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厄则克耳 Ezekiel
1上主的话传给我说:1The word of Yahweh came to me in these terms,
2「人子,你转面向南,向南方发言,讲预言攻斥乃革布地方的树林,2"Son of man, look towards the south; direct your words to the south and prophesy against Forest of the south.
3向乃革布的树林说:你听上主的话罢!吾主上主这样说:看,我要在你那里点火,烧尽你那里所有的绿树和枯木;燃起的火焰决不熄灭,必由南方到北方烧尽一切。3Say to the forest: 'O forest, hear the word of Yahweh: I am kindling a fire that will burn every tree, both green and dry; its flame will not be quenched but from the south to the north every face will be scorched.
4凡有血肉的人都看到这火是我上主点燃的,决不能扑灭。」4Everyone will see that it was I, Yahweh, who kindled it and that it will not be put out."
5我遂喊说:「哎,吾主上主啊!他们评论我说:这人只会说寓言!」5This time I said, "Lord Yahweh, they say that I am always talking in parables."
6上主的话传给我说:6But the word of Yahweh came to me in these terms,
7「人子,你转面向耶路撒冷,发言攻斥圣所,讲预言攻斥以色列地域,7"Son of man, look towards Jerusalem; address your words to the sanctuary and prophesy against Israel.
8向以色列地域说:吾主上主这样说:看,我要攻击你,我要拔剑出鞘,铲除你境内的义人和恶人,8Say to Israel: I come against you; I will unsheathe my sword and cut off from you both the good and the wicked.
9因为我要铲除你境内的义人和恶人,为此,我的剑从鞘内抽出,攻击由南至北一切有血肉的人;9Yes: against both the good and the wicked. My sword is unsheathed against all mortals from north to south.
10这样,凡有血肉的人都知道:是我,上主拔剑出鞘,决不再放回。10And all will know that I, Yahweh, have unsheathed my sword, and unsheathed it will remain."
11人子,你应哀叹!应在他们眼前伤心痛苦哀叹。11And you, son of man, groan in the bitterness of a broken heart, groan in their presence.
12假使有人问你说:你为什么哀叹?你就说:是为了一个凶信,当这事来到,所有的心灵必要沮丧,手臂必要无力,精神必要颓唐,膝盖必要软弱如水。看,灾祸来到时,必将如此──吾主上主的断语。」12When they say to you, 'Why are you groaning?' you will answer: 'Because of what will happen; when you hear of it, every heart will melt, every hand become limp, every spirit will be faint and knees shall be as weak as water.' It is to happen; it has come, word of the Lord Yahweh."
13上主的话传给我说:13The word of Yahweh came to me in these terms,
14「人子,讲预言罢!吾主这样说:你要说:有一把剑:是一把磨快而擦亮的剑。14"Son of man; prophesy and say on my behalf: The sword has been polished and sharpened.
15磨快了,是为大屠杀;擦亮了,是为闪烁发光。15It has been sharpened for a massacre.
16把它拿去擦亮,好握在掌中;这把磨快的剑,这把擦亮的剑,是为交在屠杀者的手中。16Yahweh gave it to be polished and seized by the hand. He has had the sword sharpened and polished to hand to the executioner.
17人子,你要哀号痛哭,因为剑击在我百姓身上,砍在以色列的一切首领身上。他们同我的百姓都丧身刀下。为此你应击股示哀,17Cry out and wail, son of man, for this sword is intended for my people and for the princes of Israel. They shall be given over to the sword with my people; beat your breast, word of Yahweh.
19人子,你讲预言,且鼓掌罢!那剑将是双刃的是屠杀的剑;那把大屠杀的剑向他们挥起,19And you, son of man, prophesy and clap your hands! The sword will strike and strike again for the slaughter, for the massacre.
20叫他们胆颤心惊,死亡的人加多。我将屠杀的剑尖指向他们所有的门户上:剑擦亮了,是为闪烁;磨快了,是为屠杀。20Hearts languish and people fall for I have placed at every gate the sword for slaughter.
