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厄则克耳 Ezekiel
1他领我到了面朝东的门那里。1He took me to the gate, facing east.
2看,以色列天主的光荣由东方而来,有一种响声,像大水的澎湃声,大地也因他的光荣而炫耀。2Then I saw the Glory of the God of Israel approaching from the east with a sound like the sound of the ocean, and the earth shone with his Glory.
3我所见的神视与我前次来摧毁城市时所见的神视相似,神视的情形也与我以前在革巴尔河畔所见的神视一样。于是我就伏地掩面。3This vision was like the one I had seen when he came for the destruction of the city, and like the one I had seen on the bank of the river Chebar. Then I threw myself to the ground.
4上主的光荣由朝东的门进入圣殿。4The Glory of Yahweh arrived at the Temple by the east gate.
5神力将我提起,领我进入内院。看,上主的光荣充满了圣殿。5The spirit lifted me up and brought me into the inner court: the Glory of Yahweh was filling the House.
6当那人站在我身旁时,我听见从殿内有一位向我说话的,6And I heard someone speaking to me from the Temple while the man stood beside me.
7对我说:「人子,这是安放我宝座的地方,这是我脚掌所踏的地方,我愿在这里永远住在以色列子民中。以色列家族,他们和他们的君王,不再以自己的淫乱和自己君王的尸体,玷污我的圣名。7The voice said, "Son of man, you have seen the place of my throne, where I will place the soles of my feet, and live among the sons of Israel forever; and the people of Israel, they and their kings, will no longer defile my holy name with their prostitutions and the kings,
8因为他们靠着我的门限安置他们的门限,也靠着我的门框安置他们的门框,在我与他们之间仅有一墙之隔。他们曾以自己所行的丑恶之事玷污了我的圣名,为此我发怒将他们予以消灭。8setting their threshold beside my threshold and their door beside my door, with a common wall shared by them and me. They used to defile my holy name by their filthy practices, and this is why I destroyed them in my anger.
9现今他们要从我面前,除去他们的淫乱和君王的尸体,这样我要永远住在他们中。9From now on if they take their prostitutions and the corpses of their kings away from my presence, I shall live among them forever.
10人子,你要向以色列家族阐述这圣殿,使他们对自己的罪恶感到惭愧;阐述圣殿的完美和构造,10Son of man, describe this House to the people of Israel, to shame them out of their filthy practices.
11叫他们对自己的所行而感到惭愧。你要画出殿的图形、结构、出路、进口和所有的式样,并将各种规定和各种法律告知他们,在他们眼前写出,好叫他们遵守各种法律和规定,一一奉行。11If they are ashamed of their behavior, draw up the plan and show them the design of the Temple, its exits and entrances, its shape, how all of it is arranged, its rules and its laws. Give them all this in writing so that they can see and take note of its design and the way it is all arranged and carry it out.
12这是关于圣殿的规定:山顶周围所有之地,是神圣不可侵犯的。」12This is the law of the Temple: all the surrounding area on top of the mountain is a most holy area.
13祭坛按肘──肘为一肘加一掌──的尺寸如下:底座高一肘,边宽一肘,在底座四周边缘有一掌深的沟槽:这是坛座。13Here are the dimensions of the altar (in big cubits, each of a cubit plus a handbreadth). The base: one cubit high and one cubit wide. The ledge all around it: one span. This is the height of the altar:
14由地上的底座到下层台座高二肘,边宽一肘;从小台座到大台座高四肘,边宽一肘。14from the ground level of the base up to the lower base, two cubits high and one cubit wide; from the lesser plinth to the greater base, four cubits high and one cubit wide.
15至于坛炉,高四肘;坛炉之上有四个角突出,高一肘。15The altar hearth: four cubits high, with four horns projecting from the hearth,
16坛炉十二肘长,十二肘宽;四面成一正方形。16the hearth being square: twelve cubits by twelve cubits;
17台座十四肘长,四面共十四肘宽;四周有宽半肘的沟槽;周围还有宽一肘的底座。石阶向东。」17and the square base: fourteen cubits by fourteen cubits; and the ledge all around: half a cubit; and the base: one cubit all around. The steps are on the east side."
18以后他对我说:「人子,吾主上主这样说:祭坛造成之日,在上面献全燔祭和洒血的规定如下:18He said to me, "Son of man, Yahweh says this: As regard the altar, this is how things are to be done when it has been built for the offering of the holocaust and for the pouring of blood.
19你应给那走近我事奉我的匝多克的后裔肋未司祭──吾主上主的断语──一头牛犊,献为赎罪祭。19To those levitical priests of the race of Zadok who approach me to serve me - it is Yahweh who speaks - you must give a young bull as sacrifice for sin.
20你要取血涂在祭坛的四角,台座的四角和周围的沟槽上,应这样为祭坛赎罪取洁。20You are to take some of its blood and put it on the four horns and the four corners of the base and the surrounding ledge.
21此外,再取一头公牛犊作赎罪祭,在圣殿固定的地方,圣所之外,将牠焚化。21In this way you will purify it and make atonement on it. Then take the bull of the sacrifice for sin and burn it in a room of the House apart from the sanctuary.
22第二天要献一只无瑕的小公山羊为赎罪祭,如献公牛犊所行的一样,为祭坛取洁。22On the second day, you must offer an unblemished he-goat as sacrifice for sin, and the altar is to be purified again as with the bull.
23你行完赎罪祭之后,应献一头无瑕的公牛和羊群中一只无瑕的公羊,23When you have finished the purification you must offer a young bull without blemish and an unblemished ram chosen from the flock.
24把牠们献在上主前,司祭在上面撒上盐,献与上主为全燔祭。24You are to present them before Yahweh, and the priests will sprinkle salt on them and offer them as a holocaust to Yahweh.
25七天之久,你应每天献一只公山羊为赎罪祭,还应献一头公牛犊和羊群中一只公羊,都应纯洁无瑕。25As a sacrifice for sin, every day for seven days you must offer a he-goat, a bull and an unblemished ram chosen from the flock, for a week.
26七天之久为祭坛赎罪取洁,予以祝圣。26In this way the altar will be atoned for and will be purified and inaugurated.
27这日期满了,即第八日及以后,司祭才可以在祭坛上奉献你们的全燔祭与和平祭,如此我才喜悦你们──吾主上主的断语。」27At the end of that time, on the eighth day and afterwards, the priest is to offer your burnt offerings and your communion offerings on the altar, and I will look kindly on you - it is Yahweh who speaks."
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