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厄则克耳 Ezekiel
1上主的话传给我说:1This word of Yahweh came to me,
2「人子,树林中这棵葡萄树,到底有什么超越其他一切树木之处?2"Son of man, in what way is the wood of the vine superior to that of any other tree in the forest?
3岂能取它的木材制造用具,或者能取出它一根枝条,在上面悬挂器具?3Do they take its wood to make anything? Do they use it to make a peg for hanging a tool?
4只有投入火中焚烧;火焚烧了它的两端,中间也在焚烧;它还能有什么用途?4But now they have used it as fuel and the fire has burned it at both ends leaving the middle charred. Is it then of any use?
5当它完整时,还不能作什么用具,何况经火燃烧焚化之后,岂不是更不能制造什么用具?5If it was of no use when it was whole, of even less use will it be when burnt in the fire."
6为此,吾主上主这样说:我怎样把树林中的葡萄树投入火中焚烧,也必怎样对待耶路撒冷的居民。6That is why Yahweh speaks thus, "I took the vine from among all the trees of the forest, and I gave it to the fire to be burned. This is how I have just dealt with those living in Jerusalem.
7我要翻脸打击他们:他们虽从火中逃出来,仍要为火焚烧。当我翻脸打击他们时,他们必承认我是上主。7I will turn my face against them. Though they escaped from the fire, the fire will burn them and you will know that I am Yahweh when I turn against them.
8因为他们背信违约,我必使那地方变为荒野──吾主上主的断语。」8I will make the land desolate because they have been unfaithful - word of Yahweh."
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