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厄则克耳 Ezekiel
1上主的话传给我说:1The word of Yahweh came to me as follows,
2「人子,你要面对以色列的群山,讲预言攻斥他们,2"Son of man, look towards the mountains of Israel and prophesy against them. Say to them:
3说:以色列的群山,请听吾主上主的话:吾主上主这样对高山、丘陵、山溪、山谷说:看,我要使刀兵临于你们,荡平你们的丘坛;3Mountains of Israel, listen to the word of Yahweh! To the mountains and hills, to the rivers and valleys Yahweh has spoken: I am going to bring the sword against you and destroy your high places.
4破坏你们的祭坛,打碎你们的太阳柱,并使你们被杀的人倒在你们的偶像之前。4Your altars will become desolate, your incense burners smashed;
5我还要把以色列子民的尸体放在他们的偶像前,把你们的骨头散在你们的祭坛周围。5I will lay your corpses in front of your idols and scatter your bones around your altars.
6在你们居住的地方,城池变为荒野,丘坛遭受破坏,为叫你们的祭坛也成为荒凉,变为废墟,偶像被粉碎,被消灭,太阳柱被打碎,你们所制造的东西都铲除净尽。6Wherever you live, the towns will be in ruins and the high places desolate, your altars demolished and defiled, your filthy idols smashed and ruined,
7被杀的人横卧在你们中间:如此你们要承认我是上主。」7your incense burners knocked all around you and you will know that I am Yahweh.
8「当我把你们分散到各国时,我还要把一些幸免于刀兵的人,残留在异民中。8But I shall spare some of you. They will escape the sword and be scattered among the nations.
9你们被掳到异民中的遗民,必要想念我,因为我击碎了他们好淫而背弃我的心,也击碎了他们好淫而随从偶像的眼睛,那时他们必要为了一切邪神所行的事而自怨自艾。9Your survivors then will remember me among the people where they are exiled, for I shall break the adulterous hearts of those whose eyes lusted after their idols. They will loathe themselves for the evil they committed, for all their abominations.
10如此,他们会承认,我上主说要对他们施行惩罚,并非空话。」10And they will know that I, Yahweh, have not spoken in vain in saying I would inflict this disaster on them."
11吾主上主这样说:「我要拍手顿足地说:祸哉!以色列家,因了一切丑恶的罪行,她必要亡于刀兵、饥荒和瘟疫:11This is what Yahweh said, "Clap your hands, stamp your feet and say: Well done! when the people of Israel are falling by the sword, famine and plague because of their abominations.
12远处的要死于瘟疫,近处的要丧身刀下,剩余而被围困的,要死于饥饿,我必要这样对他们发泄我的怒火。12He who is far away will die of the plague, he who is near will fall by the sword, whoever survives and is spared will die of starvation. Against them I will exhaust my fury.
13几时被杀的人横卧在他们的祭坛四周,在他们的偶像中间,在各高山,各山顶,在各绿树下,在密茂的樟树下,即在他们给各偶像献香的地方,那时,你们必承认我是上主。13And you will know that I am Yahweh when their people lie slain in the midst of their idols, around their altars, on every high hill, on the mountain tops, under every green tree and spreading oak and wherever they offered fragrant incense to all their idols.
14我要伸手打击他们,凡他们所居之地,我要使田地变为沙漠和荒野,自旷野直到黎贝拉:这样,他们必承认我是上主。」14I will stretch out my hand against them, I will make their country a desolate wasteland from the desert to Riblah, wherever they live; and they will know that I am Yahweh."
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