21你的刀锋无论转向何方,或向左,或向右,都应是锋利的。21It has been sharpened and shines. O sword! slash to the right, slash to the left, wherever you turn.
22我也要亲自鼓掌,以平息我的愤怒:这是我上主说的。」22For my part I clap my hands and release my fury; I, Yahweh, have spoken."
23上主的话传给我说:23The word of Yahweh came to me in these terms,
24「人子,你应划出两条路,叫巴比伦王的剑沿路而来。这两条路应由一地出发;又划一只手,置于通往城市的道路起点。24"Son of man, mark two roads for the coming of the king of Babylon's sword. The two should leave from the same point.
25你所划的路,一条使剑至阿孟子民的辣巴特;一条使剑至犹大的坚城耶路撒冷。25At the head of each road place a sign, the first directing the sword to Rammah of the Ammonites and the second to Judah and the fortified city of Jerusalem.
26因为巴比伦王站在岔路上,在两条路口上占卜、摇签、求问『忒辣芬』,窥察牲肝。26The king of Babylon, in fact, is now standing at the parting of the ways, at the head of both roads looking for an omen. He is shaking arrows, questioning the idols, looking at the liver of the victims.
27在他右手中出现了指向耶路撒冷的签,他便下令屠杀,呐喊冲锋,架起攻城门机,堆起高台,建造云梯。27The lot falls upon Jerusalem. Then he raises a warcry, 'Set a battering ram at the gates, construct a ramp and erect siegeworks.'
28可是在曾经发过誓愿的以色列子民看来,那签是假的。但他却想起了他们的罪过,为使他们俯首就擒。28Those who have sworn allegiance to him in Jerusalem do not dare believe it; but he remembers their guilt and they are captured.
29为此吾主上主这样说:因为你们显露了你们的过犯,在你们的行为上,现出你们的恶行,使我想起了你们的罪恶;你们既然使我想起你们的罪恶,你们必在他们手中俯首就擒。29That is why Yahweh has spoken: Your evil deeds have brought to mind your wickedness and made known your sins. And when I remembered you, sin appeared in all your deeds. Because of this you will be taken captive.
30你这无耻而万恶的以色列首领,你的日子到了,犯罪的时候完了。30As for you, dishonored criminal, prince of Israel, the day and moment of your punishment has come.
31吾主上主这样说:取下头巾,摘去冠冕,一切都要转变:卑下的要高升,崇高的要降低。31They will remove your turban, take away your crown. All will be changed: what is lowly will be lifted high and what is lofty will be brought low.
32我必要使他的国澈底灭亡,再也不能存在,直到那掌权者来到,我再交给他。」32I will make it a ruins, a ruins such as never has been, until the one comes whose right it is to rule, the one I shall send.
33「人子,你应讲预言说,吾主上主这样攻斥阿孟子民和他们的侮辱说:你要说:有一把剑,拔出是为屠杀,磨快是为毁灭,擦亮是为闪烁──33And you, son of man, prophesy and say: This is Yahweh's word concerning the Ammonites and their insults. This is what you are to say: The sword is unsheathed for the slaughter, polished and flashing for the work of destruction.
34那时人所给予你的,是虚假的异像,欺骗的占卜──是为砍在作恶犯罪者的脖子上,他们的日子到了,犯罪的时候完了。34Beware of your false visions and lying omens, when your sword is laid to the necks of the wicked for their time has come and their punishment is near.
35把剑插入鞘内,我要在你受造之地,在你生长之地裁判你。35People of Ammon, put back the sword in its shealth. In your own place, in the land of your birth you will be judged.
36我要在你身上发泄我的怒气,在你身上点起我的怒火,将你交在善于破坏的野蛮人手中。36I will pour out my wrath on you, against you I will breathe the fire of my fury and hand you over to brutal men, experts in destruction.
37你要成为烈火的燃料;你的血要倾流在国中,以后再没有人记念你,因为我,上主说了。」37You will be fuel for the fire; your blood will be spilled throught the land and you shall be remembered no more for I, Yahweh, have spoken."
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