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厄则克耳 Ezekiel
1「人子,你拿一块砖,放在你面前,把一座耶路撒冷城刻划在上面。1Son of man, take a clay tablet; place it in front of you and draw on it the city of Jerusalem.
2安排围城的事;制造攻城的云梯,堆起攻城的高台,摆列攻城的阵营,四周架起破城机。2Then act as if you were laying siege to it; dig a trench round it and build a ramp; set up tents and a battering ram against it.
3再拿一个铁鏊,将它立在你和城的中间,当作铁墙。然后朝着城板起面孔,使城好像被围困,你好像在攻城:这样给以色列家一个征兆。」3Take an iron pan; place it as a wall of iron between you and the city and look towards the city: it is under siege and you are besieging it. All this will be a sign for the people of Israel.
4你要向左侧卧下!我把以色列家的罪恶放在你身上。你卧多少日子,就多少日子承担他们的罪恶。4Lie on your left side, taking upon yourself the sin of Israel, for you will bear their sin as long as you are lying on it.
5我把他们犯罪的年数算为三百九十日,你要在这些日子内承担以色列家的罪恶。5I have assigned to you a number of days equal to the duration of their sins - for a hundred and ninety days you will bear the sin of Israel.
6满了那些日子,你要向右侧卧下,为承担犹大家的罪恶,共四十日;我给你规定一日算一年。6When you have completed this you shall lie down again on your right side and bear the sin of Judah for forty days - one day corresponding to a year.
7你要朝着被围困的耶路撒冷板起面孔,露出臂膊,向她预言。7Then you shall turn your face and your bared arm towards the siege of Jerusalem and prophesy against it.
8看,我要用绳索捆缚你,叫你不能辗转反侧,直到你被困的日子期满。」8I shall bind you with cords to prevent you from turning from one side to the other until you have completed the days of your confinement.
9「你要拿小麦、大麦、豆子、扁豆、黍米和粗麦,装在一个器皿里,用来为你做一些饼,在你三百九十日侧卧的日子内,就吃这些饼。9Take some wheat and barley, some beans, lentils, millet and spelt; put it all in one vessel and make some bread; this is what you will eat all the time you are lying on your side - one hundred and ninety days.
10每天要按分量吃,每日二十『协刻耳』,按时食用。10The food you eat will be a daily ration of eight ounces a day;
11喝水也要有分量,每日喝六分之一「歆」的水,按时而饮。11you will drink two thirds of a quart of water each day.
12你吃那食物像吃烙的大麦饼,且用人粪在他们眼前烤。」12Eat the food as you would a barley cake. You will cook it publicly on human dung,
13上主说:「以色列子民也要这样在我赶他们所到的异民中吃不洁之物。」13for that is the way - says Yahweh - the people of Israel will eat unclean bread among the nations where I shall drive them."
14我答说:「哎呀!吾主上主!我从来没有受过玷污;从幼年到现在,没有吃过自然死的,或被撕裂的兽肉;不洁的祭肉从未进过我的口。」14I said, "Ah, Lord Yahweh! I have not been defiled: from childhood until now I have never eaten any animal found dead or torn; unclean meat has never entered my mouth."
15他向我说:「好罢!我许你用牛粪代人粪烤你的饼。」15He then said, "Very well! I allow you cow dung in place of human dung for baking your bread."
16他又向我说:「人子!看,我要断绝耶路撒冷的粮源,叫他们怀着焦虑吃配给的饭,怀着恐怖喝限制的水;16He continued, "Son of man, I shall cut off the food in Jerusalem. They will eat strictly-rationed bread with anxiety and despair as they drink water sparingly,
17甚至缺少食粮和水,个个消廋,因自己的罪恶而归于消灭。」17for food and water will be in short supply and they will all waste away because of their sin.
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