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迦拉达书 Galatians
1再说:承继人几时还是孩童,虽然他是一切家业的主人,却与奴隶没有分别,1But listen, as long as the heir of the host is a child, he has no advantage over the slaves, although he is the master of them all.
2仍属于监护人和代理人的权下,直到父亲预定的期限。2He is subject to those who care for him and who are entrusted with his affairs until the time set by his father comes.
3同样,当我们以前还作孩童的时候,我们是隶属于今世的蒙学权下;3In the same way we as children were first subjected to the created forces that govern the world.
4但时期一满,天主就派遣了自己的儿子来,生于女人,生于法律之下,4But when the fullness of time came, God sent his Son. He came born of woman and subject to the Law,
5为把在法律之下的人赎出来,使我们获得义子的地位。5in order to redeem the subjects of the Law, that we may be given our full rights of sons and daughters of God.
6为证实你们确实是天主的子女,天主派遣了自己儿子的圣神,到我们心内喊说:「阿爸,父啊!」6And because you are sons, God has sent into your hearts the Spirit of his Son which cries out: Abba! that is, Father!
7所以你已不再是奴隶,而是儿子了;如果是儿子,赖天主的恩宠,也成了承继人。7You yourself are no longer a slave but a son or daughter, and yours is the inheritance by God's grace.
8当你们还不认识天主的时候,服事了一些本来不是神的神;8When you did not know God, you served those who are not gods.
9但如今你们认识了天主,更好说为天主所认识;那么,你们怎么又再回到那无能无用的蒙学里去,情愿再作他们的奴隶呢?9But now that you have known God - or rather he has known you - how can you turn back to weak and impoverished created things? Do you want to be enslaved again?
10你们竟又谨守某日、某月、某时、某年!10Will you again observe this and that day, and the new moon, and this period and that year...?
11我真为你们担心,怕我白白地为你们辛苦了。11I fear I may have wasted my time with you.
12弟兄们!我恳求你们要像我一样,因为我曾一度也像你们一样。你们一点也没有亏负过我。12I implore you, dearly beloved, do as I do, just as I became like you. You have not offended me in anything.
13你们知道:当我初次给你们宣讲福音时,正当我身患重病,13Remember that I was sick when I first announced the Gospel to you.
14虽然我的病势为你们是个试探,你们却没有轻看我,也没有厌弃我,反接待我有如一位天主的天使,有如基督耶稣。14Although I was a trial to you, you did not despise or reject me, but received me as an angel of God, as Christ Jesus.
15那么,你们当日所庆幸的在那里呢?我敢为你们作证:如若可能,你们那时也会把你们的眼睛挖出来给我。15Where is this bliss? For I can testify that you would have even plucked out your eyes to give them to me.
16那么,只因我给你们说实话,就成了你们的仇人吗?16But now, have I become your enemy for telling you the truth?
17那些人对你们表示关心,并不怀好意;他们只是愿意使你们与我隔绝,好叫你们也关心他们。17Those who show consideration to you are not sincere; they want to separate you from me, so that you may show interest in them.
18受人关心固然是好的,但应怀好意,且该常常如此,并不单是我在你们中间的时候。18Would that you were surrounded with sincere care at all times, and not only from me when I am with you!
19我的孩子们!我愿为你们再受产痛,直到基督在你们内形成为止。19My children! I still suffer the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you.
20恨不得我现今就在你们跟前改变我的声调,因为我对你们实在放心不下。20How I would like to be with you now and speak to you personally, for I do not know what to say for the best.
21你们愿意属于法律的,请告诉我:你们没有听见法律说什么吗?21Tell me, you who desire to submit yourselves to the Law, did you listen to it?
22法律曾记载说:亚巴郎有两个儿子:一个生于婢女,一个生于自由的妇人。22It says that Abraham had two sons, one by a slave woman, the other by the free woman, his wife.
23那生于婢女的,是按常例而生的;但那生于自由妇人的,却是因恩许而生的。23The son of the slave woman was born in the ordinary way; but the son of the free woman was born in fulfillment of God's promise.
24这都含有寓意:那两个妇人是代表两个盟约:一是出于西乃山,生子为奴,那即是哈加尔──24Here we have an allegory and the figures of two covenants. The first is the one from Mount Sinai, represented through Hagar: her children have slavery for their lot.
25西乃山是在阿剌伯──这哈加尔相当于现在的耶路撒冷,因为耶路撒冷与她的子女同为奴隶。25We know that Hagar was from Mount Sinai in Arabia: she stands for the present city of Jerusalem which is in slavery with her children.
26然而那属于天上的耶路撒冷却是自由的,她就是我们的母亲:26But the Jerusalem above, who is our mother, is free.
27诚如经上记载说:『不生育的石女,喜乐罢!未经产痛的女人,欢呼高唱罢!因为被弃者的子女比有夫者的子女还多。』27And Scripture says of her: Rejoice, barren woman without children, break forth in shouts of joy, you who do not know the pains of childbirth, for many shall be the children of the forsaken mother, more than of the married woman.
28弟兄们!你们像依撒格一样,是恩许的子女。28You, dearly beloved, are children of the promise, like Isaac.
29但是,先前那按常例而生的怎样迫害了那按神恩而生的,如今还是这样。29But as at that time the child born according to the flesh persecuted Isaac, who was born according to the spirit, so is it now.
30然而经上说了什么?『你将婢女和她的儿子赶走,因为婢女的儿子不能与自由妇人的儿子,一同承受家业。』30And what does Scripture say? Cast out the slave woman and her son, for the son of the slave cannot share the inheritance with the son of the free woman.
31所以,弟兄们,我们不是婢女的子女,而是自由妇人的子女。31Brethren, we are not children of the slave woman, but of the free woman.
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