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厄则克耳 Ezekiel
1十一年三月一日,上主的话传给我说:1On the first of the third month of the eleventh year, the word of Yahweh came to me,
2「人子,你要向埃及王法郎和他的民众说:你的伟大相似谁呢?2"Son of man, say to Pharaoh, king of Egypt and to his multitude: Who is comparable to you in your greatness?
3看,你是一棵黎巴嫩香柏,枝叶美观,荫影浓密,枝干高大,树梢插入云霄。3You are like a very tall cedar in Lebanon, with beautiful branches providing forest shade, with its top among the clouds.
4水使它长大,渊泉使它长高;河水由四周流入栽植它之地,支流灌溉田中其他的树木。4It grew. The waters made it grow, and the streams ascending from the deep springs that watered all the trees of the land through the canals, flowed straight to its place.
5为此它的枝干高过田间的一切树木,因为水多,生长时枝叶繁茂,枝条特长。5Higher than all the other trees, its boughs increased and its branches grew larger because of the plentiful water.
6天上的一切飞鸟在它枝干上筑巢,田间的野兽在它的枝叶下生子,各国的人民住在它的荫影下。6The birds of the air nested in its boughs and all the animals brought forth their young under its branches. Numerous nations lived in its shade.
7它的枝叶广阔,高大华丽,因为它的根深入多水之地。7It became majestic in height and in the thickness of its branches for its roots were turned towards plentiful water.
8天主乐园中的香柏,都不能同它相比,扁柏不及它的枝干,枫树不及它的枝桠,天主乐园中所有的树木都没有它那样美丽。8The other cedars in the garden of God could not equal it. The pine trees could not equal its boughs nor could the plane trees rival its branches. No other tree in God's garden was comparable to it in beauty.
9我使它枝叶茂盛而美丽,致令「伊甸」──天主乐园──中所有的树木都嫉妒它。9I made it beautiful in the abundance of its branches, the envy of the trees in the garden of God in Eden.
10因此吾主上主这样说:因它枝干高大,枝梢插入云霄,遂因自己高大而心高气傲。10That is why thus says Yahweh: Because it grew tall and reached the clouds and became proud,
11我必将它交在列国最强的人手中,他们要任意对待它;我必要因它的罪行而将它铲除;11I will hand it over to the ruler of the nations who will treat it according to its wickedness. I have rejected it.
12列国最凶残的人必要将它伐倒,把它抛弃在山上;它的枝桠,倒卧在山谷中,枝条折落在一切洼地上;万国的人民都要离开它的荫影,而弃舍它;12Foreigners, the most terrible among the nations, have felled it, cut it down on the mountains: its boughs have fallen in all the valleys, its branches lie broken in ravines. All the nations have fled from its shade and abandoned it.
13天上的飞鸟都栖在它倒了的枝干上,田间的各种野兽都停在它的枝条下,13The birds of the air alight on its broken boughs and the animals are found among its fallen branches.
14这是为使一切有水滋润的树木,不要因自己的躯干高大而自负,不要再让枝梢插入云霄,免得各种有水滋润的树木,因高耸而自大,因为他们都要归于死亡,降到阴间,到那些已降入深渊的人子中。14This is to prevent well-watered trees from attaining such a height and reaching the clouds. For all are destined to die and go below among those who descend to the pit.
15吾主上主这样说:在它下到阴府的那天,我要使人哀吊它;为了它我要使深渊闭塞,使江河凝结,洪水停流,使黎巴嫩为它举哀,使田间所有的树木因它而枯萎。15Thus says Yahweh: The day the cedar descended to the netherworld I made the depths mourn for it. I restrained its rivers and held back the abundant waters. Darkness covered Lebanon and all the trees of the field were faint.
16当我使它下到阴府与已在深渊的人在一起时,也使列国因它下坠之声而战栗;那时「伊甸」中的各种树木,黎巴嫩一切有水滋润的华丽而高大的树木,在阴间都感到安慰。16The nations were shaken at the noise of its fall when I made it depart to the lower regions with those who go down to the pit. Then all the trees from Eden, the finest trees of Lebanon, all that were well-watered were comforted in the earth below.
17那些在各国住在它荫影下帮助过它的人,也随它下到阴府,同那丧身刀下的人在一起。17Those from among the nations who lived in its shade, they too went down together to those slain by the sword.
18「伊甸」的树木中,就华丽和高大说,你相似那一棵?你也要同「伊甸」的树木一起被推入阴间,在未受割损的人中,同丧身刀下的人卧在一起:这是指法郎和他所有的人民说的──吾主上主的断语。」18O tree, splendid and glorious, who among the trees of Eden was comparable to you? But you were made to go down to the lower regions like the other trees of Eden. You lay among the uncircumcised people, victims of the sword, you, Pharaoh and all your multitudes, word of Yahweh."
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