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厄则克耳 Ezekiel
1我观望时,见在革鲁宾头上,穹苍之上,有一块像碧玉的石头,看似宝座,出现在他们上边。1I looked and saw that in the expanse over the heads of the cherubim there was something resembling a sapphire stone in the form of a throne.
2上主问那身穿细麻衣的人说:「你到革鲁宾下边的轮子中间,由革鲁宾中间取一满掬火炭,撒在城上。」他就在我眼前进去了。2He spoke to the man clothed in linen, "Enter by the space between the wheels under the cherubim, fill your hands with coals of fire from between the cherubim and scatter them over the city." And I saw him as he entered.
3当那人进去时,革鲁宾站在圣殿的右边,云彩弥漫了内院。3The cherubim stood at the right of the Temple when the man entered and the cloud filled the inner court.
4上主的光荣,由革鲁宾之间升起,停在圣殿的门限上,圣殿内充满了云彩,庭院中也充满了上主光荣的灿烂。4Then the Glory of Yahweh rose from above the cherubim to the threshold of the Temple and the Temple was filled with the cloud while the court was filled with the radiance of Yahweh's Glory.
5革鲁宾展翅的响声达于外院,像全能的天主讲话的声音。5The noise of the cherubim's wings could be heard as far as the outer court, similar to the voice of God Almighty when he thunders.
6以后他吩咐那身穿细麻衣的人说:「从轮子中间,从革鲁宾中间取火罢!」那人就前去,站在轮子旁边。6Yet the man clothed in linen had been given the order to take the fire from between the wheels, in the space between the cherubim; so he went and stood beside the wheel.
7一位革鲁宾由革鲁宾中间伸手,到革鲁宾中间的火上取了火,放在那身穿细麻衣的手中;那人接过去就走了。7A cherub then stretched his hand towards the fire in the space between the cherubim, took some and gave handfuls to the man clothed in linen who took them and went out.
8我看见革鲁宾在翅膀下的手好像人手。8At that moment I noticed this human hand under the wings of the cherubim.
9我观望时,见革鲁宾旁边有四个轮子,每一位革鲁宾旁有一个轮子,轮子的外表光泽有如橄榄玉石。9I also saw four wheels beside the cherubim, each wheel beside a cherub. The wheels resembled sparkling chrysolite.
10轮子的外表,四个都有同样的形状,好像轮子套在轮子中。10As for their appearance, the four had the same form; each was formed of two wheels placed crosswise,
11转动时可向四面旋转,前行时不必回转;头朝着那一方,它们都向那一方转动,前行时不必回转。11so they could move following any of their four directions, without turning as they went.
12在他们的身体、背、手、翅膀和四个轮子上,布满了眼睛。12In the direction the cherub's head was turned, the wheels followed without turning. Their rims were full of eyes all around.
13我所说的轮子名叫「加耳加耳。」13In my hearing the wheels were called "whirling."
14每一个革鲁宾有四个形状:第一个形状是牛形,第二个形状是人形,第三个形状是狮形,第四个形状是鹰形。14(Each one had four faces, the first was the face of a cherub, the second the face of a man, the third the face of a lion, the fourth the face of an eagle.
15以后革鲁宾上升去了;这是我在革巴尔河岸所见的活物。15The cherubim mounted up - they were the same creatures I had seen by the river Chebar).
16革鲁宾前行时,轮子也在他们旁边转动;革鲁宾展开翅膀,由地面升起时,轮子也不离他们左右。16When the cherubim moved, the wheels moved at their side and when the cherubim raised their wings to rise above the earth, the wheels did not depart from their side.
17他们站住,轮子也停下;他们升起,轮子也同他们一起升起,因为轮子内有活物的神力。17When they stopped, the wheels stopped; when they rose, the wheels rose with them, for the spirit of the living creatures was in them.
18那时,上主的光荣离开了圣殿的门限,停在革鲁宾上。18The Glory of Yahweh went from above the threshold of the house and went to rest on the cherubim.
19革鲁宾展开翅膀,在我眼前由地面升起;当他们离去时,轮子也跟着离去。他们停在上主圣殿的东门门口时,以色列的天主的光荣就停在他们上面。19Then the cherubim left, opening their wings and rising above the earth in my sight, and the wheels went with them. They halted at the east gate of the house of Yahweh and the Glory of the God of Israel was over them.
20这就是我靠近革巴尔河,在以色列的天主下面所见的那些活物,现在我明白他们是革鲁宾。20These were the living creatures I had seen under the God of Israel on the banks of the river Chebar. I recognized them as cherubim.
21每个有四样形状,每个有四个翅膀,在他们翅膀下有相似人的手。21Each had four faces, each had four wings and they had what seemed like human hands under their wings.
22关于他们的形像,和我靠近革巴尔河所见的形像一样,每个朝自己的前面进行。22As for the appearance of their faces, they were the faces I had seen by the river Chebar, the same likeness. Each one went straight ahead.
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