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厄则克耳 Ezekiel
1上主的话传给我说:1The word of Yahweh came to me in these terms,
2「人子,你要向以色列家族说寓言,讲比喻。2"Son of man, set a riddle and relate a parable to the people of Israel. Yahweh says this:
3你应宣讲说:吾主上主这样说:有一只大鹰,翅膀庞大,翅翼广阔,羽毛丰满,异彩灿烂,飞到黎巴嫩,啄下香柏的树梢,3The great eagle with powerful wings, long feathers and fine plumage of various colors came to Lebanon and removed the top of a cedar.
4折下了嫩枝的尖端,带到贸易的地方,安放在商贾的城中。4He broke off the topmost of the twigs and carried it off to a land of trade and set it in a city of merchants.
5牠又取了本地的种子,种植在苗圃中,把它栽种在多水之旁,有如栽植柳树。5He then took a seed of the land and planted it like a willow in fertile soil near abundant water.
6它果然长起,成了一棵蔓延而躯干矮小的葡萄树;蔓子向鹰伸展,根子向下生长;它遂成了一棵葡萄树,生出蔓子,长出枝子。6It grew and became a splendid vine with spreading branches turned towards the eagle, and roots growing deep. It became a vine growing branches and producing foliage.
7又有另一只大鹰,翅膀庞大,羽毛丰满;看,这里葡萄树往牠那里伸展自己的根子,也把枝子蔓延到牠那里,想获得比在被栽植的园圃中更多的滋润。7But there was another great eagle with powerful wings and abundant plumage and the vine twisted its roots and
8但它原是种植在多水的肥田中,为生长枝蔓,结出果实,成为一棵茂盛的葡萄树。8its branches towards him to be better watered than in the soil where it was planted. That vine, however, was able to produce branches, bear fruit and develop into a magnificent vine, because it had been planted in a good field near abundant water."
9你应宣讲:吾主上主这样说:它能茂盛吗?那鹰岂不是要拔出它的根子,啄下它的果实,使正在生出的枝叶枯萎;为拔出它的根子,并不需要强有力的手和众多的人。9Yahweh says, "Will the vine prosper? Will the eagle not tear out its roots and cut away its fruit so that the foliage will wither and the vine dry up? It will not take much effort or many people to pull up its roots.
10它虽被栽植,但岂能茂盛?东风一吹来,岂不全要枯萎?它必在生长的园圃中枯萎。」10It has been transplanted, but it will not prosper. When the east wind blows, the vine will completely wither away. In the soil where it grows it will wither!"
11上主的话又传给我说:11The word of Yahweh came to me in these terms,
12「请向这叛逆的家族说:你们明白不明白这有什么意思?你要说:看,巴比伦王来到耶路撒冷,捉住城中的君王和官员,把他们带到巴比伦来见他。12"Say to these rebellious people: Do you not recognize what all this signifies? The king of Babylon came to Jerusalem and carried the king and princes off to Babylon.
13他挑选了王室的一个后裔,同他立了约,叫他宣了誓;以后掳走了那地的贵族,13Then he took a member of the royal family and made an alliance with him, binding him by oath. He also carried off the leading citizens
14为使那王国衰微,不再有野心,使她遵守盟约,得以生存。14to keep the kingdom humble and unable to assert itself, and to oblige the king to respect the treaty.
15但是耶路撒冷的君王却背叛了他,派使臣到埃及去,要求给他战马和大军。他作了这事,岂能顺利获得救援?他破坏了盟约,岂能幸免逃脱?15But the king rebelled against him and sent messengers to Egypt to ask for horses and a powerful army. Will he succeed? Will he escape after doing this? Will he escape after breaking the treaty?
16我指着我的生命起誓:──吾主上主的断语──他必要死在立他为王者的地方,即巴比伦,因为他没有尊重自己的誓言,破坏了同他所立的盟约。16As I live, word of Yahweh, he will die in the land of the king who put him on the throne, but whose oath he despised, and whose treaty he has broken. There in Babylon he will die.
17当人们堆起高台,建造云梯,屠杀许多生灵时,法郎却没有率领大军,也没有召集人马来协助他作战。17Pharaoh will not send a mighty army and throngs of men to help him in war when ramps are built and siege works erected to kill many people.
18他既然不尊重誓言,破坏了盟约,举手宣誓之后,而又行了这一切,他决不会逃脱。18This king has despised the oath and broken the treaty. Because he did all these things after giving his hand, he shall not escape!
19因此,吾主上主这样说:我指着我的生命起誓:因为他轻视了我的誓言,破坏了我的盟约,报复必临在他的头上。19That is why Yahweh speaks thus: "As I live, I will make him account for the oath he despised and the treaty he broke.
20我要在他上面张开罗网,叫他陷在我的网中而被逮捕;以后带他到巴比伦去,由于他背叛我的罪过,我要在那里裁判他。20I will spread my net over him and he will be caught in its mesh. I will bring him to Babylon and there I will demand an account of his infidelity to me.
21他军中所有的精兵都要亡于刀下,剩余的逃散到四方。那时你们便要承认是我上主说了这话。」21As for the pick of his troops they will fall by the sword; those who survive will be scattered to the winds and you will know that I, Yahweh, have spoken."
22吾主上主这样说:「我要亲自由高大的香柏树梢上取下一枝条,从嫩枝的尖上折下一根嫩芽,亲自把它栽植在高山峻岭之上,22Thus says Yahweh: "At the top of the cedar I will take one of its uppermost branches, a tender twig and plant it.
23栽植在以色列的高山上,它要生长枝叶,结出果实,成为一棵高大的香柏;各种飞鸟要栖在它下,栖在他枝叶的荫影之下。23On a lofty, massive mountain, on a high mountain of Israel I will plant it. It will produce branches and bear fruit and become a magificent cedar. Birds of all kinds will nest in it and find shelter in its branches.
24如此,田野间的一切树木都承认我是上主,都知道我曾使高大的树矮小,使矮小的树高大,使绿树枯萎,使枯木发绿;我上主言出必行。」24And all the trees of the field shall know that I am Yahweh, I who bring down the lofty tree and make the lowly tree tall. I will make the tree that is full of sap wither and the dry tree bloom. I, Yahweh, have spoken and this will I do."
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