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厄则克耳 Ezekiel
1上主的话传给我说:1The word of Yahweh came to me again,
2「人子,你要斥责那些在以色列讲预言的先知,向那些随心所欲说预言的人说:你们应听上主的话!2"Son of man, prophesy against the prophets of Israel, against those who prophesy on their own initiative. Say: Hear the word of Yahweh!
3吾主上主这样说:那些随心所欲,而一无所见愚妄先知,是有祸的!3This is what Yahweh says: Woe to the senseless prophets who follow their own inspiration without having seen anything!
4以色列!你的先知好像废墟中的狐狸。4Your prophets, Israel, are like foxes among the ruins!
5你们没有上到缺口处,也没有围绕以色列家建筑围墙,好叫她在上主的日子,在战争中稳立。5They have not gone up to the breaches nor have they built a wall around Israel so that she may hold out in battle on the day of Yahweh.
6他们所见的尽是空虚,所预言的尽是欺诈,反而说是「上主的断语;」其实上主并没有派遣他们,他们还指望自己的话能够实现。6Their discourse is trickery and lies; they say: word of Yahweh when Yahweh has not sent them and yet they wait for him to fulfill their word.
7你们岂不是见了幻像,说了欺诈的预言,还说是「上主的断语?」其实我并没有说过。7Is it not a false vision you have seen? Have you not uttered lying divinations? You say: oracle of Yahweh when I have not spoken.
8为此,吾主上主这样说:因为你们说的是谎话,见的是幻像,我必攻斥你们──吾主上主的断语──8But this is what Yahweh says: Because of your false and lying revelations I will oppose you, word of Yahweh.
9我必伸手打击那些见幻像,说欺诈预言的先知。他们决不得参加我人民的议会,不得登记在以色列家族的名册上,也不得进入以色列地域:如此你们要承认我是上主。9My hand will strike the prophets whose revelations are delusions, whose predictions are lies. They will not be accepted among my people's assembly nor will they be inscribed in the register of the nation of Israel. They will not reenter the land of Israel - and you will know that I am Yahweh.
10因为他们迷惑我的人民说:「平安」;其实并没有平安。人民筑起墙来,看,他们就来墁泥。10These prophets have misled my people saying 'Peace!' when there is no peace. The people are building a wall and these prophets daub it with whitewash;
11你要向墁坭的人说:我要使骤雨降下,冰雹落下,暴风刮来,11but say to those who daub it with whitewash: The wall will fall. I will send torrential rain, huge hailstones and stormy winds, and see:
12那墙必要倾倒。那时,人岂不是要向你们说:你们所墁的泥在那里呢?12the wall will fall! Will they not say to you: Where is the whitewash with which you daubed it?"
13为此,吾主上主这样说:在我愤怒时,我要使暴风刮来,在怒火中使骤雨降下,在愤怒时使冰雹降下,破坏一切。13That is why Yahweh speaks thus: In my fury I will make a violent wind break out and in my anger I will send a torrential downpour, and my wrath will hurl destructive hailstones.
14我要摧毁你们墁过泥的墙,使它倾倒在地,基础暴露;墙倾倒了,你们也要消失在其中:如此,你们要承认我是上主。14I will destroy the wall you daubed with whitewash; I will level it to the ground and its foundation will be laid bare. It will fall and beneath it you will be utterly destroyed and you will know that I am Yahweh.
15当我对那墙和在墙上墁泥的人发泄了我的愤怒,我要对你们说:墙没有了,墁墙的人也不见了。15I will exhaust my anger against the wall and against those who daubed it with whitewash. Then they will say to you: Where is the wall and where are those who whitewashed it,
16这是指那些向耶路撒冷讲预言的以色列的先知,他们说见过平安的异象;其实并没有平安──吾主上主的断语。16the prophets of Israel who prophesied to Jerusalem and who had visions of peace when there was no peace?"
17人子,你要转面向那些随心所欲,讲预言的你百姓中的女先知,你要斥责她们。17Yahweh then said to me, "As for you, son of man, turn towards the women of your people who prophesy on their own initiative, and prophesy against them.
18你宣讲说:吾主上主这样说:那些为手腕缝制各种带子,照头的大小制做各种头巾,以猎取人命的女人,是有祸的!你们猎取了我百姓的性命,难道能挽救你们自己的性命?18You will say: Woe to those who make magic bands for all wrists and veils for every size of head - those women who ensnare souls!
19你们竟为了一掬麦子,一块饼,就在我百姓前亵渎了我,使不应死的人死去,使不应活的人活着,以欺骗我那好听信谎言的百姓。19For the Lord Yahweh says: You who ensnare the lives of my people, will you preserve your own? You have dishonored me among my people for handfuls of barley and pieces of bread. Because of you, people die who should not die, and people live who should not live. For my people listen to you and your lies."
20为此,吾主上主这样说:看,我要把你们像捕鸟一样猎取人命的带子,从你们手腕上撕下,释放你们所猎取的人,像释放飞鸟;20That is why Yahweh speaks, "I hate the wrist bands with which you ensnare souls like birds.
21撕破你们的头巾,由你们手中救出我的百姓;他们决不再做你们手中的猎物:如此,你们要承认我是上主。21I will tear your veils and free my people from your hands. No more will they fall into your hands and you will know that I am Yahweh.
22因为你们以谎言使义人的心沮丧;其实,我并没有使义人悲哀;你们又鼓励恶人,使他不肯离开罪恶的路,以求生存。22You have disheartened with lies the righteous whom I would never dishearten, and you have strengthened the wicked, that he might not turn away from his evil ways and so save his life.
23为此,你们不得再见幻像,不得再说预言;反之,我要从你们手中救出我的百姓:如此,你们必承认我是上主。」23Because of that I will no longer let you have false visions or practice divinations. I will free my people from your clutches and you will know that I am Yahweh."
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