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厄则克耳 Ezekiel
1六年六月五日,当我坐在我屋内,犹大的长老们坐在我面前时,吾主上主的手临于我。1On the fifth day of the sixth month in the sixth year, I happened to be sitting in my house with the elders of Judah sitting in front of me when the hand of Yahweh fell heavily on me.
2我观望,看,有一个形像,形状如人,在他相似腰部的下面,有一团火,在他腰部的上面好像有一道光辉,像发亮的金属。2I looked and saw a being as of fire. Downwards from what appeared to be his loins there was the appearance of fire, and from his loins upward a brightness like sparkling bronze.
3他伸出一只像手的形状,抓住我的一绺头发,有一种神力把我提到天地之间,在神视中将我提往耶路撒冷去,到了内门的北门门口,在那里供奉著引起上主妒火的偶像。3As he stretched out the form of a hand and took me by my hair, the spirit lifted me between heaven and earth and brought me in a divine vision to Jerusalem, to the entrance of the inner gate facing north. There stands the idol which provokes Yahweh's jealousy.
4在那里出现了以色列天主的光荣,相似我在平原所见的异像。4And the Glory of the God of Israel was there, similar to the vision I had seen in the plain.
5他向我说:「人子,举目向北方看!」我遂举目向北方看;看见在靠近祭坛的北门门口,有那引起上主妒火的偶像。5He said to me, "Son of man, look to the north." I looked in the direction of the north and there, to the north of the altar gate, at the entrance, I saw this idol which provokes his jealousy.
6他又向我说:「人子,你看他们作的是什么?以色列家族在这里所行的极其丑恶之事,使我非离开我的圣所不可,但你还要看见更为丑恶的事。」6He said to me, "Son of man, do you see what they are doing? Do you see the great abomination that Israel commits here to drive me from my sanctuary? You will see other abominations greater than this."
7以后,他引我到外院的大门口,我看见在墙上有一个洞。7He then led me to the door of the court.
8他向我说:「人子,把这墙穿一个洞!」我遂在墙上穿了一个洞,出现了一道门。8He said, "Son of man, break through the wall." I broke through the wall and made an opening.
9他又向我说:「你进去看一看他们在那里所做的穷凶极恶的丑行。」9He said, "Go in and see the wicked abomination they are committing here."
10我便进去,看见有各种爬虫和走兽的像,都是可憎恶的;还有以色列家的各种偶像,都刻画在四周的墙上。10I went in, looked around and saw all kinds of reptiles, repulsive beasts and all the filthy idols of Israel portrayed on the wall all around.
11以色列家族的七十长老,沙番的儿子雅匝尼雅也在他们中间,都站在那些像前,每人手中拿着香炉,烧的香烟如浓云,正在上腾。11Before them stood seventy men, elders of Israel, and among them was Jaazaniah, son of Shaphan. Each held a censer in his hand, and perfume rose from a cloud of incense.
12他对我说:「人子,你看见了以色列的长老在黑暗中,每人在藏神像的暗室中所行的事吗?他们说:上主看不见我们,上主已离弃了此地。」12He said, "Do you see, son of man, what the elders of Israel do in the dark, each one in his room of pictures? For they think: Yahweh does not see us; Yahweh has forsaken the land."
13他又向我说:「你还要看见他们所行的更丑恶的事。」13Then he said, "You will see more of their great abominations."
14以后,他引我到了上主的圣殿朝北的大门口。看,有些妇女坐在那里,哀悼塔慕次。14He brought me to the entrance of the north gate of the house of Yahweh and there women were sitting, weeping for Tammuz.
15他向我说:「人子,你看见了吗?但你还要看见比这更丑恶的事。」15He said to me, "Did you see, son of man? You will see even greater abominations than these."
16以后,他引我到了上主圣殿的内庭院内;看,在上主圣所的门口,在走廊和祭坛中间约有二十五个人,背向上主的圣所,面向东方,他们正在向东方朝拜太阳。16And he led me to the inner court of the house of Yahweh and at the door to Yahweh's sanctuary, between the porch and the altar, were about twenty-five men, their backs to the temple, facing east and worshiping the sun. He said to me,
17他又向我说:「人子,你看见了吗?在这里行的这些丑恶之事,为犹大家还不够吗?他们还将此地充满了残暴之事,时时惹我忿怒。看,他们还把枝条举到自己鼻子上。17"Did you see, son of man? Is it not enough for Judah to commit the abominations that they commit here? See they are waving the branch before their nose.
18我必大发愤怒,我的眼决不怜视,一点也不顾惜;即使他们在我耳旁高声喊叫,我仍不俯听他们。」18I too will act against them in anger; my eye will not see with pity and I will be without mercy. Though they cry loudly in my ears, I will not hear them."
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