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厄斯德拉上 Ezra
1当厄斯德拉泪流如注,俯伏在天主殿前祈祷认罪时,有很大的一群以色列人,男、女、孩童都聚集在他四周,民众也都流泪痛哭。1While Ezra bowed before the House of God, weeping, praying and making this confession, a great crowd of men, women and children of Israel were gathered around him; and these people wept bitterly.
2当时厄蓝子孙中有一位,即耶希耳的儿子舍加尼雅,发言向厄斯德拉说:「我们由本地异民中娶了外方妇女,实在得罪了天主,但对此事为以色列还有希望。2Then Shecaniah, son of Jehiel, of the sons of Elam, said to Ezra, "We have treated our God badly, by marrying foreign women taken from the peoples of this land, but Israel is not without hope because of this.
3现在我们与我们的天主立约,离弃这些妇女和她们所生的儿女,全照我主和那些我们天主的诫命起敬起畏者的意见,依照法律行事。3Let us make a covenant with our God, and send these women away with their children according to the statement of my lord and all of us who respect the commandment of our God.
4起来!因为这事全在你身上,我们支持你,你应勇敢去作!」4Let the Law be obeyed. You command and we are with you. Have courage and command."
5厄斯德拉便起来,令司祭并肋未人和全以色列的首领起誓,必按这话去做;他们就发了誓。5So Ezra arose and made the leaders of the priests, the Levites and of all Israel swear that they would do what had just been said, and so they swore.
6厄斯德拉遂离开天主的殿,到了厄肋雅史布的儿子约哈南的房里,在那里过夜,饭也不吃,水也不喝,因为他对充军归来者的罪恶悲伤。6Then, Ezra withdrew from where he stood, in front of the House of God and went to the chamber of Jehohanan, son of Eliashib, but he did not eat bread or drink water there, for he was much afflicted by the sin of those who had returned from exile.
7首领们遂在犹大和耶路撒冷发出通告,令充军归来的人都聚集在耶路撒冷;7A proclamation was made throughout Judah and Jerusalem that all who had returned from exile should assemble in Jerusalem,
8照众首领和长老的议决:凡三日内不来者,他的一切财产应充公,他本人也应由充军归来的会众中革除。8and if anyone would not come within three days, according to the decision of the leaders and of the local elders, all his prop-erty would be confiscated and he himself banned from the assembly of those who had returned from exile.
9所有犹大和本雅明人三天内都聚集在耶路撒冷,时在九月二十日,众人都坐在天主殿前的广场上,为了这事和大雨的缘故,都战战兢兢。9All the men of Judah and Benjamin assembled in Jerusalem within the three days. It was the twentieth day of the ninth month, and all the people were in the open square of the House of God, trembling because of this matter and because it was raining.
10厄斯德拉司祭起来向他们说:「你们娶了外方妇女为妻而失了信,增加了以色列的罪孽;10Then the priest Ezra stood up and said, "You have been rebels in marrying foreign women, and have increased the offense of Israel.
11现今你们应向上主你们祖先的天主认罪,承行他的旨意,离开本地的异民和外方妇女。」11Now then, acknowledge your sin before Yahweh, the God of your fathers, and carry out his will; separate yourselves from the peoples of this land and from your foreign wives."
12全会众都高声回答说:「你怎样说,我们就怎样做。12The whole assembly answered with a loud voice, "Yes, we shall do as you say.
13但因人民众多,又兼雨季,我们不能留在露天地里,何况又不是一两天内能完成的事,因为我们在这事上越规的人实在太多。13But the people are so numerous and we are now in the rainy season; we cannot endure the inclement weather, and besides, this matter cannot be settled in a day or two, for we are many who have committed this sin.
14让我们的首领为全会众负责好了!凡在我们城内娶了外方妇女的人,照指定的时候,同自己城内的长老和判官,一起前来了结此案,直到挽回我们的天主对此事的盛怒。」14Our leaders can represent the whole assembly: those in our cities who have married foreign women shall come at appointed times, accompanied by the local leaders and judges of every city, until we have turned aside from us the anger of our God because of this matter."
15只有阿撒耳的儿子约纳堂,和提刻瓦的儿子雅赫则雅,起来反对这种办法;还有默叔蓝和肋未人沙贝泰,支持他们。15The only ones who opposed this option were Jonathan, son of Asahel, and Jahzeiah, son of Tikvah, who were supported by the Levites Meshullam and Shabbethai.
16由充军归来的子民就这样作了。厄斯德拉司祭,于是由各家族为自己拣选了一些族长,都是提名指定的。他们便在十月一日,开庭审查此案,16But those who had returned from exile complied. In accordance with what the priest Ezra ordered, they selected a family head for every family group, each of them designated in a personal way, and they sat down to resolve the matter on the first day of the tenth month.
17直到一月一日,方才办完关于娶外方妇女的男子的案件。17On the first day of the first month, they finished attending to all the cases of Jews who had been married to foreign women.
