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厄则克耳 Ezekiel
1你应为以色列的君王唱一篇哀歌,1As for you, son of man, intone a lamentation for the princes of Israel.
2说:「你的母亲原像什么?她像群狮中的一只牝狮,卧在壮狮中养大了幼狮。2Say: A lioness among lions was your mother! Crouching among the cubs she nursed her whelps.
3牠养大了一只幼小的。牠就长成了壮狮,学会了撕裂猎物,吞噬人类。3One of these she pushed forward and he grew to be a young lion, able to tear his prey and become a man-eater.
4列国于是下令追捕牠,牠遂在她们所设的陷阱中被捕,人便用鼻环把牠牵到埃及地。4But the nations heard about him and he was trapped in their pit; and they brought him with hooks to the land of Egypt.
5母狮见自己所等待的,所希望的落了空,就另取了一只幼狮,使牠成为壮狮。5When she saw that her hope had come to nothing, she took another of her cubs and made him a young lion.
6牠在群狮中徘徊,成了壮狮,学会了撕裂猎物,吞噬人类。6He strutted among the others for he had become a strong lion, able to tear his prey and be a man-eater.
7牠把猎物带到自己的穴中,恐吓羊群,那地方和居民对牠的吼声,无不惊惧。7He destroyed their strongholds and ravaged their towns. The country and its inhabitants were alarmed at the sound of his roar.
8于是各国由四周各地追踪牠,设下罗网捕捉牠,终于在她们的陷阱中被捕。8But the nations came against him from the regions round about. They spread their net over him and caught him in their pit.
9然后给牠带上鼻环,把牠装在笼中,将他解送到巴比伦王那里,将牠囚禁在狱中,免得在以色列的山上再听到牠的吼声。9They put him in a cage with hooks and brought him to the king of Babylon. There he was put in custody so that his roar was no longer heard in the mountains of Israel.
10你的母亲像园中的一棵葡萄树,栽植在水旁,因为水多,果实累累,枝叶繁茂。10Your mother was like the vine of a vineyard planted near water. It became fruitful and leafy from being so well-watered.
11她生出一根粗壮的枝条,可作统治者的权杖,它的躯干高大,超过其他的枝叶。因它身量高大,在密茂的枝叶中,也可以见到。11It produced a vigorous branch that became a royal scepter towering above the foliage. It was outstanding for its height and its numerous branches.
12但是在狂怒中,它竟被拔出,抛弃在地上,东风吹干了它的果实,它粗壮的枝干被折断而干枯,为火所焚烧。12But the vine was uprooted in fury and cast down to the ground. The east wind dried it up and stripped it of its fruit. Its vigorous branch withered and was burned by fire.
13现今它被栽植在沙漠中,在那枯橾干旱的地方。13It is now planted in the desert, in an arid land of drought.
14由枝梢上冒出一团火,焚烧了它的枝叶和果实,没有给它留下一根粗壮的枝条,作统治者的权杖。」这是一篇哀歌,可为追悼之用。14Fire from its stem has destroyed its branches and fruit. No vigorous branch or royal scepter has been left. This is a lament that people will sing.
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