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厄则克耳 Ezekiel
1以后他向我说:「人子,将给你的吞下去。你吞下这卷书,然后去向以色列子民宣讲。」1He said to me, "Son of man, eat what is given to you. Eat this scroll and then go; speak to the people of Israel."
2我遂张开口,他便使我吞下那卷书,2I opened my mouth and he made me eat the scroll and then
3并向我说:「人子,要吞到肚子里,要把我给你的这卷书充满你的五内。」我遂吃了,这卷书在我嘴里甘甜如蜜。3he said to me, "Eat and fill yourself with this scroll that I'm giving you." I ate it and it tasted as sweet as honey.
4然后他向我说:「人子,起来往以色列家族那里去,向他们宣讲我所说的话。4He said, "Son of man, go to the Israelites; speak to them with my words.
5你被派遣,并不是往言语不通,说话不懂的人民那里去,而是到以色列家族。5Indeed it is not a people with a difficult foreign language to whom you are sent; it is to the people of Israel.
6也不是到言语不通,说话不懂,而你听不明白他们话的各民族那里去;若是我派遣你到他们那里,他们必肯听你的话。6It's not to the many nations with difficult and obscure languages which you cannot understand. If I sent you to them they would listen to you.
7但是以色列家族却不肯听你,原来他们不肯听我,因为以色列家族都额坚心硬。7But the Israelites will not listen to you because they are not willing to listen to me; all of them are defiant and stubborn of heart.
8看,我要使你的脸坚硬,好像他们的脸,使你的额坚硬,好像他们的额。8See I am making your face as unyielding as theirs and your forehead as hard as theirs.
9使你的额好像金钢,比火石还坚硬。他们虽是叛逆的家族,不必害怕他们,在他们面前不必胆怯。」9I am making your forehead as hard as a diamond, harder than flint; so you shall not fear or tremble because of this set of rebels."
10他又向我说:「人子,我向你说的一切话,要听到耳中,存在心里。10He said to me, "Son of man, listen and take to heart all I say to you,
11起来,到充军者,你百姓的子民那里,向他们宣讲,对他们说:吾主上主这样说。不管他们听不听。」11and then go to the exiles, your fellow countrymen, speak to them and tell them: 'This is what Yahweh says,' whether they listen or not."
12当上主的光荣由那地方升起时,神力也把我举起,我听见在我后面有轰轰之声很大,12Then the spirit lifted me up; behind me I heard a great acclamation, "Blessed be the Glory of Yahweh in his dwelling place"
13是活物的翅膀彼此磨擦的响声,是靠近牠们的轮子的响声,轰轰之声很大。13and I heard the noise of the animals' wings brushing against each other, and the noise of the wheels; it was a great uproar.
14神力把我举起,把我提去;我走时,心中激动而苦闷,那时上主的手重压在我身上。14The spirit had lifted me up, and carried me off but I went in a bitter and feverish spirit because the hand of Yahweh was heavy upon me.
15以后我到了特耳阿彼布的充军者那里,他们靠近革巴尔河居住。我在他们那里忧郁地居留了七天。15I came to Tel Abib to the exiles living by the river Chebar and I stayed there seven days with them, overwhelmed.
16过了七天,上主的话传给我说:16After seven days the word of Yahweh came to me,
17「人子,我派你作以色列家族的守卫;当你由我口中听到什么话时,你应代我警告他们。17"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the House of Israel. With the word you hear from my mouth you will warn them in my name.
18几时我向恶人说:你必丧亡!你若不警告他,也不宣讲,使恶人知所警惕,而脱离邪道,为得生存;那恶人要因自己的罪恶而丧亡,但我必向你追讨血债。18When I say to the wicked, 'You will surely die,' if you do not speak to warn the wicked man to give up his evil ways and so live, he shall die for his sin, and I will hold you responsible for his death.
19你若警告了恶人,而他不肯离开罪恶和邪道,那他必要因自己的罪恶而丧亡;至于你却救了你的灵魂。19But if you have warned the wicked man and he has not given up his wickedness and evil ways, he shall die for his sin but you will save yourself.
20几时一个义人离弃正义而行不义,我要在他面前安放绊脚石,使他死亡;若你没有警告他,他必因自己的罪恶而丧亡,他所行的正义,也不被记念;但我必向你追讨血债。20When the righteous man turns from what is good to do evil I shall put an obstacle in his path: he shall die. Since you did not warn him, he will die for his sin. His good deeds will not be remembered and I shall hold you responsible for his death.
21但若你警告了义人,使他不犯罪,而他没有犯罪:这样他必要生存,因为他听从了警告,你也救了你的灵魂。」21But when you have warned the righteous man to keep him from sinning and he has not sinned, he will live for sure for he was warned and you will save your life."
22我在那里时,上主的手临于我,他向我说:「起来,到平原里去,我要在那里同你说话。」22The hand of Yahweh was upon me and he said to me,"Get up! Go to the valley and there I shall speak to you."
23我就起身到了平原。看,上主的光荣停在那里,就如我在革巴尔河所见过的光荣;我遂伏地掩面。23I got up and went towards the valley and there was the Glory of Yahweh that I had seen by the Chebar river. I fell on my face.
24有一种神力进入我身,使我站起来。他向我说:「你去,把你关锁在房中!24Then the spirit came to me and kept me standing; He spoke to me and said; "Go! Shut yourself in your house.
25人子,你看,人们要用绳索捆缚你;你被捆起后,便不能到他们中间。25You, son of man, will be bound with cords and prevented from going among the people.
26我还要使你的舌头紧贴在上颚,使你成为哑吧,不能斥责他们,因为他们是叛逆的家族。26Your tongue shall stick to your palate and you will remain dumb and not be able to rebuke them for they are a rebellious people.
27但是我给你说话时,要开启你的口。以后你要向他们说:『吾主上主这样说。』谁肯听,就让他听;谁不肯听,就让他不听好了,因为他们是叛逆的家族。」27But when I speak to you I shall open your lips and you shall say to them: This is the word of Yahweh! He who listens, let him listen and he who refuses to listen, let him refuse for they are a rebellious people.
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