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迦拉达书 Galatians
1弟兄们,如果见一个人陷于某种过犯,你们既是属神的人,就该以柔和的心神矫正他;但你们自己要小心,免得也陷入诱惑。1Brethren, in the event of someone falling into a sin, you who are spiritual shall set him aright with the spirit of kindness. Take care for you, too, may be tempted.
2你们应彼此协助背负重担,这样,你们就满全了基督的法律。2Carry each other's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.
3人本来不算什么,若自以为算什么,就是欺骗自己。3If anyone thinks he is something, when in fact he is nothing, he deceives himself.
4各人只该考验自己的行为,这样,对自己也许有可夸耀之处,但不是对别人夸耀,4Let each one examine his own conduct and boast for himself, if he wants to do so, but not before others.
5因为各人要背负自己的重担。5In this, let each one carry his own things.
6学习真道的,应让教师分享自己的一切财物。6He who receives the teaching of the Word ought to share the good things he has with the one who instructs him.
7你们切不要错了,天主是嘲笑不得的:人种什么,就收什么。7Do not be fooled. God cannot be deceived. You reap what you sow.
8那随从肉情撒种的,必由肉情收获败坏;然而那随从圣神撒种的,必由圣神收获永生。8The person who sows for the benefit of his own flesh shall reap corruption and death from the flesh. He who sows in the spirit shall reap eternal life from the Spirit.
9为此,我们行善不要厌倦;如果不松懈,到了适当的时节,必可收获。9Let us do good without being discouraged; in due time we shall reap the reward of our constancy.
10所以,我们一有机会,就应向众人行善,尤其应向有同样信德的家人。10So while there is time, let us do good to all and especially to our family in the faith.
11你们看,我亲手给你们写的是多么大的字!11See these large letters I use when I write to you in my own hand. Who obliges you to be circumcised?
12那些逼迫你们受割损的人,是想以外表的礼节来图人称赞,免得因基督的十字架遭受迫害;12Those who are most anxious to put up a good show in life: what if the cross of Christ should bring them some trouble!
13其实,他们虽然受了割损,却也不遵守法律;他们只是愿意你们受割损,为能因在你们的肉身上所行的礼仪而夸耀。13Not for being circumcised do they observe the Law: what interests them is the external rite. What a boast for them if they had you circumcised!
14至于我,我只以我们的主耶稣基督的十字架来夸耀,因为藉著基督,世界于我已被钉在十字架上了;我于世界也被钉在十字架上了。14For me, I do not wish to take pride in anything except in the cross of Christ Jesus our Lord. Through him the world has been crucified to me and I to the world.
15其实,割损或不割损都算不得什么,要紧的是新受造的人。15Let us no longer speak of the circumcised and of non-Jews, but of a new creation.
16凡以此为规律而行的,愿平安与怜悯降在他们身上,即降在天主的新以色列身上!16Let those who live according to this rule receive peace and mercy: they are the Israel of God!
17从今以后,我切愿没有人再烦扰我,因为在我身上,我带有耶稣的烙印。17Let no one trouble me any longer: for my part, I bear in my body the marks of Jesus.
18弟兄们!愿我们的主耶稣基督的恩宠,常与你们的心灵同在!阿们。18May the grace of Christ Jesus our Lord be with your spirit brothers and sisters. Amen.
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