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厄斯德拉上 Ezra
1犹大和本雅明的敌人,一听说充军回来的子民,为上主以色列的天主修建殿宇,1When the enemies of Judah and Benjamin learned that those who had returned from exile were building the sanctuary of Yahweh, the God of Israel,
2便来见则鲁巴贝耳、耶叔亚和族长,向他们说:「让我们同你们一起建筑罢!因为我们同你们一样,求问你们的天主;自从亚述王厄撒哈冬,将我们带到这里之日起,我们即向他献祭。」2they approached Zerubbabel, Joshua and the heads of the families, and said to them, "Allow us to help you in the work of reconstruction for we are also concerned about your God. We have offered him sacrifices from the time of Esar Haddon, king of Assyria, who brought us here."
3但是,则鲁巴贝耳、耶叔亚和以色列的族长,回答他们说:「你们不能同我们一起,给我们的天主修建殿宇,因为按波斯王居鲁士给我们出的命令,我们应单独给上主以色列的天主修建殿宇。」3Zerubbabel, Joshua and the heads of the Israelite families answered them, "We cannot let you join us, for we alone must rebuild it, as Cyrus, king of Persia, has commanded."
4当时便有当地人来挫折犹大人民的勇气,扰乱他们建筑的工作;4Then the people of the land set about discouraging the workers of Judah and frightening them to keep them from building.
5还买通了一些参议员,来反对他们,破坏他们的计划;整个波斯王居鲁士朝代,自始至终,直到波斯王达理阿朝代,常是如此。5They hired some counselors of the royal court to make the project fail, and they did this all during the time of Cyrus, king of Persia, until the reign of Darius, king of Persia.
6在薛西斯朝代,在他登极之初,他们还写了诉状,控告犹大和耶路撒冷的居民。6In the beginning of the reign of Xerxes, they lodged a complaint against the inhabitants of Judah and Jerusalem.
7阿塔薛西斯年间,彼舍蓝、米特达特、搭贝耳和其余的同僚,也曾上书于波斯王阿塔薛西斯;奏文是用阿刺美文字,也是用阿刺美语言写的。7Again in the time of King Artaxerxes, king of Persia, Bishlam, Mithredath, Tabeel, and the rest of their colleagues wrote to Artaxerxes. The letter was written in Aramaic and translated. So it began this way:
8以后,勒洪总督和史默瑟秘书,为耶路撒冷事,也曾上书于阿塔薛西斯王,其文如下:─8"From Rehum, the governor, and Shimshai, the secretary,
9上书的是勒洪总督、史默瑟秘书和其余的同僚:即判官和钦差、波斯书记、厄勒客人、巴比伦人、叔商人即厄蓝人,9and from the rest of their colleagues, the judges and the legates, and all Persian officials, the people of Erech, Babylon and Susa, that is, the Elamites,
10以及伟大和显贵的阿斯纳帕所遣来,安置在撒玛黎雅城和河西其余地区的各民族。10and from the rest of the nations whom the great Assurbanipal deported and settled in the cities of Samaria and in the rest of the province at the other side of the River..."
11以下是送于王的奏文副本:「你的臣仆,河西的人民上奏阿塔薛西斯王:11This is a copy of the letter they sent to King Artaxerxes: "Your servants, the people beyond the River, send greetings.
12今上奏大王,前由大王那里上到我们这里来的犹太人,一到了那座作乱邪恶的耶路撒冷城,便大兴土木,修建城墙,现已打好基础。12It should be made known to the king that the Jews who came up from your side to ours and have gone to Jerusalem are now building this rebellious and wicked city. They are now rebuilding the walls and have laid the foundation.
13今上奏大王,那城若是建成,城垣若是修完,他们便不再纳粮、出捐和完税了,如此于大王的国库必定有害。13Be it known, then, to the king, that if this city is rebuilt and its walls finished, they will no longer pay taxes, tributes or toll duties, and in the end, this city shall bring harm to the kings.
14现今我们既食王家的盐,自不应坐视大王受害,为此我们上奏,禀告大王:14Now, as we eat the salt of the palace and we do not wish to see the king dishonored, we are sending this information to the king.
15请大王查阅先王记录,在记录上必会查出,从而知道这城是座好乱的城,曾加害先王和各省;古以来,其中常发生叛乱,故此才被毁灭。15If you look into the records of your fathers, you will find that this city is a rebellious city. It has disturbed the kings and the provinces, and has fostered sedition from of old. It is precisely because of this that it was destroyed.
16为此,我们奏明大王:如果那城建成,墙垣筑完,从此大王便没有河西的版图。」16We make known to the king that if this city is rebuilt and its walls restored, you will soon lose your territories on that side of the River."
17君王覆文如下:「愿勒洪总督、史默瑟秘书、以及其余住在撒玛黎雅的官员,和河西其余的人民平安:17The king wrote this in reply: "To Rehum, the governor; to Shimshai, the secretary; and to the rest of their colleagues who are in Samaria and in the other places at the other side of the River: greetings.
18你们呈来的奏疏,已在我们前清楚诵读了。18The letter you sent to me has been read word for word in my presence.
19我下命检查,的确发见那座城,自古以来即违抗君王,其中常发生叛乱造反的事。19I gave orders to inquire into these things, and it has been found that from ancient times that city has rebelled against the kings, and that sedition and rebellions have happened there.
20先前曾有英武的君王,治理过耶路撒冷,统辖过整个河西之地,人都给他们纳粮、出捐和完税。20There were powerful kings in Jerusalem, masters of all the land at the other side of the River, to whom tribute taxes and toll duties were paid.
21所以现在,你们应发一道命令,叫这些人停止,不准修城,直到我们另发指令。21Therefore, order the people to stop work; they shall not rebuild that city without my authorization.
22你们应注意,对此不可疏忽,免得损害加重,祸及君王。」22Do not neglect this grave concern, lest further harm be done to the kingdom."
23当阿塔薛西斯王的覆文副本,在勒洪、史默瑟秘书和他们同僚前,诵读之后,这些人就急速前往耶路撒冷,来到犹太人那里,用威胁和武力迫使他们停工。23When the copy of this letter of King Artaxerxes was read before Rehum, the governor, Shimshai, the secretary, and their colleagues, they went hurriedly to Jerusalem and they used force and violence to make the Jews suspend their work.
24于是耶路撒冷天主殿宇的工程,便停顿了,一直停到波斯王达理阿在位第二年。24So the work on the House of God in Jerusalem was interrupted and not begun until the second year of the reign of Darius, king of Persia.
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