18在司祭中,发现有些人娶了外方的妇女:约匝达克的儿子耶叔亚的子孙和他的兄弟中,有玛阿色雅、厄里则尔、雅黎布和革达里雅;18In the clan of the priestly clans, these are the names of those who were found to have married foreign women: among the clan of Jeshua, son of Jozadak, and among his brothers: Maaseiah, Eliezer, Jarib and Gedaliah;
19他们宣誓辞去自己的妻子,为赎自己的罪,献了一公绵羊作赎过祭。19they pledged their word to put their wives away and, for their sin, offered a ram as a sacrifice of reparation;
20依默尔的子孙,有哈纳尼和则巴狄雅;20In the clan of Immer: Hanani and Zebadiah;
21哈陵的子孙,有玛阿色雅、厄里雅、舍玛雅、耶希耳和乌齐雅;21In the clan of Harim: Maaseiah, Elijah, Shemaiah, Jehiel and Uzziah;
22帕市胡尔的子孙,有厄里约乃、玛阿色雅、依市玛耳、乃塔乃耳、约匝巴得和厄拉撒;22In the clan of Pashhur: Elioenia, Maaseiah, Ishmael, Nethanel, Jozabad and Elasah.
23肋未人,有约匝巴得、史米、刻拉雅即刻里达、培塔希雅、犹达和厄里厄则尔;23Among the Levites: Jozabad, Shimei, Kelaiah - that is, Kelita - Pethahiah, Judah, and Eliezer.
24歌咏者中有厄肋雅史布;守门者中有沙隆、特冷和乌黎。24Among the Temple musicians: Eliashib and Zaccur. Among the gatekeepers: Shallum, Telem and Uri.
25以色列平民:帕洛士的子孙,有辣米雅、依齐雅、玛耳基雅、米雅明、厄肋阿匝尔、玛耳基雅和贝纳雅;25And among the Israelites: of the clan of Parosh: Ramiah, Izziah, Malchijah, Mijamin, Eleazar, Malchijah and Benaiah;
26厄蓝的子孙,有玛塔尼雅、则加黎雅、耶希耳、阿贝狄、耶勒摩特和厄里雅;26of the clan of Elam: Mattaniah, Zechariah, Jehiel, Abdi, Meremoth and Elijah;
27匝突的子孙,有厄里约乃、厄肋雅史布、玛塔尼雅、耶勒摩特、匝巴得和阿齐匝;27of the clan of Zattu: Elioenai, Eliashib, Mattaniah, Jeremoth, Zabad and Aziza;
28贝拜的子孙,有约哈南、哈纳尼雅、匝拜和阿特来;28of the clan of Bebai: Jehohanan, Hananiah, Zabbai, Athlai;
29巴尼的子孙,有默叔蓝、玛路客、哈达雅、雅叔布、舍阿耳和耶勒摩特;29of the clan of Bigvai: Meshullam, Malluch, Jedaiah, Jashub, Sheal, Jeremoth;
30帕哈特摩阿布的子孙,有阿德纳、革拉耳、贝纳雅、玛阿色雅、玛塔尼雅、贝匝肋耳、彼奴依和默纳舍;30of the clan of Pahath-moab: Adna, Chelal, Benaiah, Maaseiah, Mattaniah, Bezalel, Binnui and Manasseh;
31哈陵的子孙,有厄里厄则尔、依史雅、玛耳基雅、舍玛雅、史默红、31of the clan of Harim: Eliezer, Isshijah, Malchijah, Shemaiah, Shimeon,
32本雅明、玛路客和舍玛黎雅;32Benjamin, Malluch, Shemariah;
33哈雄的子孙,有玛特乃、玛达达、匝巴得、厄里培肋特、耶勒买、默纳舍和史米;33of the clan of Hashum: Mattenai, Mattattah, Zabad, Eliphelet, Jeremai, Manasseh, Shimei;
34巴尼的子孙,有玛阿待、阿默兰、约厄耳、34of the clan of Bani: Maadai, Amran, Uel,
35贝纳雅、贝狄雅、革路希、35Benaiah, Bediah, Cheluhi,
36瓦尼雅、默勒摩特、厄肋雅史布、36Vaniah, Meremoth, Eliashib,
37玛塔尼雅、玛特乃、雅阿扫、37Mattaniah, Matenai and Jaasau;
38巴尼、彼奴依、史米、38of the clan Binnui; Shimei;
39舍肋米雅、纳堂、阿达雅、39Shelemiah, Nathan and Adaiah.
40玛革纳德拜、沙瑟、沙赖、40of the clan Zaccai: Sharai; Shashai, Sharai
41阿匝勒耳、舍肋米雅、舍玛黎雅、41Azarel, Shelemiah Shemariah,
42沙隆、阿玛黎雅、约色夫;42Shallum, Amariah, Joseph;
43乃波的子孙,有耶依耳、玛提提雅、匝巴得、则彼纳、雅待、约厄耳和贝纳雅:43of the clan of Nebo; Jeiel, Mattithiah, Zabad, Zebina, Jaddai, Joel, Benaiah.
44以上诸人都娶了外方妇女,有的妇女也生了儿女。44All these had married of foreign wives; they put them away, both women and children.
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