过,1Every High Priest is taken from among mortals and appointed to be their representative before God to offer gifts and sacrifices for sin.
2好能同情无知和迷途的人,因为他自己也为弱点所纠缠。2He is able to understand the ignorant and erring for he himself is subject to weakness.
3因此他怎样为人民奉献赎罪祭,也当怎样为自己奉献。3This is why he is bound to offer sacrifices for his sins as well as for the sins of the people.
4谁也不得自己擅取这尊位,而应蒙天主召选,有如亚郎一样。4Besides, one does not presume to take this dignity, but takes it only when called by God, as Aaron was.
5照样,基督也没有自取做大司祭的光荣,而是向他说过:『你是我的儿子,我今日生了你』的那位光荣了他;5Nor did Christ become High Priest in taking upon himself this dignity, but it was given to him by the One who says: You are my son, I have begotten you today.
6他又如在另一处说:『你照默基瑟德的品位,永做司祭。』6And in another place: You are a priest forever in the priestly order of Melchizedek.
7当他还在血肉之身时,以大声哀号和眼泪,向那能救他脱离死亡的天主,献上了祈祷和恳求,就因他的虔敬而获得了俯允。7Christ, in the days of his mortal life, offered his sacrifice with tears and cries. He prayed to him who could save him from death, and he was heard because of his humble submission.
8他虽然是天主子,却由所受的苦难,学习了服从,8Although he was Son, he learned through suffering what obedience was,
9且在达到完成之后,为一切服从他的人,成了永远救恩的根源,9and once made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation for those who obey him.
10遂蒙天主宣称为按照默基瑟德品位的大司祭。10This is how God proclaimed him Priest in the order of Melchizedek.
11关于这事,我们还有许多话要说,但是难以说明,因为你们听不入耳。11About this we have much to say, but it is difficult to explain, for you have become dull in understanding.
12按时间说,你们本应做导师了,可是你们还需要有人来教导你们天主道理的初级教材;并且成了必须吃奶,而不能吃硬食的人。12You should be teachers by this time, but in fact you need to be taught again the basic elements of God's teaching. You need milk, not solid food.
13凡吃奶的,因为还是个婴孩,还不能了解正义的道理;13Those fed with milk are still infants: this refers to those who have not been tested in the way of righteousness.
14唯独成年人才能吃硬食,因为他们的官能因着练习获得了熟练,能以分辨善恶。14Solid food is for adults who have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.
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